The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Fort Worth: 2022's Ultimate List

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Texas used to be the Wild West of America, and this still rings true in parts of Fort Worth. Whether it be Northside or Far South, let’s take a look at the most dangerous neighborhoods in Fort Worth, Texas.

When it comes to the Lone Star State, Fort Worth remains one of the most popular cities for tourists, real estate investors, as well as companies looking for a new home. It’s not surprising, either. The DFW region of Texas is one of the most expansive city regions in America, and that means that there’s a neighborhood for every type of person within its borders.

The most dangerous neighborhoods in Fort Worth include Eastside, Sycamore, Far South, and Northside. Areas like Arlington Heights, Wedgwood, and Southside have a higher crime rate than the rest of Fort Worth. Southside has the highest crime rate in Fort Worth, and it is the most dangerous neighborhood in the city.

Well, there are some neighborhoods that are excellent. Others? Not so much. Though many people in the city try to deny the truth, the fact is that there are some seriously gnarly neighborhoods in Fort Worth. If you want to make sure you stay safe during your time in town, it’s a good idea to know which neighborhoods you should avoid—or at least keep an eye out in.

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Is Fort Worth Safe?

Though Texas is a state known for being tough on crime, Fort Worth is still a fairly dangerous city. A recent study revealed that the entirety of Fort Worth is only safer than 11 percent of American cities. This puts it close to the top 10 percent of crime-riddled cities in the United States.

While that kind of title may be fairly damning, the truth is that there is some good news. Nationally, crime is decreasing. So, things are still getting safer overall. That doesn’t mean that you can be lax with your safety measures in the worst neighborhoods of Fort Worth, though. Like with any other city, you need to use common sense when you decide to take a trip here.

What Should You Watch Out For In Fort Worth?

Fort Worth might be somewhat dangerous, but it’s not going to be a place where you should fear for your life. The best things you can do is get a home alarm (if you choose to move there) or just stay in areas that are known for being safe.

If you find yourself in one of the more crime-ridden areas of this city, try to avoid going out at night. Should you go to a bar, don’t start a fight. And above all, be aware of your surroundings.

What Are The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Fort Worth?

A neighborhood’s quality of life is going to be primarily based on the crime rates of that city. That’s why we decided to take a look at the crime rates when we listed the worst neighborhoods in the Fort Worth area. Here’s what we found.

10. Wedgwood

  • Violent Crime: 441
  • Property Crime: 2,955

Believe it or not, some of the worst neighborhoods in Fort Worth don’t have as much crime as Fort Worth’s average. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t more dangerous than a typical American neighborhood is, though. Such is the case with Wedgwood. This petite Texas neighborhood is known for a high property crime rate that raises eyebrows among locals.

Despite being safer than many parts of Fort Worth, crimes are still 32 percent higher than the national average. If you live here, you have a 1 in 30 chance of being a victim of a reported crime. Those still aren’t good odds.

9. Far South

  • Violent Crime: 471
  • Property Crime: 2,448

Fort Worth has several neighborhoods that are only known by their direction, including Far South. This small suburb is fairly average when it comes to Fort Worth’s crime rate—not that that’s a good thing. Overall, the number of crimes reported in Far South is slightly lower than what you would have in Wedgwood. However, the violent crimes are what make this a dangerous ‘hood to be in.

Despite the crime issues this neighborhood has, it’s still not a bad place to live. The schools are excellent, the median income is over $60,000, and unemployment isn’t as high as it is in other neighborhoods. Who knows? Maybe Far South will see itself being gentrified sooner rather than later.

8. Sycamore

  • Violent Crime: 560
  • Property Crime: 2,929

Now that we’ve hit the number eight spot, you’re going to start to see neighborhoods that are slightly above the average crime rate of Fort Worth. Sycamore is a neighborhood that might look okay, but remains fairly rough around the edges. The issue here is violent crime, and it’s above the national average by about 47 percent.

Property crime is also on the rise here, which is pretty bad if you love your belongings. Though Fort Worth’s crime decreased by 11 percent over the year, it’s still not a place you want to be.

7. Northeast

  • Violent Crime Rate: 615
  • Property Crime Rate: 4,484

By all definitions, Northeast is a dangerous neighborhood. The violent crime rate is almost double the national average, and the property crime rate isn’t too far behind. With a 1 in 20 chance of becoming a victim of crime in this neighborhood, it’s safe to say that most people here don’t feel safe walking around at night.

