What Are The Top 5 French Copper Cookware Brands?

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Good cookware is the difference between food that is not only edible but also delectable. Ask any mom or dad who does the cooking for the family. Ask any chef at a top-tier gourmet restaurant, and they will all say the same thing. Good cookware makes a big difference. Some things are universal and essential. That is also why it is essential to find the leading and most popular French copper cookware brands.

The most popular French copper cookware brands are Cuisinart, Mafter Bourgeat, Mauviel, De Buyer, and Baumalu. This list of French copper cookware brands is also in no particular order or preference. These French copper cookware brands are recognized for their quality, aesthetic appeal, and ability to deliver reliable performance in the kitchen.

Copper isn’t always the right or the ideal cookware for the job, but sometimes it is the only cookware for the job. And, for novice cooks to professional chefs who are sold on the leading French copper cookware brands, there is no alternative. When it comes to making dishes like fish or preparing food like sauces, copper cookware stands apart for its unique cooking qualities. Those include traits like heating quickly and cooling equally as fast, among others.

Copper cookware also comes in a variety of levels of thickness and is one of the best types of cookware for heating (and cooling) evenly. These are also a few of the traits offered by the most popular French copper cookware brands below.

1. Cuisinart

The name Cuisinart isn’t unfamiliar to many people, and most people also recognize Cuisinart as that food processing machine company. It is also the popularity and success of that part of the Cuisinart brand that is the cause for those who aren’t as familiar with its cookware. The truth is that Cuisinart is and has been one of the most popular French copper cookware brands for years. Although it wasn’t until the mass popularity of the Cuisinart food processor in the 70s that made Cuisinart a household name.

The cookware division of Cuisinart also hasn’t been overlooked by the world’s most famous chefs. Used, promoted, and tied to popular chefs such as Julia Child hasn’t hurt the Cuisinart cookware division either. That also explains why Cuisinart is considered one of the most popular French copper cookware brands too. And don’t be fooled, Cuisinart is more than good promotion, and Cuisinart French copper cookware passes the kitchen test and delivers all the benefits expected from quality copper cookware.

The rest of the story, as they say, is history. Cuisinart French copper cookware is a beautiful aesthetic addition to any kitchen too. The Cuisinart brand also makes other cooking accessories, in addition to its attractive and quality French copper cookware line. Additionally, the Cuisinart brand is considered one of the most attractive of all cookware brands. If it is quality, looks, and reliability that you expect from the most popular French copper cookware brands, Cuisinart doesn’t disappoint.

2. Mafter Bourgeat

The Mafter Bourgeat French copper cookware brand is one of the most popular French copper cookware brands for those who know cookware. This also means that there is a considerably large segment of the general public that likely isn’t aware of this leading French copper cookware brand. And curiously enough, for Mafter Bourgeat, they seem to be just fine with that. To be even more specific, the Mafter Bourgeat brand focuses its efforts on servicing the food industry.

This shouldn’t be mistakenly taken to mean that the Mafter Bourgeat brand isn’t accessible or available to the public at large because it is. It simply is indicative of this popular French copper cookware brand’s decision to prioritize servicing establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and the like. So, yes, for those who truly know about quality cookware, Mafter Bourgeat is one of the most popular French copper cookware brands. And for those who want some of the most reliable and attractive French copper cookware available, Master Bourgeat is a good place to start.

Patrons and fans of the Mafter Bourgeat brand shouldn’t take offense to this unintentional slight to engage or market the public. This choice to focus on servicing food industry professionals isn’t anything new, in fact, it has been that way since the company began more than 200 years ago. Additionally, customers (including the public) can find stainless steel and cast iron cookware options too. Just don’t be offended if Mafter Bourgeat doesn’t come knocking at the door begging you to buy something.

3. Mauviel Cookware

For nearly 200 years Mauviel cookware has been making French copper cookware. Mauviel has also focused its attention on servicing the professional food and service industry. If this is beginning to sound familiar, that is because much of the Mauviel cookware brand history sounds much like that of the Mafter Bourgeat cookware brand. Another similarity Mauviel will proudly share with its cookware brand counterpart is being deemed one of the top French copper cookware brands.

Those similarities, however, have recently changed in one area for the Mauviel cookware brand. While Mafter Bourgeat cookware has at least always been available to the public, that wasn’t always true for the Mauviel cookware brand. For the largest part of the Mauviel brand existence, the brand was made exclusively for the professional food and service industry.

Today, not only is the Mauviel French cookware brand available to the public but more than accessible as well. That accessibility is by no accident either. Mauviel has become one of the most popular French cooper cookware brands as a result of an intentional and concentrated effort to avail its cookware to the public.

This also means that many people today have heard of Mauviel cookware, and for good reason. In addition to those efforts to become a more popular French cookware brand, Mauviel hasn’t lost its driving impetus to make the highest quality cookware. So, the next time you want professional-level cookware from one of the most popular French copper cookware brands, you may just want Mauviel French copper cookware.

4. De Buyer

The De Buyer brand is one of the most popular French copper cookware brands, in addition to being one of the most popular French cookware brands too. That is because De Buyer offers more than some of the most popular copper cookware, but De Buyer also manufactures stainless steel, coated aluminum, and other types of cookware. For those who trust, rely on, and use copper cookware though, there is no replacing the benefits and advantages of using copper.

Another aspect that helps to make De Buyer one of the most popular French copper cookware brands is craftsmanship. Much like some of the other most popular French copper cookware brands, De Buyer has more than 200 years of experience working in the food industry. What separates the De Buyer brand, however, is tradition. To this day, De Buyer still uses old-style practices and employs craftsmen to make its cookware lines. That history and skilled work combined with the latest cookware technologies create the De Buyer French copper cookware brand today.

The De Buyer French copper cookware brand offers people from beginners to professional chefs the highest quality cookware and a variety of cookware lines. De Buyer French copper cookware line is manufactured with a stainless steel interior, with a 90% copper composition. This cookware brand delivers professional-quality cookware for every home and kitchen and is one of the most popular French copper cookware brands on the market.

5. Baumalu

As one of the newer French copper cookware brands, comparably speaking, Baumalu found its footing in the cookware market fairly quickly. It also did this using a technique that was in stark contrast to brands such as Mauviel and Mafter Bourgeat. The Baumalu cookware line became one of the most popular French copper cookware brands us a more household consumer focus. That resulted in French copper cookware that was more competitively priced while affording the same quality as the most popular French copper cookware brands.

Baumalu was able to produce more affordable cookware by choosing to use thinner copper, in addition to using more of a mass-production model. This popular French copper cookware brand, however, didn’t omit quality or appearance in this increased production system. That can be evidenced by the attention to detail still found in the Baumalu cookware line. For customers, that means they will still be able to recognize the distinct traditional French cookware cuisine style found in the Baumalu cookware line. That includes looks like riveted handles and other unique traditional French cookware features.

If it is high-quality French copper cookware brands that offer more affordable cookware options, then French cookware brands like Baumalu may be the right choice. From the aesthetic qualities to affording every cook of every level the most reliable and effective French copper cookware, you can cook with the Baumalu cookware line.

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