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Owning an inground pool is a wonderful luxury, and it provides endless entertainment on warm sunny days. Pools and the areas around them can add lots of entertaining space, and even increase the value of your home. Great pool furniture helps make your pool area look sleek, but the key to making your pool look great is plants. You want your pool to look as exotic and inviting as possible, therefore you must choose the best plants to grow around your inground pool

When selecting the perfect plants to grow around your inground pool, you need to consider several factors. You want plants that are drought-tolerant and easy to maintain. The plants should enjoy full sun and shed minimally. Several species of bamboo, palm trees, agave, and succulents grow great around an indoor pool. Birds of paradise, pineapple plants, and frangipani are all great tropical yet low-maintenance options.

Inground pools always look more luxurious and inviting with a bit of plant life around. The good news is there are tons of different options you can choose to suit all sorts of personal tastes. Some plants, however, are better to put around the pool than others. Keep reading to find out all the best plants to choose for growing around your inground pool.

Top 10 Plants To Grow Around Your Outdoor Inground Pool

1. Birds Of Paradise

If you want the area around your inground pool to look both tropical and colorful, then birds of paradise is a great option. This plant is a relative of the banana family, and produces some long-lasting and colorful blooms that are orange, purple, and very stunning.

These plants love full sun or partial shade, making them a great option around most inground pools. They don’t shed leaves, and their green leaves look fantastic even when the plant isn’t in bloom. These plants can tolerate an occasional overnight front, but prefer temperatures above 50 degrees. They like moist soil but aren’t too high maintenance.

2. Agave

If you want a low-maintenance plant with a minimalist and clean look for your outdoor pool, then agave is a great way to go. Agave is one of the best plants to grow in a rock garden, and rock gardens are great around a pool. Rocks stay put, unlike mulch and soil, and therefore, are less likely to clog a filter.

Consider choosing an agave species that flowers. Different agave species prefer different levels of light and temperatures, so choose one that suits your climate. Agave is drought tolerant, which makes it perfect for those who want plants around the pool, but don’t want to water them every day. Pair agave with some drought-tolerant and sun-loving succulents to give a lovely desert garden look to your pool area.

3. Snake Plants

Another plant that does great in the sun and is hard to kill is the snake plant. This plant is nicknamed “mother-in-law’s tongue” because it is almost impossible to get rid of. Snake plants come in different colors, and you can choose solid or variegated species to suit your needs.

These plants love sun or shade, and are not picky about soil types. They like water but are drought-tolerant. They will, however, die in cold winter conditions, so these plants are best for warm weather-area pools. If you want some green around your pool but want something that takes almost no effort, snake plants are a great option.

4. Bamboo

If you want a plant that offers drama and jungle vibes, there is arguably no better choice than bamboo. Several bamboo species grow tall and quickly. They can even offer a bit of shade without the leaf shedding that most trees give.

Bamboo evokes tropical rainforest and exotic aesthetics and is very easy to grow. Almost all species of bamboo love water, so it’s important to keep the soil wet. The good news is there are many species of bamboo, so you are bound to find one that will grow easily around your pool regardless of the climate.

5. Areca And Golden Cane Palm Trees

A pool area doesn’t feel truly complete without some sort of palm tree. Palm trees offer shade and a tropical ambiance, making them a perfect plant to grow near your inground pool. Palm trees are an easy choice, but the hard part is choosing what species of palm tree, as there are hundreds.

Two types of palm trees worth considering for around your pool are areca palms and golden cane palms. Areca palms are very versatile and incredibly easy to grow. They grow in various climates, and it’s a great palm tree to plant in your yard. Golden cane palms are not quite as resilient, but they are exquisite to look at. Golden cane palms have yellowish-gold trunks and prominent fronds that can easily elevate any pool area, turning it from bland to beautiful.

6. Ornamental Grass (Zebra Grass/Fountain Grass)

If you want a more country or natural look around your pool, then ornamental grass is a good way to go. Several species of ornamental grass can survive cold snaps and even snowstorms, which makes it a great option for those who have an inground pool somewhere with long winters.

If you are looking for a lovely and easy-to-grow ornamental grass to grow around your pool, opt for zebra grass or fountain grass. Both grow great around a pool, are lovely to look at, and are fairly low-maintenance.

7. Pineapple Plants

If you live in a warm climate, you might be surprised to learn you can grow pineapples around your pool. Pineapples are a good option if you live in a tropical climate and want to find plants for cheap or free to grow around your pool.

You can simply plant the frond from the top of a pineapple in soil, and with the right moisture, it will root and grow. It can take upwards of 18 months for a fully-grown pineapple to emerge, but this bromeliad species will add a unique flare to your pool area, and other than occasional watering, it doesn't require much upkeep.

8. Viburnum Suspense

If you want the plants around your pool to act as privacy hedges, then viburnum suspense is a good choice. This is a fast-growing hedge plant that produces dark green leaves. It is hardy and dense, and it requires very little maintenance.

Viburnum suspense can handle winter frosts. Keep in mind, however, that it is likely to shed leaves when the temperatures dip below freezing. It’s a great green option for those looking for a bit of natural privacy around the pool.

9. Star Jasmine

If you want a plant that will provide blossoms and intoxicating smells around your outdoor inground pool, then look no further than star jasmine. This is a hanging or creeping plant that you can grow up a trellis or on a pole. The small white flowers provide a soothing and lovely fragrance, making your pool area smell great all the time.

You can grow star jasmine in a pot as well, which is great for those who like to move things around outside. You can also bring it into a sheltered spot when it dips below freezing, as this plant prefers temperatures above 50 degrees.

10. Frangipani

Plumeria, or frangipani, is a flowering tree that is quite popular around inground pools, especially in tropical and sub-tropical regions where these trees thrive.

This tree provides some shade, but it is mostly known for its beautiful and lovely-smelling flowers. These trees are popular in tropical islands like the Caribbean and the Hawaiian islands, so having one around your pool can make you feel as though your pool area is an island oasis in your backyard.

Summing Up The Best Plants To Grow Around Your Pool

Plant life is a great way to add life and style to your outdoor pool area. The key to choosing the best plants to grow around your pool is knowing what plants thrive in your area, as well as choosing plants that don't shed leaves into the pool. Birds of paradise, frangipani, and pineapple plants all work great in warmer climates and are easy to maintain. Ornamental grass is great for colder climates, and snake plants and agave are great for those who don’t want to have to worry about watering plants all the time.

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