What Color Curtains Go With Green Walls? (Find Out Now!)

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Green has become one of the most popular colors to add to a home’s look. We add green using succulents, in carpeting, and nowadays, even in wall color. While green is a super cool color, it’s still a color that can be difficult to pair with. This is especially true when you’re talking about curtains. Curtains help frame a home, so choosing the right color is a must. That isn’t always easy unless you know the best colors.

Green walls tend to require curtains that can stand up against cool colors. The most common pairings include white, brown, and other greens. However, grey, pink, orange, and blue can also work well with the right shades of green. As with most other color pairings, it’s best to keep your other decorations in mind.

While it’s not the most popular wall coloring, green still is increasing in popularity. It’s definitely easier to match curtains for green walls than doing it for yellow walls. It’s even regularly featured in home improvement magazines. So, how do you find the perfect curtains for your walls?

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The Best Curtain Colors For Green Walls

If windows are the eyes of a home’s soul, then curtains are the eyelids. Curtains act as a stylish way to add expression to your home, much like eyeshadow does. So, what colors work well with green eyes…erm, walls?


Green and white work together like PB&J. The white helps open up the room and gives green an extra lush vibe. Here, we see tons of green against white curtains, with white accessories. The white curtain color helps maximize the room’s spacious appeal, as do the light colors that woods are treated with.

White works very well with almost any home interior decoration style you could want, from the modern to the traditional. This makes it a super versatile choice.


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Brown on green is a classic look, especially when you want to have a place that has a lowkey vibe of forest goodness. Here, we see a modern home that’s been done up with brown curtains and dark chartreuse green wall paint. The end result is a masculine ambiance that is “woodsy outdoorsy” without being heavy-handed.

While you can choose almost any brown with some success, we’ve noticed that grey-brown or dusty brown tends to give a more modern take. On a similar note, a light brown to beige can also work wonders with the right green walls.


Green on green is a look that is both classic and modern at the same time. Studies show that staring at the color green can calm your senses down and also improve your mood. In some cases, it can even reduce anxiety. Here, we see a super-soothing room of green and pink. The walls are green, and the curtains are an even lighter shade of green.

While the pink might be striking, it’s not a bad look. It’d be perfect for a little girl with a penchant for nature. Of course, you don’t have to be a little girl to enjoy the monochromatic beauty that green curtains on a green wall can offer. It works well with almost every room setup.


Grey is so hot right now, and I’m hoping you read that in Mugatu’s voice. Grey is a neutral color that goes well with almost any color. That’s why it’s ideal for pairing with green carpeting, and why it looks so elegant when you’re working with a green wall. Grey helps bring out the cool blue undertones in green, sometimes even making the wall look turquoise.

If you want to get a sophisticated look to your home, grey is always a good choice. It naturally works with green and can help give you that edgy urban vibe people love. Pairing it with white, like in the picture above, is even better.


We’ve already heard that pink and green work well together, but have you actually seen how good green walls look with pink curtains? It’s divine. This is particularly true with green-greys, mint green, and sage green. The pink can contrast the green and also help warm up a room. It’s also a staple in Southwestern decor.

If you have a room that you want to warm up, pink can work pretty well. If you’re worried about it being too “girly,” just choose a faded pink instead. The dustiness helps town down the feminine vibes.


Orange might seem like a bad pairing at first, but that’s not the whole truth. Orange has yellow undertones, which works well with avocado green. This brings out the colors of both the wall and the curtains beautifully. Though orange can offer a bold pop of color with almost any green, there is a caveat that every designer should be aware of.

Back in the days of disco and big hair, orange and green was a classic pairing. Every house had it. While it could look alright with the right arrangements, the truth is that most people see this as a potentially dated pairing. If you want to see orange, it’s best to go for a light-to-almost-beige orange like in the photo above. Or, better yet, stick to hypermodern furniture.


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Green and blue go together fairly well, especially when you’re trying to go for a child-friendly look like the one above. Both colors are known for having vibrant, rich hues. Of course, most people wouldn’t also add as much brown and orange as the designer up above. However, the overall vibe still remains fairly bright and fun.

Of course, child-friendly color combos aren’t the only reason why you might choose blue curtains for a green room. Many people who enjoy the look of an oceanic room theme tend to go for combinations of green and blue. After all, it’s a good way to mimic the sea.

What Curtain Colors Should You Avoid With Green Walls?

Green is a fairly picky color, which means that you really have to go the extra mile to make sure that it’s placed next to the right colors. Otherwise, your entire room will look a little askew. Are you wondering what are the most difficult colors to work with when you have a room with green walls? These are the colors you need to avoid…

  • Black. Black curtains technically do work with green in theory. However, having black curtains rarely ever works out well in practice. It’s too gloomy! However, having blackout curtains is a totally different story. They can work well in almost any room, as long as you choose a nice color.
  • Purple. Green and purple carry too much of a clash to work out well with one another. Besides, who wants to have a Barney-themed room in their home? We’re willing to assume that you’re not down for that.
  • Red. In theory, red and green work well together. In practice, this combination is not the best. In fact, it’s only really decent in Christmas decoration stores. Since it’s so visually jarring, it’s best not to try it out on your home. It’ll be a waste of cash in most cases.
  • Indigo. Indigo is purple’s little cousin, and while it’s not as bad as purple, it’s still hard to pull off. The red undertones are what make it so darn difficult. While it’s not as bad as others on this list, we still suggest pairing this color with green as a thing only pros should do.

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Related Questions

What rooms look best with green walls?

Technically, green can work with almost any room that you could have in your home. Most of the time, this color is used in places that are meant to relax and unwind, such as the bedroom, bathroom, or veranda room. However, it is also occasionally used in “busier” areas, such as the kitchen or in mudrooms. It’s up to you to decide how to use it, but there’s enough versatility for almost every decor style.

Is a living wall a good idea?

Living walls are the next step up from painting a wall green. This involves installing pots on a wall, adding plants to them, and maintaining the plants as they grow. If you are a huge fan of gardening, then it might be a good idea. However, living walls have many drawbacks that make it a poor choice for most homes.Living walls are prone to mold and can easily die out if not maintained. This is a very high-maintenance option for people who want to own them. Moreover, they’re not advisable if you don’t have concrete backing for them. Mold can rot through sheetrock and wood too!

What does green wall paint mean?

Green triggers feelings of nature, abundance, and occasionally, calm focus. This makes it a great choice for offices, spas, and bedrooms. Most people associate with masculine charm as well as the great outdoors. Of course, if you have a green room, it could also mean that you just happen to like green. This doesn’t have to be a  matter of hidden meanings. Sometimes, green is just green.

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