When Is It Worth It to Hire Professional Movers?

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Moving is a stressful time, and many people do whatever they can to make it easier. Professional movers are the best option for most people, but the cost may discourage some people. So, when is it worth it to hire professional movers?

It is worth it to hire professional movers if you have to move on short notice and don’t have time to pack. The cost is also worth it if you live alone, have pets, or don’t have much experience with moving efficiently. Professional movers are infinitely helpful if you have a big house with lots of furniture and storage items.

Long-distance moves are quite hard without professional movers, so it’s worth it to hire them. Follow along as we explore when it’s worth it to hire professional movers.

Are Movers Worth It?

Many people who hire professional movers say the cost is worth it for the convenience alone. It’s worth hiring professional movers if you have certain circumstances that make moving hard, such as:

1. Long-Distance Moves

Long-distance moves are hard, stressful, and time-consuming. They are also expensive, and that’s why many people forgo professional movers for long-distance moves. However, you can still expect to spend $150 or more per day to rent a truck for a long-distance move.

That doesn’t include the cost of fuel, lodging, and food. Long-distance moves can take several days, and it’s easy to incur penalties from the rental service. They also charge you to rent additional moving equipment, such as dollies, furniture blankets, and even ratchet straps.

Sure, it may cost at least $3,000 to hire professional movers for a cross-coastal move, but it’s worth it. You get peace of mind and many advantages when you hire professional movers for a long-distance move. This can also save money when you consider moving equipment and boxes you’d have to buy without professional movers.

2. Storage Items

Not only is it stressful to move belongings from your home, but it’s also stressful to move storage items. Whether it be a shed or a storage unit, you’ll need to rent a truck for longer to move storage items. This adds to the overall cost and makes time management more difficult.

It takes much longer to move belongings from multiple locations, and that adds to the cost. You can save money if you move your items from the storage unit and hire movers for your household belongings.

3. Short Notice

Moving is stressful enough even if you plan for it several months beforehand. Some people don’t have that luxury, and you may have to move out on short notice. Professional movers can save you the time, stress, and exertion of moving on a tight timeframe.

Whether it be for a job change or an unexpected personal change, you should hire professional movers for a short-notice move. Many people need 4-6 weeks to pack before a move, and that’s not possible on short notice. Professional movers have the knowledge and experience to quickly pack and transport your belongings with even a month’s notice.

4. Lack Of Experience

Nothing compares to the experience and skill level of professional movers. The average person simply doesn’t have the moving experience of a professional mover. Moving companies handle countless moves per month, and that’s how they work so efficiently.

This saves time and lets you settle into your new home faster than you’d expect to without help. It may cost $550-$1,000 to hire movers for local moves, but that beats the stress and exertion of doing it alone.

5. Physical Limitations

Many people have heavy items in their homes that are hard to carry. Whether it be the weight or the size, some objects require several people to move. Moving companies employ experienced, strong crews that can move these heavy items for you.

That said, you must keep in mind that weight affects the cost of moving. For example, moving a piano is more expensive than moving a dining room table. Some moving companies even charge over $1,000 extra to move heavy items.

It varies by distance, weight, and the size of your home. Even items such as mattresses are hard to move without professional movers.

6. You Live Alone

The prospect of moving without any helping hands is quite stressful. It’s nearly impossible to move without professional movers if you live alone or your friends and family can’t help. In that case, it’s worth the cost to hire movers to transport your belongings.

Not only is it dangerous to move without help, but it’s also time-consuming. That’s especially true if you plan to rent a truck and haul your belongings to your new home. It will likely take more trips, and that can add to your moving expenses.

7. You Have Pets

Sure, movers cannot move animals, but professional help comes in handy if you have pets. The responsibility of moving with pets adds to the stress of the process. That’s especially true if you have multiple pets who are hard to keep track of.

For example, you must put off packing several items, such as litter boxes, until the last minute when you move with cats. That means you must scramble to get your cats and litter boxes together in a hurry while you also haul your belongings. Conversely, you simply focus on tying up loose ends with your pets if you hire professional movers.

8. Your House Is Big

Big houses have more room for furniture, and that’s great until it’s time to move. The more furniture and belongings you have, the harder it will be to move it all. Professional movers can significantly reduce the time it takes to move everything from your big home.

Keep in mind that it’s more expensive to move from a 2-3-bedroom house or larger than it is from a small house. That’s because of the shipping weight and timeframe, but it’s worth the cost if you have lots of furniture.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Professional Movers?

Local moves cost an average of $1,200, and long-distance moves cost an average of $4,800. The cost ultimately depends on the size of your home and the moving distance. Moving companies charge different rates, and you can expect to pay $40-$80 or more per hour.

Professional movers also offer additional services that add to the overall moving cost. For example, moving companies charge extra if you hire them to pack and unpack your belongings for you. You can save money on your move if you pack your boxes and disassemble your furniture without help.

Fuel charges are often included for local moves, but not for long-distance moves. Keep in mind that long-distance moves across state lines can sometimes take days, and that adds thousands of dollars to the cost.

Summing It Up

It’s worth it to hire professional movers for long-distance moves, especially on short notice. Professional movers are also worth the cost if you have physical limitations, a big house, or no moving experience. Movers are also quite helpful if you have items in storage and don’t have time to move them along with your belongings at home.

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