What Color Curtains Go With Yellow Walls? (Find Out Now!)

Ossiana Tepfenhart
by Ossiana Tepfenhart

As one of the warmest colors of the rainbow, most people see yellow as a color reminiscent of spring and summer. It’s loud, bright, and brings a little excitement into every room it has. Unsurprisingly, a color as bold as yellow needs a little care when it comes to pairing curtains with it. But the question is, what color curtains are good for yellow walls?

When choosing curtains for a yellow wall, opt for greens, blues, pinks, oranges, and violets to work well with the strong, warm yellow tones. Neutrals like white and grey also work with yellow walls if you want a more subdued look. Avoid using black, brown, red, or beige curtains with yellow walls.

Yellow is a color that’s filled with sunshine and joy, but even the most seasoned interior designer knows that yellow can be a rough color to pair. It’s definitely harder to pair yellow walls than odd colors like green. If you need to go shopping for curtains, let our guide help you out.

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Are Yellow Walls A Good Idea?

Yellow is one of the better non-neutral colors that you can choose for your wall color. It’s a color that has remained popular for decades and doesn’t have a single era where it was everywhere.

As a result, it is timeless. Since tons of colors and styles can work with yellow, it also happens to be one of the most versatile colors on the rainbow. Plus, yellow often evokes a sense of cheeriness and optimism.

You can find yellow walls in almost any room, including kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and more. Depending on which room you paint yellow, you might opt for a more muted, pale shade or you could go with a vibrant, bright yellow wall. No matter what tone of yellow you end up using, pairing the right color curtains with yellow walls can make or break your overall design.

The Best Curtain Colors For Yellow Walls

Curtains in a yellow room serve two purposes. One, they should enhance the color scheme. Two, they should also help the overall mood of the room improve. Let’s talk about the best curtain colors, shall we?

1. White Curtains Go With Yellow Curtains

When it comes to curtain colors, white is the big staple. It will always be a good choice regardless of the wall color. With white and yellow, you get an extremely bright and sunny look. White will bring in the light from the outdoors, which means that your home will be aglow with luminosity.

If you want to make a small room larger or want to get an airy ambiance, then this is the best color for your home. It looks phenomenal and works with almost every type of decor. Here, we see it in a coastal home that has a beautiful touch of the tropics.

2. Grey Curtains Go With Yellow Walls

It’s no secret. Grey has become the neutral color of the 2020s, and rightfully so. It works with almost any color you throw at it and can be a major statement-maker at any shade. Both dark and light grey curtains go with yellow walls, and dark gray can especially create a dramatic effect.

Light grey can help mute a yellow room and soften things up. On the other hand, a dark grey can bring out yellow with a wild contrast. I mean, look at this photo. How can you not admire that color combo?

3. Orange Color Curtains Go With Yellow Walls

Orange is a warm color that often acts as a natural pairing to yellow. When you have this dynamic duo together, the effect is dazzling. It brings out an ambiance that’s warm, inviting, and cozy.

Some might be reminded of fire, while others might find it to be a more desert-y look. Some more, still, find it to be a great fall weather room motif.

If you’re a fan of desert scenery or just want to get a lot of warmth into your room, trying orange curtains with yellow walls is a must. You will be amazed at how well it’ll suit your home.

4. Pink Curtains Go With Yellow Walls

Much like orange, pink is a warm color that emphasizes the golden tones of yellow in its own quirky way. Unlike orange, pink offers a nice, feminine touch to a room that makes it irresistibly girly in its own right. This is why pink and yellow have acted as a favorite combination for girls’ rooms for ages. However, you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy this.

Yellow and pink are also a great pick for people who want to add a little tropical flair to their rooms. It also happens to be a remarkably pretty choice for people who want to choose a floral theme or for those who love the island of Hawaii. You can’t get more islander than this!

5. Green Color Curtains Go With Yellow Walls

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Most people will find pink to be a little bit too girly for a typical room. If you want to get an inviting look that still has a youthful vibe, then go for green curtains. Yellow and green remind people of tropical locations, wildflowers, and the warmer days of summer. This gives it a very nature-based ambiance that works beautifully with exotic decorations.

