What Color Curtains Go With Brown Furniture? (Find Out Now!)

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You would never guess it from my colorful appearance, but I’m actually a huge fan of neutrals. This is doubly true when you’re talking about furniture. Brown furniture, for example, is one of the most versatile options for almost any home. You can have it made from wood, leather, or even fabric. It’ll rock. But, what color curtains can you pair with brown?

Brown furniture goes well with neutrals like grey, beige, and cream. If you want a color, choosing shades of blue, red, yellow, orange, or even lilac can work well. Brown is a neutral color, so almost any curtain you pair with it will not look too bad.

Having brown furniture is common as can be these days. Let’s talk about how you can rock your brown furnishings without too much of a hassle.

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What Color Curtains Go With Brown Furniture?

The correct answer to this question is, “virtually everything.” After all, brown is a neutral color and that means that you can expect it to work with most other colors. But, for the sake of this article, we’re going to discuss our top picks below.

1. Beige

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Here, we can see a lot of brown furniture ranging from the table to the light brown sofa. There’s also a fair amount of brown from the brick accent walls and a little bit from the wooden shelves. To help add some unity to this room, the designer decided to add beige curtains with a white sheer panel underneath.

When you add beige to a room with a lot of brown furniture, you are able to get a very unified, monochromatic look. The beige can reflect light well, which also means you’ll be able to open up your room more. Needless to say, it’s a smart color choice for people who are limited on space.

2. Green

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When people think about brown and green, they tend to think of nature. This, in turn, has been linked to better moods. I mean, it’s literally bringing people back into an environment that reminds us of where we naturally are there. So, it’s a good pick, especially for people who want to improve their moods.

The cool thing about pairing green curtains with brown furniture is that you literally cannot go wrong. Any shade of green will make your brown furniture pop. It always will carry that fresh and relaxing vibe regardless of what particular shade you choose.

3. Orange/Burnt Sienna

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If you have been paying attention to our carpet matching articles, you probably noticed that brown and orange work together beautifully. Once considered to be a relic of the 1970s, this color combination is starting to come back in style, simply because it is so pretty and makes your home look warm in an exotic way.

Burnt sienna and brown work well together because they tend to remind us of fire, warm food, as well as harvests. Brown and orange are both considered to be warm colors, so if you are worried about keeping your home feeling welcoming, this is a good pick. As far as accent colors go, both gold and beige tend to work well.

4. Red

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Are you looking for a way to make an old school home look dignified and gorgeous? Pair bold red curtains with dark brown furniture. If you want to go for an even more traditional look, pair all that dark brown with a deeper red like cherry or maroon. It’s elegant in that Beauty and the Beast type of way.

Because brown and red both tend to have a very dark look to them, we strongly encourage this combination for rooms that are a bit larger than average. Moreover, having ample lighting is a must if you want to try this combination. Otherwise, you might notice that your room will feel a bit cramped!

5. Deep Blue

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Blue and brown are a great combination for people who want something traditional without it being too feminine. Many homes use this as the combination as the layout for a teenage boy’s room, a man’s bedroom, or a living room. The calming vibes of blue help add a relaxing aspect to your room, which is why it’s so popular as a combination.

This combination can be used in nautical themes, coastal themes, Ivy League themes, and more. The versatility of brown and blue are the biggest selling point out there. If you aren’t sure what curtain color you want to get, then you should give this a try. Blue curtains never go out of style.

6. White

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White and brown are definitely workable with almost any style, though it is not as common as other colors on here. Most rooms that have brown furniture and white curtains tend to have a third color to help add some new color that makes it all theirs. Even when it’s just a fully brown and white room, it looks stylish.

People who want to encourage a nice, Mediterranean ambiance to their home are going to enjoy this combination. The same can be said for Spanish or island-inspired decor, too. Since white tends to reflect light well, you also don’t have to worry about rooms looking cramped with this curtain choice.

7. Grey

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So this is a cute combination that features pink accessories, grey curtains, and brown furniture. This feminine yet adult room is perfect for ladies who want to sit pretty in pink without it coming across as Barbie-like. In this room, grey offers a trendy and smart way to make the room look less girly and more womanly.

Grey’s unique way of toning things down can make it a smart choice for rooms that need a little bit of chilling. It’s a calm neutral that can pair with anything, so don’t limit yourself to dusty pink or anything like that if you don’t want to. Everything from turquoise to a nice chartreuse can look great with grey curtains and brown furniture.

8. Pink

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Speaking of pink, have you seen how gorgeous pink curtains look in a room that has brown furniture? This room gives us yet another take on the pink-grey-brown motif, and it also features brown furniture. In this rendition, we see grey accents, tons of brown furniture, and pink curtains. It’s a minor switch-up, but it’s still useful to see.

Pink curtains add warmth and femininity to a bedroom, which is perfect for a little girl’s bedroom or a powder room. It also tends to reflect light fairly well, so while you might want to use these if you want to make a room look bigger. Besides, pink is also an uplifting color. So if you’re prone to feeling a bit blue at night, it may be better to think pink.

9. Soft Yellow

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Yellow and brown, as a combination of colors, can be somewhat divisive among interior designers. Some see it as a little too “toilet-y” for their tastes. Others don’t immediately jump to that conclusion and find it to be a very warm and stately look for a home. Here, we see a room that was made with brown furniture and yellow accents.

This room actually works out pretty well, all things considered. The key to making this look work (rather than have a design look like poo) is to add a third color that doesn’t remind people of toilet humor. Grey, blue, and even orange can work out well for this purpose.

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Related Questions

Is brown furniture out of style?

There is no way that brown furniture will ever go out of style. It is one of the most popular furniture colors in the world and has been for the past three centuries. Wood and brown textiles are a cornerstone of interior design, so it’s safe to say that it will always be a safe choice. So, fear not. Those heirloom brown tables can stay without any issue.

What color furniture hides dirt and dust the best?

There are several colors that people swear by when they want to make sure to hide all the days they skipped cleaning. The most commonly cited furniture color for keeping dirt hidden is brown. More specifically, dark brown or brown-grey furniture tends to blend dust in well seamlessly. A close second would be a light grey furniture with a slight texture. This will make your cleaning efforts look like a breeze.

What color walls go with brown furniture?

Since brown is a universal neutral, there are no colors that actively look bad with brown. However, most people seem to prefer blues, beiges, and light creams. These tend to be the colors people see in nature, which is why they tend to be viewed as the most relaxing.If you want to go for a more old school look, choose a bold red or an emerald green. These two colors were often paired with brown furniture at the turn of last century. Of course, you can also modernize them if you want to.

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