Ways To Help Keep Your Dog Cool In The Yard This Summer

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Summer is the ideal season to spend time in your yard. If you have a dog, then you will enjoy a lot more time with your pet in your yard at this time of year. While it is convenient to have a yard when you own a dog, it is important to keep your pup cool when the weather gets hot. Heat stroke is a genuine threat to dogs, and can happen in less than 20 minutes on hot days. This is why you must know ways to keep your dog cool in the yard this summer.

To keep your dog cool in the yard this summer, move activity times to early morning and after sunset. Use a kiddie pool, cooling clothing, or a garden hose to cool down your dog on hot afternoons. Create a shady area to keep the heat to a minimum. Keep your dog hydrated with cool water, and never leave your dog unattended outside on a hot day.

Outdoor activity is essential for your pet, but keeping your dog at the proper temperature is also just as important. Animals aren’t always great at showing signs that they are dangerously overheated, which is why you must be proactive in keeping your dog cool. If you have a dog, keep reading to learn all the best ways to keep your dog safe by keeping the pooch cool when it is in the yard this summer.

Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool Outdoors This Summer

1. Hose The Dog Down When Playing In The Sun

Many dogs have a love-hate relationship with the garden hose. They seem to love drinking from it but don’t love being chased by cold water (although some dogs love it). Either way, if you have a garden hose, there are fewer ways to quickly cool down your dog than by hosing it down with cold water from your garden hose.

Remember to avoid the dog's face, and try to use the shower or mister setting. This will avoid any eye irritation and will be less of a shock to your dog. While it might not be your dog’s favorite thing at first, it will be much happier (and safer) once it has cooled down.

2. Build A Shady Area For Your Dog

One way to keep your dog cool is to help block it from the sun. Direct sunlight can increase the temperature by several degrees, and cause heat-related problems in both dogs and humans much faster. Build your dog some sun protection.

This can be a sunshade, a dog house, or any sort of permanent or temporary roof structure. You can build shade for your dog easily and on almost any budget. You can usually even find cheap or free building materials for this DIY project. The key is to make sure this structure blocks the sun from your dog, especially during the hottest hours of the day.

3. Buy A Mister For Your Dog

Just as outdoor restaurants feature misters to keep their guests cool on hot summer days, you can create a similar experience for your dog in your backyard. You can purchase a mister from an online retailer, as well as multiple home improvement stores.

A mister is a great item to install if you also opt to build a shaded area for your dog. Shade and mist will help keep your dog much cooler than if it were exposed to direct sunlight.

4. Brush More And Cut Hair (When Applicable)

Many dogs have hair that can be cut, and some dogs are not meant to be in very hot weather. See if you can safely trim your dog’s hair, and increase its trips to the groomer during the summer. Removing a lot of fur from a dog is like a human taking off several layers of clothes. It helps keep your dog cooler, especially if it spends a lot of time in the yard on hot summer days.

5. Dog-Proof Your Porch Or Covered Patio

If you are fortunate enough to have a covered patio you can enjoy this summer, consider making it dog-proof so your dog can safely enjoy this area with you. If this is a screened-in porch, make sure you take steps to keep your dog from scratching the screens.

Make sure there are no plants that are harmful to dogs or valuables that can tip over. Making a covered patio dog-friendly is a great way to create an outdoor space that both you and your furry friend can enjoy in the heat of the summer.

6. Exercise Your Dog In Early Morning And After Sundown

No matter what time of year, every dog needs to exercise. Zoomies happen to even the most docile dog, as they all need to get some energy out. If you have an exercise routine of playing fetch, walking, or doing another daily activity, consider changing the times of this activity in the summer.

Try to only exercise your dog in the yard during the coolest times of the day in the summer. This means early morning and after sunset are the best times to run the dog. Try to avoid too much activity in the middle of the day.

7. Use A Kiddie Pool To Keep The Dog Cool

Kiddie pools are everywhere, and you can often find them for fairly cheap. These small pools can be used for more than just kids. They are also the perfect swimming pools for dogs to cool off in on a summer day. You’ll be surprised how much joy (and safety) a small plastic watering hole can bring to man’s best friend.

8. Add Ice Cubes To Outdoor Water Dishes

Many dogs love ice cubes. If your dog is a big fan of ice cubes, then feed them to your pooch when you are out in the yard this summer to help keep its temperature down. Even if your dog doesn't love eating ice cubes, you can add them to a water dish to keep the water cold. Cold water is refreshing and will help cool your dog off on a hot summer day.

9. Buy Some Cooling Clothing For Your Pooch

Nowadays, you can find nearly any type of clothing for your pet, even clothes to keep your dog cool. Most of these cooling garments use cool water to help keep your dog's body cool. If you plan on keeping your dog outside in the summer for a long period of time (more than 30 minutes), you might want to invest in some of these cooling garments.

10. Never Leave Your Dog Outside Unattended

One of the best ways to keep your dog safe and cool on a hot summer day is to never let it out of your sight. If you leave your dog unattended, you can’t be there to notice signs of heat stroke. You also won’t know how much running around the dog has done. In the summer, always keep an eye on your dog, even when you have a fence to keep your dog in the yard.

11. Set Out Damp Towels For Your Dog To Lay On

Lastly, if you don’t want to invest in a mister or a kiddie pool, you can use some household items you already own to keep your dog cool in the yard this summer. Damp towels are surprisingly effective at cooling down your pup when it's in the yard on summer days. Cool wet towels should be placed where a dog normally sits, like under a shady spot. The wet towels help remove extra body heat from the dog. You will find most dogs enjoy sitting on them as well, especially on a sunny day.

Final Notes On Keeping Your Dog Cool In The Yard This Summer

Your dog probably loves enjoying your yard throughout the summer. This season is a great time to be outdoors, but the hot temperatures can also pose dangers to your pooch. Make sure you keep your dog cool when it is out in the yard this summer. Build shade for your dog, and consider adding a mister, kiddie pool, or even cool damp towels to the area. Make your covered patio dog-friendly or buy cooling clothing for your dog. You can even use your garden hose to instantly cool off your furry friend on a hot day.

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