How Much Does Costco Flooring Cost?

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Costco gained its reputation for its too good to be true prices, and that comes right down to their flooring. You can expect to spend an average of $3.08 per square foot for Costco flooring, but it varies based on the type that you choose. Whether it be engineered wood, vinyl, or laminate, let’s take a look at how much flooring costs at Costco.

Costco’s retail chain deals in a variety of flooring options available at varying costs. The average cost for the flooring types available at their stores ranges from $2 to $4.16 per square foot.

Costco’s retail stores comprise of in-house and independent brands that provide a plethora of flooring solutions. These brands also impact the costs mentioned above.

The average cost of flooring at Costco is $3.08 per square foot. Homeowners can spend $1.79 per square foot of Golden Select flooring, $2.68 per square foot of vinyl flooring, $3.30 for engineered wood, $2.09 per square foot of laminate flooring. Costco sells flooring materials in boxes and cartons that average $62.50.

Let’s dig deeper to discover the costs based on individual brands, flooring types, materials, and other factors. Furthermore, I will talk about other queries that correlate to the Costco flooring costs.

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Average Flooring Cost At Costco

Several brands exist at Costco retail stores and online, which offer an array of flooring types for you to choose from.

Based on the available brands, Costco offers the following:

EZ Flex

This brand offers carpet and rubber tile flooring solutions for customers. The interlocking recycled rubber tiles are available at Costco at an average price of $4.16 per square foot.

Golden Arowana

Costco offers a rich collection of Golden Arowana flooring material for giving you a similar feel like hardwood flooring. Their tiles are EIR-embossed for adding textured realism to their waterproof flooring.

Currently, you will find three types of flooring in Costco’s stocks. Vinyl flooring at $2.68 per square foot, Engineered wood at $3.30 per square foot, and Wall & Floor tiles at $2.50 per square foot.

Golden Select

Golden Select is an international brand that Costco offers its customers through their portal as well. At the moment, you will just find Wall & Floor tiles available at Costco’s online store priced at $1.79 per square foot.


Costco’s inhouse brand, Harmonics, has been a popular choice among customers for its excellent water-resistant properties and lifetime warranty. Harmonics features laminate flooring at an affordable price of $1.99 per square foot.

Mohawk Home

Mohawk Home is a veteran U.S.-based flooring company that specializes in various types of flooring. Their laminate flooring is priced at $2.09 per square foot and vinyl flooring at $2.89 per square foot.


Norsk is a great brand for 100% recycled foam- and PVC-based flooring solutions available independently and at Costco. Their Carpet & Rubber tiles cost $1.02 per square foot on average.

Some prices are not present, as Costco might not have complete flooring stock for each brand on their site. However, you can find more flooring solutions in these brands at your local retail stores. The prices and the stock keep varying as well.

Factors That Affect Flooring Costs At Costco

The following factors play a significant role in the variation in flooring costs at Costco.


A flooring material’s anti-skid properties can also impact the cost. Slipperiness is due to a floor that has been polished excessively. Anti-slippery coating over the floor surface is an additional cost added to such flooring materials.


Visual aesthetics of the flooring material add more value to the floor. That’s why the appearance of the flooring impacts the cost of the material. Appearance includes flooring features like sizes, designs, material, shapes, colors, etc.

Wetness Resistance

Flooring around bathrooms and kitchens frequently dampens due to moisture. An excellent flooring material features damp resistance to ensure that the floor surface does not stay wet. Damp resistance of a floor can affect the overall cost of the flooring tile.


A hard material for the floor resists abrasion, which can occur due to movement of heavy loads, machinery, furniture, etc., over the surface. Furthermore, hardness ensures that the floor can withstand dents due to the weight. Hardened flooring material is going to have a higher price.

Thermal Insulation

Certain flooring materials like rubber, cork, asphalt, PVC, etc., are excellent thermal insulators. Insulation against heat and cold is a feature that is needed for comfortable living. That’s why this premium feature adds more cost to flooring materials.


Certain flooring materials are simpler to clean than others. Furthermore, such floors should resist absorbing spilled solutions, like grease, oil, etc. Floor costs vary based on such features likes stain-resistance and cleanliness.


Certain flooring types might not require that much maintenance. That’s why their costs are higher than the ones with high maintenance.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is another premium feature that some flooring brands at Costco provide in their materials. A fire-resistant layer is added over flooring tiles, which increases their overall price.


While hardness is essential for the inner section of flooring material, smoothness is crucial for the outer surface. A leveled surface not only looks appealing but also protects equipment from damages while moving them. Smooth flooring tiles and planks have higher costs.


The cost of the flooring material depends upon how durable and robust it is. The durability of the material adds features like resistance to decaying, heavy loads, weathering actions, etc. Hence, more durable material leads to higher costs.

Sound Insulation

Just like thermal insulation, sound insulation is a feature that adds more costs to the material you choose for the flooring. Timber, rubber, cork, etc., are great insulators, and their flooring is going to incur higher costs due to the soundproofing feature.

Does Costco Offer Flooring Installation?

Costco does not have an installation service of its own. When you buy flooring material from their stores, Costco arranges a contractor to help with the installation if you choose it through them.

The representative that comes over to inspect the flooring installation is not from Costco, but an independent agency.

Does Costco Offer Custom Flooring?

Costco offers installed or custom flooring through collaboration with Shaw Floors. This floor construction company provides an array of flooring solutions, including tile, vinyl, hardwood, carpet, stone, tile, etc.

They offer in-home consultation through Costco as well. Upon reaching them out, a consultant visits the site with flooring samples. The representative will discuss the final design with you and complete the flooring installation for you.

Shaw offers a 10% Costco Shop card if you buy through them.

Do You Need to Hire a Flooring Contractor?

Get free, zero-commitment quotes from pro contractors near you.

Why Is Costco Flooring Popular?

Costco flooring has several brands. However, one of its proprietary brands is Harmonics, which offers water-resistant interlocking flooring solutions.

These boards are available at an affordable price of $1.99 per square foot. Their primary feature is the Snap-on feature that lets the planks interlock with each other without additional tools or machinery.

Tip: You can buy flooring material from Costco, and choose your own contractor for the installation. However, if you have the time to install the flooring yourself, then you can do that to by following DIY guides for Costco flooring installation. That way, you can save a lot on labor costs.

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