Father’s Day BBQ Essentials (Plus Gift Ideas)

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Father’s Day is the holiday dedicated to honoring dads and all they do. It is also one of the ultimate summer grilling weekends of the year. Many dads love barbecue, and they also love using a grill and its accessories. So, if you are trying to make this Father’s Day extra special, make sure you pay special attention to the grill and barbecue essentials before hosting a Father's Day barbecue.

When planning the ultimate Father's Day barbecue for the dad in your life, remember to get the meats and ingredients in advance to ensure top quality. Use quality marinades your dad will love, and make sure the grill is cleaned and ready in advance. Spruce up your outdoor space to maximize seating, but check the weather before planning an outdoor party. Consider a barbecue-themed Father’s Day gift if your dad is obsessed with grilling.

Grilling can be an all-day and relaxing activity, and it’s a great way to bring the whole family together in a casual setting. Preparing for a barbecue, however, takes some time and organization. If you are planning a Father’s Day BBQ, make sure you keep reading. Below we have listed the top ways to ensure your Father’s Day barbecue is extra special, as well as some top appropriately themed gift ideas for your dad.

Six Ways To Make Your Father’s Day BBQ Extra Special

1. Shop For The Best Meats And Produce In Advance

One important factor to consider when preparing for a Father’s Day barbecue is grocery shopping. One downside to Father’s Day being such a popular grilling holiday is that the best meats and produce are often picked clean before the big day.

If you are in charge of planning a Father’s Day barbecue, make sure you buy all your meat and veggies in advance. Two days should be enough, and it will ensure your food stays fresh, and you won’t have to choose the slim pickings on the actual day. Creating a menu and shopping list is a great way to ensure you don’t forget any essentials.

2. Prepare And Store Cold Sides In Advance

Another way to ensure a seamless outdoor gathering with lots of time to enjoy family and friends is to prepare as much in advance as possible. Sure, you want your grilled items to be hot and fresh, but most BBQ sides can be cooked well in advance.

Potato salad, pasta salad, dips, and even baked beans can be prepared the morning or the day before. This is particularly helpful when you have a small kitchen. Doing so will allow you to spend more time focusing on the details on the day. It will also allow you more time to enjoy the holiday.

3. Prepare The Grill In Advance

It’s always smart to check on your grill the day before, or even several days before you use it. If you don’t clean your grill often, there is a chance you might need to do some deep cleaning. You might even need to purchase a few new grilling accessories.

Make sure you have plenty of fuel, as you are likely to run a grill for a while on Father’s Day. You might want to have a backup propane tank for the grill or extra charcoal just in case. If you are using gas or propane, give it a test run to make sure all the burners function properly.

4. Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

Since your grill is located outside, it’s a good idea to get your entire backyard area looking its best. If you have a patio set, make sure the pillows are clean and placed accordingly. Consider washing your patio deck, and if you have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, get ready to light it up.

The key is to have plenty of welcoming outdoor seating so everyone can mix and mingle while someone is in charge of the grill. Just remember to keep your cold items at a safe temperature, so don’t leave anything out for too long, unless it’s on ice.

5. Check The Weather And Plan Accordingly

Lastly, since grilling is generally an outdoor activity, you must ensure the weather will be pleasant. While the summer months are known for sunshine, they can also have some wild thunderstorms. When planning a Father’s Day barbecue, you need to be conscious of the weather forecast.

If there is rain in the forecast, make sure you have plenty of seating and mingling space indoors. Also, consider setting the food spread up indoors. If rain is imminent, you might even want to fire up the grill early and prepare some food before a storm rolls through, so you and your guests have some delicious grilled treats to eat while you wait for the rainy weather to pass.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Grill-Loving Dads

1. Gourmet Meat Subscription

One of the best gifts you can give to a meat-grilling dad is a subscription to a high-quality meat delivery service. In this world of online ordering and subscription services, many top meat distributors have created weekly, monthly, and seasonal meat delivery services.

A meat subscription is a fantastic way to ensure your dad is grilling top-tier meats throughout barbecue season. You can buy him his favorite brand, or turn him on to something new. Either way, a meat subscription will surely be a hit with any meat lover.

2. A New Smoker

If your dad needs a new smoker, or has a grill but no smoker, then a new smoker might be the perfect gift idea. You can choose between a pellet smoker an electric smoker, or a classic one.

Smokers were once only common in the south in the heart of BBQ country, but are now becoming more common. The variety of options also makes it easy to find the perfect smoker for your dad within your budget.

3. Reliable Meat Thermometer

Other than a grill, a reliable meat thermometer is arguably the most important tool for grilling meats outdoors. It helps ensure your food is cooked to the perfect tenderness. A reliable thermometer is also the best way to ensure your meat is cooked to a safe temperature to avoid food-borne illness.

There are tons of different thermometers. You can choose a classic style, a modern electric option, or even a thermometer that uses app technology to tell your smartphone when your meat is done.

4. A New Carving Board Set

Preparation and grilling are key to a juicy and delicious product, but you also need to consider how you are going to carve and present your barbecue masterpieces. This is where carving board sets come in handy.

A carving board set usually comes with a high-quality wood cutting board, a filet knife for slicing meats and a fork to hold the meat in place. This can be an elegant yet practical gift for dad this Father's Day. Best of all, this is a gift you can find for nearly every budget. You can even personalize the cutting board in many cases.

5. Grill Maintenance Accessories

Cleaning tools and products for a grill aren’t exactly the most glamorous gift you can give, but they are products your dad will happily use all the time. Scrubbing brushes, grill covers, and grill spatulas and tools are all great thoughtful gifts. They will help make grilling easier, and they will keep your dad’s prized grill in pristine condition.

6. Personalized Rubs And Marinades

If you want a fun DIY Father’s Day gift idea, consider putting your culinary skills to the test, and make your signature spice blends, rubs, and marinades for dad. Incorporate his favorite flavors, or try out a new barbecue sauce recipe. After you finish, you can create a personalized message on the bottle.

Final Notes On Father’s Day BBQ Essentials And Gifts

If you are planning on hosting a Father’s Day barbecue for your grill-loving dad, there are a few things you should do to ensure it’s an amazing gathering. Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. If the weather looks pleasant, spruce up your backyard so your guests can socialize near the grill master. Buy your meat and produce in advance so you get the best quality meat and vegetables. Inspect, clean, and test the grill in advance to work out any kinks and ensure you have all the fuel and supplies you need.

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