Many people find that green offers a soothing touch to yellow, which is often much-needed in a room like a bedroom. If you love seeing a more mellow yellow, this color combination is worth a shot.

6. Blue Curtains Go With Yellow Walls

You don’t have to be a fan of IKEA to love this Scandinavian color pairing. Yellow is one of the only colors that really, truly works with cool shades. Blue is not an exception to that rule, either.

This color combination is particularly popular among people in Scandinavia, Spain, and Greece, but it’s been making its way around the United States too. Ideal for people who want to bring in a little cheer while they balance out their blues, this color combination won’t fail you.

It’s so elegant, so modern, and so much fun. To get the full impact of this color scheme, make sure to balance it out with a splash of white. It never fails to look fresh, clean, and chic.

Additionally, various hues from the same color families of blue and green also work brilliantly with yellow, like teals and turquoise. You can create a lot of fun pops using high-contrasting color combinations. Plus, darker shades of blue, like navy blue, can look amazing against pale yellow walls.

7. Purple Color Curtains Go With Yellow Walls

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Out of all the color schemes we’ve discussed, purple and yellow is one of the rarest. It works well, but only if you choose the right purple and the right yellow. In many cases, the purple that you need to choose should be pastel or have a deep blue tone to it. Otherwise, it may actually look brown against the yellow walls.

When done right, this color combination can look absolutely stunning. It’s ideal for homes that have a modern yet feminine touch to them. If you want to bring out British country charm or want to go for a more New Age look, then this is a good option for you. Purple is quirky.

Patterned And Textured Curtains Go With Yellow Walls

When perusing through the above photos, you’ll notice some curtains feature solid colors while others showcase a pattern. Have fun pairing your yellow walls with curtains that have interesting prints, stripes, geometric shapes, or embroidered patterns,

The texture and printed fabric can elevate your design as well as provide a way to incorporate different colors. For example, a white and gray-striped patterned curtain against a yellow wall can look super-chic. Or, you can keep things more subtle by finding prints that have various shades of the same color.

What Curtain Colors Don’t Go Well With Yellow Walls?

While yellow seems like a color that can go with just about any other hue, this isn’t always true. There are some colors that just don’t work well with yellow. So, when looking for color curtains that go well with yellow walls, avoid using any of the following colors:

  • Black. While dark grey can be bold, black is too heavy to stand up to yellow in most homes. The truth is that it can also make your home feel like it was made by a bumblebee. It’s not a good look to have a contrast that’s this heavy.
  • Brown. We’d make some potty jokes, but the only joke that’s appropriate is the designer who thinks this is okay. Brown and yellow tend to be a poopy choice. Even if you take the poop look out of the picture, brown is just far too drab to work with yellow. It’s dark and dingy, and frankly, just an overall bad fit.
  • Red. Red can be okay for a yellow room when it’s paired with orange. However, most people assume that red curtains don’t need orange accents. This often leads to interior design options that tend to be reminiscent of a McDonald’s interior.
  • Beige. While beige isn’t as bad as other colors on this list, it’s not the best color. Beige curtains on a yellow background don’t bring out the wall color, nor do they add balance. They just kind of…sit. Beige also tends to look dirty next to certain shades of yellow, so it’s a double whammy.

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Related Questions

What effects does yellow have on a person’s psychology?

Yellow can mean a bunch of different things to different people. However, there are some trends that seem to hold the same for most individuals. Yellow is an energizing color, making it a great color for rooms where you have to be alert and awake. It also happens to be a color people associate with joy. Other studies show it can spark hunger and encourage socializing.On the downside, yellow can also cause aggression in some animals and spark agitation in people who are sleep-deprived. This suggests that yellow is best left outside of the bedroom and is better relegated to living rooms and kitchens.

Does yellow make a small room look bigger?

If you are a fan of a good-looking yet petite room, you’re going to be happy to know that yellow helps make a room look larger. This is because this bright color tends to reflect light. The bright or more pastel the shade of yellow is, the more this aspect of the color gets amplified.

Does yellow make a room feel cozy?

Absolutely. Mustard yellow and goldenrod and other deeper tones of yellow are both particularly noted for their ability to make a room look snuggly. Other ways you can add to the coziness of a room is to add varied textures and warm, natural materials like wood.

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