Wolf Countertop Oven Vs. Breville: Which One Is Better?

Tiffany Nichols
by Tiffany Nichols

Wolf or Breville: Who makes the better countertop oven? It all depends on what you want and need for your kitchen. But how do you tell the difference between two such similar products? Here’s what you need to know.

The Wolf Countertop Oven is part of a gourmet cookware collection. It’s durable, sophisticated, and beautiful. But the Breville Smart Oven Pro offers unique features, and many homeowners may find it more affordable than the Wolf.

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What Is the Best Countertop Oven?

These machines feature an array of settings. And each one is there to ensure that you enjoy a customized meal. So, a countertop oven that works for you may be useless to someone else. Check the settings, shop around, and read reviews before you buy.

The best way to find what you’re looking for is to compare the features of two similar models. Take the Wolf Countertop Oven and the Breville Smart Oven Pro, for example. Reputable companies make both models, but neither one works the same. Plus, the Breville brand has been around a bit longer than Wolf.

Who Makes Wolf Countertop Appliances?

The Sub-Zero Group makes Wolf Gourmet brand cookware and appliances. But Hamilton Beach Brands recently took over the account. That means each countertop oven they make is now subject to the same rigorous standards as other products made by the Hamilton Beach brand.

Hamilton Beach is responsible for introducing one of the world’s first air fryers to the market. However, the Wolf Countertop Oven is not an air fryer. Instead, it’s one of their elite convection ovens that can cook everything from chicken to pizza.

Can the Wolf Countertop Oven Air Fry?

The Wolf Countertop Oven made by Hamilton Beach does not feature an air fry option. It can only bake different foods at variable temperatures through convection heat. So, you can’t create certain recipes or place cookware lids inside.

Meanwhile, you must prepare certain elements elsewhere because the Wolf oven isn’t big enough for large dishes. And despite its limitations, the WCO is one of the most expensive countertop kitchen appliances on the market.

Why Is Wolf Gourmet So Expensive?

The Wolf Gourmet collection costs considerably more than competitor appliances. And their digital countertop oven is no exception. Most similar devices cost around $200, but the Wolf Countertop Oven has a price tag that’s two to three times higher. So, why is that?

Hamilton Beach, Zub-Sero, and Wolf aim to be elite brands for professionals. So, they make their equipment with superior materials and market to a specific group. That means their target market is different than that of other brands like Breville.

Breville countertop ovens are durable and robust as well. But they may not last as long as industrial-grade appliances. Moreover, Breville components may not withstand the same level of heat as Wolf brand products. Be sure to read your owner’s manual for specifics.

Is the Breville Smart Oven Worth the Money?

The price you agree to pay for either a Wolf or Breville oven should depend on how much you plan to cook. That’s because Breville products aren’t cheap, and they can sometimes cost more than Wolf Gourmet or other brands. So, it’s probably not wise to spend the extra money if you’re not going to use your countertop ovens often.

DID YOU KNOW: You can use a countertop oven as an alternative to a traditional oven broiler.

Which Is More Expensive: Wolf or Breville?

Breville countertop ovens and Wolf countertop ovens are similar in many ways, including the price tag. But higher-end Wolf appliances are, in general, more expensive than Breville. And even with a discount, Wolf can cost more by several hundred dollars.

However, cost always reflects a product’s features. So, the less advanced oven models from luxury brands may cost less than you expected. And enhanced models from economic brands may cost more. Be sure to compare prices with features to find the best one.

TIP: Wolf and Breville countertop ovens look different. So, don’t forget to look at the dimensions of each model to ensure it will fit in your kitchen.

How Much Clearance Does a Breville Smart Oven Need?

Size matters, especially when it comes to equipping a kitchen. So, comparing appliance dimensions is crucial because it helps you create a more functional space. Let’s look at the popular Breville Smart Oven as an example.

If you go with the Breville Smart Oven instead of the Wolf, you’ll need at least four (4) inches of clearance on each side. And you’ll need an additional six (6) inches above the machine. That’s because the device holds hot water and oil, creating a vast amount of heat and steam.

Meanwhile, the Wolf Countertop Oven only calls for about four (4) inches on all sides, including the top. It also gets hot and contains boiling liquids. But the Wolf has a sleeker design than the Breville, so it fits in small spaces more easily.

How Hot Does the Wolf Countertop Oven Get?

The Wolf Elite Countertop Oven is a convection machine that heats food to the same temperature as an air fryer. And that means it gets up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit on the highest setting. Plus, it may be hot to the touch, so be careful.

Neither the Wolf nor the Breville oven is durable enough to withstand negligence. So, both manufacturers warn against laying utensils, pans, or heavy dishes on the glass door. Furthermore, you shouldn’t leave the door standing open for too long because it could negatively impact the sensors.

Also, don’t forget to consider how the heat from your oven might impact your countertops. Some countertop materials perform poorly around heat or moisture. And that means you can’t choose specific portable ranges unless you put protection underneath them.

Related Questions

Can You Use Foil in a Breville Oven?

It’s not always safe to use aluminum foil in a convection oven. So, always read the owner’s manual for warnings before preparing food. As for the Breville Smart Oven, you can use foil as much as you want. However, be sure not to let it contact any metal, or there will be a spark.

What Is the Largest Breville Oven?

The Breville BOV900BSS is the brand’s most massive machine. It also comes with an air frying option. The Smart Oven Air features a side-to-side capacity of over 84 square inches. And that’s big enough to cook a turkey, says the manufacturer.

When Should You Not Use a Convection Oven?

Cooking with a countertop convection oven may be convenient, but it might not be your best choice. For example, try not to prepare cakes, soufflés, custards, or quick bread in a machine that uses convection heat. And as always, look in the owner’s manual for suggestions and recipes.

What’s the Difference Between the Breville Smart Oven and the Smart Oven Pro?

The Breville Smart Oven and Smart Oven Pro are the same size and shape. But the Pro model has a slow-cook option and an extra light inside to help you see the food while it cooks.

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Wolf or Breville: Which One Is Better?

The final verdict is a difficult one because both machines have practical features for avid cooks. However, they’re both more expensive than competitors’ models, and that may not have much to do with their branding. Each one uses advanced technologies and prepares food like a pro. But they both can get hot to the touch and may damage some countertop surfaces.

So, the Breville Smart Countertop Oven is likely better for casual cooks with plenty of space in the kitchen. And the Wolf Elite Countertop Oven is better suited for food service professionals or individuals who regularly prepare group meals. Still, it’s up to you to decide which ones work best in your home or restaurant.

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