What Color Curtains Go With Blue-Grey Walls? (Find Out Now!)

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Blue-grey has become a major trend in interior design magazines, and rightfully so. With all the popularity that grey has gained, it’s easy to see why different color mixes of grey got popular. It was bound to happen, really. One of the most popular trendy colors of the 2020s is blue-grey. Outfitting a room painted blue-grey can be a little tricky. So, what color curtains could work well with this unique shade?

Blue-grey is a color that verges on neutral. This color works well with neutrals like white, cream, and grey. It also can work well with deep blues, teal, yellow, orange, or pink. Since this color is soft, most of the top picks will help emphasize the softness in a masculine way.

Are you digging the slate-blue look that’s been gracing so many magazine covers? You’re definitely not alone there. Thankfully, we’re serving up plenty of inspiration to help you get the right curtains for that freshly-painted room.

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Is Blue-Grey A Good Wall Color?

It can be! Blue-grey has a natural calming effect on people, which is why it is so popular among people who want to decorate their bedrooms. Due to its ocean-like colors, it’s a very popular choice for coastal homes, too. Since blue is one of the most popular colors to add to a home, it’s safe to say there’s a reason why the color is in demand.

The only real caveat that you need to be aware of is the fact that blue-grey can be gloomy at times. If you choose this color, make sure you pick the right curtains and lighting. It will help you avoid the pitfalls of this color, and can also help you define your home’s decorative style.

If you decide to go with white walls instead, check out our guide on What Color Curtains Go With White Walls.

The Best Curtain Colors For Blue-Grey Walls

Getting a can of blue-grey paint ensures that you will have a calming, sophisticated, and slightly oceanic room. Let’s talk about how you can get curtains to match that vibe…


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White is one of those colors that works with any interior color, blue-grey included. When you pair white curtains with blue-grey walls, you get a light and airy appearance. It often reminds people of the color of waves on the shore. White curtains also filter the light in a way that brightens up the room while also softening the overall look of your home.

Most people love white because it helps add a clean look to any room. This is doubly true when you’re pairing it with blue. This designer decided to jazz things up with a white, blue, and grey patterned curtain set. Isn’t it stylish?


One of the harder challenges that blue-grey poses is the issue of making it look less dreary. After all, it can look pretty gloomy with the wrong lighting or accessories. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to make sure that you get the cheer you need. Cream curtains, for example, can act as a mood booster.

The slightly yellow tone that cream has gives the room a buttery, warm, and welcoming look. This is a good choice for people who want to bring in a slightly oceanic look but don’t want to go full-sailor on their apartment. Here, we see a designer who used cream to help introduce a more feminine look to a blue-green room.


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Grey and blue-grey work well for multiple reasons. First off, grey is trendy and adds a sophisticated touch to any room. Second, these two colors are both part of the same family. This gives you a really cool monochrome effect at some points. If you get a darker grey, then you might get a room with a quiet intensity that is simply amazing.

If you like the idea of adding a little masculinity, then you might want to give grey curtains a shot. While it’s not overtly masculine, the greys and blues tend to give a more manly vibe to most rooms. If you get the right shade of curtains, your room will be reminiscent of the calm before the storm.


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They call it mellow yellow…Wait, no, they don’t. But they should. Many people find darker shades of blue-grey to be somewhat depressing or dark. That’s why one of the better ways to get a little contrast in your home is to outfit rooms with this sunny color. Yellow is a great choice to contrast the potential dreary blue in your room.

If you are concerned about having a home that looks too dark, this is a good choice. Yellow is a perfect pairing for homes that have a country bent, but it can also work well with an oceanic theme. Much like with most other designs, the accessories you choose will set the tone. We suggest looking for pattern-heavy decorations. It is a remarkably smart way to kick up the country vibe a notch.

Deep Blues

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Sometimes, you don’t want to lighten up a room. While most people tend to want a more open appearance to their room, there are times when you want to add a little darkness to your area. This is particularly common in homes that have a lot more square footage than average. In these cases, you can dial up the drama by adding some deep blue curtains.

This designer added royal blue curtains to complement a wall that was painted a deep blue-grey. The end result is a look that can only be described as New England-style royalty. It has a wealthy vibe that makes you want to sip a Cape Codder by the sea, don’t you think? Fans of yacht club decor will enjoy this look.


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Teal is an unusual color to see with blue-grey, but it shouldn’t be. Teal is a slightly more green-grey version of turquoise, which means that it tends to give your room an interesting gradient look. So it can make it look as if your walls are going from blue to green-ish, especially with the right accessories.

To get a little more warmth (and maybe some Southwestern charm), add a rusty pink accent or two to your room. That’s what this home designer did, and it made the room look a lot more welcoming. Like with most other blue-grey rooms, adding tons of white is a good move. It’ll bring out the cheerfulness in the venue.


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When you want to add a serious pop of color, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a curtain color that contrasts your wall. Pink is the polar opposite of blue, which is why it tends to turn heads when you pair pink curtains with blue-grey walls. This is not exactly the most common pairing, but it still is worth taking a look at.

As you might’ve guessed, this is a color combination that is most commonly used in girls’ rooms. It’s a good way to “femme up” an otherwise boyish room. With that said, this isn’t the only reason to use pink curtains in a blue-grey room. It can also conjure up a vaporwave aesthetic, give your home a coastal touch, or even help enhance the look of a Victorian home.


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A common trick that artists play on people is juxtaposing grey or blue-grey against orange. This color combination makes the blue in blue-grey stand out, while also ramping up the orange immensely. Even regular greys can take on a blue-ish appearance when you add orange into the mix. Needless to say, this curtain and wall color pairing is an eyebrow-raiser.

The contrast is both warming and intellectual at its basic core. This is the kind of color combination that you would see in a luxury apartment or a high-end office. The orange adds excitement and action, while the blue-grey calms things down. The end result is balance. To get even more mileage out of your orange curtains, it’s best to pair this combination with tons of royal blue furniture.

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Related Questions

What are good accent colors for blue-grey?

Blue-grey is a color that tends to require some warmth in and around the home. Pink, orange, and yellow can all work well as accent colors. However, there’s also something to be said about adding loads of neutral colors to your walls too. Sometimes, it’s better to go for light creams, whites, and greys.

What color is most appealing to human eyes?

According to the most recent studies performed by scientists, blue is not the most visually-appealing color out there. It’s actually green. Green gives people a natural sense of calm and relaxation. It’s also tied to better moods.

Is blue-grey a good color for a kitchen?

It could be, if you’re on a diet. Studies show that people who see lots of blue-grey while they’re eating or cooking have smaller appetites than those who have orange or red nearby. This means that blue-grey will act as a natural appetite suppressant. Take that as you may.

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