A high unemployment rate, low household income, and a reputation for having political strife is what makes Northeast a rough town. After all, the bulk of crimes here involve grand larceny and burglary. So, it’s safe to assume money is an issue. Until they get their unemployment under control, it’s safe to say this place will still be rough to live in.

6. Arlington Heights

  • Violent Crime Rate: 649
  • Property Crime Rate: 4,327

With a crime rate that’s 29 percent above the average neighborhood in Fort Worth, it’s easy to see why many locals prefer to avoid Arlington Heights whenever possible. In recent years, the violent crime rate has seen an uptick, especially when it comes to assault and robberies. Still, you have a 1 in 21 chance of being a crime victim in this neighborhood.

Though the employment and income rates in this neighborhood are very good, the fact is that the cost of rent has skyrocketed in recent years. This led many people to get desperate to keep their families afloat. Whether or not that’s the primary reason for the uptick in larceny thefts remains to be seen.

5. Northside

  • Violent Crime Rate: 710
  • Property Crime Rate: 3,885

Northside is unusual when it comes to Fort Worth neighborhoods, primarily because it’s got a violent crime rate that is credited to an increase in gang activity in recent years. Knowing that, it’s not surprising to hear that violent crime is 87 percent above the national average in this neighborhood of 30,000-ish people.

Around 43 percent of Areavibes respondents feel like “Crime is rampant in this area,” but that may change. Police have been working tirelessly to put the kibosh on violent crime lately. Moreover, the local school system has become more supportive as years passed. Hopefully, a better environment for kids will improve the crime rate outcome.

4. Eastside

  • Violent Crime Rate: 735
  • Property Crime Rate: 3,484

As one of the most populous neighborhoods in the Fort Worth area, Eastside was bound to have a higher number of police calls than your average ‘hood. The problem is that this area also has a disproportionately higher crime rate than most of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Sadly, like #5 on our list, Eastside’s criminal problem is related to gang activity.

Over recent years, there have been reports of Bloods, Crips, as well as local “homegrown” gangs. Drug use in the area is also on the rise, making both locals and law enforcement increasingly concerned. Should you go here, make sure to avoid making a fuss with the wrong people.

3. Western Hills-Ridglea

  • Violent Crime Rate: 807
  • Property Crime Rate: 4,011

Western Hills-Ridglea remains one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Fort Worth, even though police have been working tirelessly to make things better over the past couple of years. Truthfully, they have the odds stacked against them. Violent crime in the area (including assault, robbery, and rape) is 112 percent above the norm.

A low average household income of $30,625 might be a problem that contributes to the high property crime, but there seems to be good news on the horizon. This neighborhood recently touted an 11 percent decrease in crime for the past year. This suggests that Western Hills might end up being a better neighborhood in the future.

2. Southeast

  • Violent Crime Rate: 906
  • Property Crime Rate: 4,924

Southeast is a bit of a mess these days. With a crime rate that is 102 percent above the national average and a violent crime rate that’s 138 percent above the norm, locals would be forgiven if they said life is hard here. This neighborhood’s violent crime issues stem from both poverty and gang affiliations, sadly enough.

There are a bunch of factors that contribute to Southeast’s problems. The most notable of them include a low household income of $31,691 and an unemployment rate that has skyrocketed in recent years. Locals in the area know better than to wander around at night, since the robbery rate in this area is exceedingly high.

1. Southside

  • Violent Crime Rate: 975
  • Property Crime Rate: 5,240

With a crime rate that is 94 percent above the average in Fort Worth, there’s good reason for Southside’s reputation as the worst neighborhood in the area. This area has a lot of problems that contribute to both a high violent crime rate and a high property crime rate. The big issue here is drug usage, and it’s bad. Like, really bad.

The bigger issue with Southside, though, deals with gang activity. According to police, Southside has a serious gang issue that often shows its face in the form of turf wars. Along with the gang activity and drug addiction, Southside also happens to have economic factors that make this place fairly difficult to live in.

Should you find yourself thinking about moving here, try to reconsider. There’s a reason why there’s a Fort Worth police gang unit, and much of it has to deal with this specific area. There are better places that you can go, ideally, with much less crime.

Crime Rates In Fort Worth Neighborhoods For 2020

NumberNameViolent CrimeProperty Crime
9 Far South4712,448
6Arlington Heights6494,327
3Western Hills-Ridglea8074,011

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