What Size Rug For A King Bed?

Tom Gaffey
by Tom Gaffey

Purchasing a king bed for your bedroom is a great way to make your bedroom feel like a true sanctuary. The ample space is great for one or two people to sleep comfortably and lounge casually in the daytime.

While king beds are considered the pinnacle of relaxation and sleeping luxury, they can create some design challenges. Their size can make other furniture difficult to place. Even selecting an area rug can be challenging. This might have you wondering what size rug is best to accompany your king bed.

The best size rugs for bedrooms with king beds include 5’x8’, 8’x10’, 9’x12’, or 10’’x14’. The rug size will vary based on multiple factors including your desired aesthetic, bedroom size, floor type, and other furniture located in the room. Make sure you leave space between the rug and the wall, and don’t place the rug in the pathway of opening doors.

An area rug is a great way to liven up your space. It can serve many purposes as well. Rugs are great at keeping your feet cushioned and warm when you walk barefoot. They can add pops of color, or even hide a boring or ugly linoleum floor. Regardless of why you are shopping for a bedroom rug, the size is critical. As you start shopping around, the first thing you need to know is exactly what the intended goal is for the rug you plan to put under your king bed.

Know The Intended Purpose Of The Rug

What Is Your Intended Aesthetic?

Make sure to consider your aesthetic and what you are trying to get across visually with the rug. If you are looking for a sense of calm, a larger-format and subtle natural rug (think bamboo or woven natural fibers) might be the best choice. If you are looking for a bold statement piece, you can choose elaborate patterns and bright colors, but might want to go smaller. Too large, and you may overpower the senses.

Open Up The Room, Or Bring Cohesion

Sometimes people install rugs to make a room look bigger, or to create multiple spaces. To achieve this, a smaller rug (5’x8’ or 6’x9’) should be places along the foot of the bed and extend beyond. This will give the room depth and separation. If, on the other hand, you are trying to unite the space, you will want a larger rug. A 10’x14’ rug is a great way to tie all the furniture in your room together so nothing feels as though it is “floating” or incohesive.

Cover Up Unsightly Floor, Or Highlight It

Rugs also serve the purpose of protecting a floor while highlighting it, or covering it up. If you have luxurious wood floors, you want to protect them, but also highlight them. Unlike smaller queen beds, king beds hide a lot of these floors already. This means you should only have the rug placed in highly trafficked areas of the room. But you should also leave ample space between the wall and the rug to show off that rich wood.

If you have cold boring tile or ugly linoleum, you may want to cover it up. This is where a larger rug comes in handy. It is a great way to liven up a space and hide less desirable flooring without having to spend thousands to install new floors.

Consider Your Feet

What good is a comfortable king-sized bed if as soon as you leave it you are met with unforgiving and cold floors? If you live in an area where it gets cold, or if your floors are very hard, you want your rug to combat this. So if this is a consideration, make sure your rug extends out on either side of the bed. For practical and design purposes, make sure your rug extends 18 inches to two feet outwards from the edges of your king bed.

Most Common Rug Sizes For Bedrooms With King Beds

There is no law or strict rule that dictates how big your rug should be in a room with a king bed. Still, there are a few common sizes (listed below) that work well with many room types that have a king bed inside.

8’x10’ – A versatile and common rug type that will fit in many rooms. These rugs will extend out on both sides of a king bed, and also provide rug space in front of the foot of the bed.

9’x12’ – Another versatile and common rug type. Similar benefits to an 8’x10’ rug, but slightly larger. This is a better option for those with larger rooms or looking to cover up a cold or drab floor. Those with smaller rooms should opt for the 8’x10’ in most cases.

10’x14’ – This is a great option for those with larger bedrooms that have other furniture inside. They can cover more ground, and are great at tying a room together.

5’x8’ – Of the common rug sizes to accompany a king bed, the 5’x8’ is the smallest. It works well for those looking for an accent rug in the room, rather than a rug that fills the space. Often placed under the foot of the bed and extending outward. Another good option for smaller rooms.

(2) 8’ or 10’ Runners – One fun and simple option for those just looking to add a hint of drama while keeping their feet comfortable is to incorporate runners on either side of the bed. This allows foot support along your bed, and also a bit of color and symmetry. It is also often a very economical and quick-fix option.

Helpful Tips When Choosing A Rug For Under Your King Bed

Leave Space Between Wall And Rug

Although this is not a rule, most interior designers recommend leaving between 12 and 24 inches between the wall and the outer edge of an area rug. Leaving this gap helps prevent the rug from swelling up the space. Rugs that go up to the edge of the wall can also make your room look much smaller, which is rarely desirable.

Leave Enough Room For Doors To Open

Be mindful of your bedroom and closet door. It is wildly frustrating when the edge of a rug is in the way of an opening door. It can cause the rug to bunch up and the door to jam up. Try to keep the rug clear of these points.

Consider The Other Furniture

While the king bed is obviously the anchor point for the rug, don’t neglect the other furniture. As a general rule of thumb, smaller furniture should either rest completely on, or completely off the rug. It often looks awkward if a chair or nightstand is half on and half off a rug. It will also put things off balance.

Use Painter’s Tape To Map The Area

If you are a visual person, one fun trick is to use painter’s tape to map out the rug space. If you can’t decide between an 8’x10’ and a 9’x12’ rug, then make a border with tape using both measurements. This helps you see how much space each rug size takes up and how your furniture fits into the mix.

Summing Up What Size Rug To Buy For A King Bed

Selecting a rug to match your luxurious king bed is a process that deserves some thought. The most common sizes include 8’x’10, 9’x12, 10’x14’, and 5’x’8’. You can even opt for two runners on either side of the bed if you are just looking to keep your feet protected and warm. When selecting the right rug for you, consider the room size, your desired aesthetic, the other furniture in the room, and even the floors of the room itself.

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