What Are The Top 8 French Cookware Brands?

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When it comes to preparing and making great food, it typically requires three components, skill, knowledge, and good cookware. And regardless of how skilled and or knowledgeable the cook is, it is impossible to cook perfectly without good cookware. For many cooks, that means using the leading French cookware brands.

The most popular French cookware brands are Le Creuset, Cristel Cookware, Mafter Bourgeat, Cuisinart, Staub, Mauviel Cookware, Emile Henry, and La Rouge. That list is in no particular order, and each of these brands provides many benefits. These French cookware brands all offer cookware that can be relied on to improve cooking for everyone, from professional chefs to amateur cooks.

From pots and pans, to many other cooking accessories, having the right tools mean more than being able to the job done. It also doesn’t matter if you are a novice cook or a professional chef cooking with the leading and most popular cookware brands will make a difference. That also isn’t only for some dishes, but every dish.

Now, without further ado, the leading French cookware brands.

1. Le Creuset Cookware

One of if not the most popular French cookware brands is Le Creuset. This cast iron cookware set also has a prominent online presence which undoubtedly does not hurt its popularity. With its beginning dating back to 1925, this brand has also had time to develop and perfect its brand.

One of the most distinguishing traits of the Le Creuset French cookware brand is its uniqueness. Each piece of Le Creuset is made using its own mold, meaning no two pieces will be identical but always manufactured to perfection. And then, there is the exceptional quality of the Le Creuset French cookware brand.

All of these factors together also make it easy to understand the popularity behind the Le Creuset French cookware brand. Le Creuset also makes an entire line of cookware products, from pots and pans to skillets and casserole stoneware.

2. Cristel Cookware

Lesser-known but one of the highest quality French cookware brands, Cristel Cookware offers cooks of every level great cookware options. This French cookware brand is still made exclusively in France and has been in business since the early 1800s. This leading French cookware brand also offers many benefits, including being dishwasher safe and having removable handles, among others.

The Cristal Cookware brand also offers both heavier weight and lighter weight stainless steel cookware. That results in customers of Cristal getting more than high-quality cookware, but cookware like frying pans, saucepans, and cookware that will last, is easy to take care of, and most importantly, that makes cooking better and easier.

When it comes to getting good cookware and quality French cookware brands, Cristal Cookware is a safe bet. While this isn’t the most common name in French Cookware brands, it can still be found at various retailers or at sites like Amazon.

3. Matfer Bourgeat Cookware

Another one of the top French cookware brands, Mafter Bourgeat Cookware, is as widely known to the public but is respected and used by those in the food industry. Also, much like a few of the other leading French cookware brands, Mafter Bourgeat Cookware has been around for a while, with roots that date back 200 years in France.

While the lack of notoriety for brands like Cristal Cookware might be attributable to location, after all, France isn’t exactly close. The lack of public knowledge regarding Mafter Bourgeat Cookware, however, is for another reason altogether. The Mafter Bourgeat Cookware brand is available to the public, but the company focuses on servicing the food industry. That includes venues such as restaurants and hotels, and results in less marketing or campaigning to a public audience.

Mafter Bourgeat Cookware is also available in copper, stainless steel, and cast iron. Additionally, this leading French cookware brand offers ceramic cookware and other accessories. Just don’t be surprised if you have to ask for Mafter Bourgeat Cookware by name.

4. Cuisinart

The Cuisinart brand made its splash in the early 1970s via the food processor (then, a revolutionary new food processing device). Since then, the Cuisinart name has become synonymous with the leading French cookware brands. And today, Cuisinart is one of the most popular names in French cookware too.

Promoted by world-renown chefs such as Julia Child and James Beard, it didn’t take long for Cuisinart to take flight. It is also hard to imagine that Cuisinart founder Carl Sontheimer ever dreamed of the size and scope that the Cuisinart brand would become and reach. Today, Cuisinart offers an array of cookware, from saucepans and skillets to pots and cooking accessories.

Cuisinart cookware is arguably one of the most attractive of all the leading French cookware brands too. Customers will find Cuisinart cookware in a variety of colors and a range of matching sets. And those aesthetic traits are just one more reason why so many people cook with Cuisinart and why it is one of the leading French cookware brands.

5. Staub Cookware

The Staub Cookware brand is now owned by J.A. Henckels but still operates under the Staub Cookware brand banner. This leading French cookware brand is also another exclusively French manufacturing company (except for its China-made ceramic cookware).

The Staub Cookware claim is that its cookware offers some of the best moisture retention benefits in the market, along with having a specially designed self-basting lid. In addition to that, Staub Cookware, à la Le Creuset, specifically molds each piece of its cookware. Founded in Alsace in 1974, today Staub Cookware is used all over the world.

These are a few of the benefits that this leading French cookware brand provides. And of course, Staub Cookware, like all the leading French cookware brands, improves the cooking experience and more importantly, the results.

6. Mauviel Cookware

The Mauviel Cookware brand was founded on the principle of making the highest quality cookware. And since 1830, this leading French cookware brand has been providing just that. The Mauviel Cookware brand also started, much like Mafter Bourgeat, with a focus on serving professional cooks and kitchens.

Also, not unlike the Mafter Bourgeat brand, Mauviel has been relatively veiled from the public, at least until recently. While Mauviel cookware remains a fixture for many commercial and professional kitchens, today this quality cookware is accessible to the general market.

That means that everyone can now take advantage of the kind of quality and design enjoyed by professional chefs. So, when you want professional kitchen quality cookware, the leading French cookware brands like Mauviel Cookware deliver. Cook like a professional, or at least cook with professional quality cookware with the Mafter Bourgeat French cookware brand.

7. Emile Henry Cookware

The Emile Henry Cookware brand name is not only one of the leading French cookware brands, it is also one of the most esteemed and respected brands in the cookware industry. From its beginnings, in Burgundy, France in the mid-1800s this well-recognized brand has been manufacturing quality cookware.

The clay and soil found in the Burgundy region are also used to make some of the Emile Henry bakeware and ceramic cookware. The Henry family to this day still owns and operates the business, and that has translated into the Emile Henry brand maintaining its excellence for more than 150 years.

These are only a few of the reasons that Emile Henry cookware has earned its reputation as a leading French cookware brand. And that is also why Emile Henry cookware can be found being used in kitchens all over the world today. If it is the finest in cookware and name that you can trust that you want, then the Emile Henry cookware could be the right cookware for you.

8. La Rouge

The La Rouge Cookware brand is the newest kid on the block when it comes to the leading French cookware brands. Founded in 2012, the La Rouge brand’s mission has been to instill love and passion into cooking. The La Rouge brand also inspires to do this by offering the highest quality and most helpful kitchen tools. This includes everything from appliances and food steamers, to yes, French cookware.

The French cookware sets made by La Rouge are stainless steel, durable, reliable, and attractive. More importantly, however, they are designed to make cooking easier and better. And like the La Rouge mission, they also help to inspire a love and joy for cooking too. While the La Rouge brand hasn’t been around forever, those who have discovered La Rouge cookware recognize it as one of the top French cookware brands today.

La Rouge is also continually designing and growing, and from oven and cooking tools to cookware and accessories, La Rouge is finding a home in more kitchens every day. Made for those who want to fall in love with cooking, or those who already enjoy cooking, this young cookware company has just begun to cook.

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