Why Does My Home Security Alarm Keep Going Off?

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante

Nothing is scarier than the sound of your security alarm going off at home. Your first instinct is to panic, call the police, and even investigate. It’s a relief when you realize it was a false alarm, but even that can be confusing. So you may ask, "why does my home security alarm keep going off?"

Your home security alarm will keep going off if you don’t change the batteries. Batteries typically last 2-5 years in an alarm panel, but they can die faster due to corrosion, leaks, and overheating. Frayed wires can also trigger false alarms, and your alarm will keep going off if your motion sensors are active and in many cases, can pick up on your pets.

Get a pet-friendly alarm system if you have dogs and cats, so they won’t trigger the alarm. Contact your security company or an electrician if your alarm keeps going off for no reason.

Why Does My Security Alarm Go Off For No Reason?

Whether it's from active motion sensors or frayed wires, false alarms can occur for several reasons. Let’s look at the most common reasons your home security alarm keeps going off and see how you can fix the problem.

Active Motion Sensors

Motion sensors help many people feel more secure at home, but they can also trigger false alarms. They are programmed to detect motion, and that includes non-human motion. For example, your burglar alarm may go off at night after a birthday party if the AC blows and a balloon moves.

Motion sensors can even trigger false alarms due to sunlight and overheating. Your pets can cause your security alarm to keep going off. Luckily, you can find modern pet-friendly alarm systems with motion sensors that can distinguish pets from humans.

Upgrade to a new home security system or get one with pet-friendly motion sensors to avoid false alarms. Otherwise, you may simply want to deactivate the motion sensor feature if the alarm keeps going off. Only deactivate the feature if you are comfortable in your home without it and feel safe.

Dead Batteries

Replace the batteries in your security alarm panel right away if the alarm keeps going off for no reason. Many modern smart alarms warn you on the panel when the batteries are low, but not all homeowners have that feature. Other alarm systems beep and light up when the batteries are low and need to be replaced.

Without batteries, a wireless security alarm system is useless, so you must replace them before they die. Batteries can last for up to 5 years in many wireless burglar alarms. However, they can go bad in as little as 2 years or sooner if the batteries are faulty or if the alarm system overheats.

Frayed Wires

Do you have a wired security alarm system? If so, there’s a good chance that the wires are frayed if the alarm keeps going off for no reason. Wires can fray due to poor insulation and rodents to an overheated system.

Faulty wiring can be dangerous, and it’s even a fire hazard. Call an electrician or your home security provider if you notice frayed wires, as they are dangerous to touch and work with if you don’t have experience. A service professional from your provider may be able to help if the problem is with your alarm, but not with your home’s wiring.

In that case, you must call an electrician to fix the problem. They may have to rewire the area behind the burglar alarm panel. You can expect to spend between $90 and $300 to rewire an alarm system, but it could cost more if your home’s wiring needs a lot of work. It’s worth the cost, as faulty wiring is dangerous and can lead to expensive repairs.

Outdated Alarm System

Home security alarm systems can last up to 20 years, but they can go bad in 5 to 10 years or even sooner. It varies based on several factors, such as the model you choose and even your home’s wiring. For example, wired alarm systems quickly become outdated when you stop using a landline phone system.

Wireless alarm systems can also fail when the battery housing wears out. Security alarms also rely on several sensors that can go bad after several years. Faulty sensors trigger false alarms, and it can be scary when you’re home alone and the alarm keeps going off. Call your security service provider and have them inspect your system to see if you should repair or replace it.

Problems With Your Landline

Wired burglar alarm systems rely on a landline telephone connection to work. Problems with your landline can explain why your home security alarm keeps going off for no reason. Of course, wired security alarms aren’t nearly as common anymore as only 34% of homes in the U.S. have landlines.

In some cases, your alarm system isn’t to blame when it keeps going off. Upgrade to a wired security alarm system that has a backup battery so it won’t fail when your landline goes out. Otherwise, you must rely on the phone company to come and service your line.

However, wireless alarm systems are the way to go if you ever get rid of your landline. They are much less likely to fail than wired alarm systems as long as you change the batteries before they die.

Summing It Up

Your security alarm will keep going off if the motion sensors pick up your pets or are sensitive to the air conditioner. Invest in a pet-friendly alarm system that won’t go off because of your pets. Otherwise, you must replace the batteries or check for frayed wires if your alarm keeps going off without explanation. Upgrade to a wireless alarm system and replace the batteries every 2 to 5 years to avoid false alarms.

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