What Are The Top 8 Whole Foods Market Coffee Brands?

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Our fascination and borderline obsession with coffee is something that has created and propelled an entire industry to new Heights. Look, Starbucks doesn’t do anything other than making exceptional coffee, but that is obviously more than enough. Did you know that nearly 65% of adults in the country are daily coffee drinkers? For the record, that is guesstimated to be around a whopping 400 million cups every day.

The list of Whole Foods coffee brands below is not specifically ordered. These leading Whole Food coffee brands include Sightglass Coffee, Peets, Big Island Coffee Roasters, Allegro, Verve, Blue Bottle Coffee, Equator Coffee, and Groundwork. Each of these particular brands has its defining qualities and traits that help to make them a top Whole Foods coffee brand.

Yes, we like our coffee, but that love has also muddled some things in the coffee department too. Now, it seems like there are more coffee brands than there are people to drink them. This is also one of the major reasons so many people choose whole foods coffee brands. If there is one thing that is easy to get lost in the shuffle and rise of the coffee masses, it is quality.

1. Sightglass Coffee

If it is a smooth coffee with a good kick you are looking for then Sightglass coffee is just what Dr. Java ordered. Using a nicely balanced blend of beans from the richest regions of Eastern Africa and Central America is what gives the Whole Foods coffee brand its smooth taste. Considering more than one-third of coffee drinkers also prefer their cup of joe black, having a smooth coffee is even more important.

An interesting fact about Sightglass Coffee is that the company was founded and is owned by siblings. If you don’t have a brother or sister that may not mean much to you. On the other hand, if you do, then you know how almost impossible it can be at times to agree on nearly anything. So, Sightglass Coffee must have found something that works to have produced such a great-tasting coffee.

Those interested in trying Sightglass Coffee might want to start with one of its most popular and arguably its smoothest product, the Blueboon Blend. And it is a pretty good bet that if siblings can find a coffee to agree upon then consumers will agree too.

2. Peets

Anyone looking for Whole Foods coffee brands with variety will find precisely that with the Peets Whole Foods coffee brand. And when we say variety, that means more than 200 choices of blends and flavors. That has also helped to make the name Peets synonymous with good Whole Foods coffee brands.

From light blends, such as Peets’ Colombia Luminosa, to its darker coffees like its French Roast options, this is one Whole Foods coffee brand with a whole lot of variety. And with more than 100 million bags of coffee sold every year, having choices and variety is good.

Together, that type of variety combined with quality equals the kind of success that Whole Foods coffee brands like Peets have experienced. Just be sure to check with your local Whole Foods store if you are looking for a particular blend. That many offerings also means that no store can carry all these great coffee selections.

3. Big Island Coffee Roasters

Proudly claiming to be the most awarded coffee roaster in Hawaii, Big Island Coffee Roasters is also a coffee company with a conscience. This is also something that you might expect from a Whole Foods coffee brand. In addition to delivering authentic Kona coffee, Big Island Coffee Roasters also promotes, supports, and works with local coffee bean farmers.

The Big Island Coffee Roasters company also openly shares the fact that essentially any business can use the “Kona” label. So for all the coffee drinkers in the world, like the more than 140 million American coffee drinkers, Big Island delivers authentic and 100% pure Kona coffee.

The Big Island Coffee Roasters company also affords coffee connoisseurs an array of Kona coffee blends, from light and medium roasts to darker roasts options. And yes, regardless of what blend you choose, at Big Island Coffee Roasters, it will always be 100% pure Kona coffee.

4. Allegro

The goal and founding purpose of Colorado-based Allegro were to bring consumers some of the best coffee from all over the world. Based on the number of coffee varieties and popularity of this Whole Foods coffee brand, the mission was successful. That success has also led to the expansion of the Allegro brand into beverages such as tea and other drinks.

The roots and the heartbeat of Allegro and this Whole Foods coffee brand, however, remain rooted in delivering coffee made from sustainably grown and organic ingredients. And that desire to source the best and highest quality ingredients is now a staple of the Allegro coffee brand.

An example of Allegro’s efforts is its Kenya Grand Cru blend. This blend is created from coffee bean farms located in the deepest regions of Mt. Kenya. This type of focus on quality along with an entire range of flavors such as blackberry and mocha, among many others, also means there is likely an Allegro blend for every palate.

5. Verve Coffee Roasters

One defining characteristic of many coffee drinkers is a dedication (if not an enthusiastic passion) for their coffee. That is evidenced by statistics like the more than three cups of coffee a day consumed by the average American. Yes, coffee drinkers are committed. It is also that commitment to coffee that was the impetus behind Verve Coffee Roasters. This California-based Whole Foods coffee brand is also steeped in the tradition of roasting excellence.

To this day, as they did from day one, Verve Coffee Roasters uses vintage roasters to prepare the beans for this Whole Foods coffee brand. Verve is even a hit overseas with operations also in Japan and elsewhere. Maybe that just proves that great coffee is like music and that it can transcend language and cultural barriers.

At Verve Coffee Roasters, it is the pursuit of that kind of greatness and coffee they seek with every cup. From light to dark roast, to a range of flavors and tastes, Verve is another one of the Whole Foods coffee brands that have become the first choice for many coffee fans.

6. Blue Bottle Coffee

Created from the roots of a desire for coffee that was fresh and never stale, and robust while not over-roasted, the Blue Bottle Coffee company was founded. And what began as a man who decided to open his own coffee roasting business became a big business. At least for coffee drinkers.

This Whole Foods coffee brand gets its name from the first coffee house ever started in Central Europe, named, of course, The Blue Bottle. Today and today’s version of The Blue Bottle can be found at Whole Foods markets all over the country, and at the chain of Blue Bottle Coffee cafés throughout the U.S., Korea, and Japan.

With a focus on quality coffee that is perfectly roasted and always fresh, Blue Bottle Coffee, now almost 20 years later is thriving. This is also just more proof that people love their coffee, and that when it comes to coffee there is no substitute for quality.

7. Equator Coffee

Much like its Whole Foods coffee brand counterpart Blue Bottle, the Equator Coffee brand began with a very basic premise. The idea, according to Equator Coffee creators was big, but the plan was simple, to impact people’s lives through great coffee.

Today, more than two decades since that original idea and the mission to make excellent coffee, Equator Coffee has met and exceeded those simple goals. And along the way, they have probably accomplished at least some of those big goals too, if only one customer at a time.

This Whole Foods coffee brand also has followed the Whole Foods lead when it comes to being a socially and environmentally responsible company. Now, the once small garage-based company known as Equator Coffee can be found on the shelves of your nearest Whole Foods market.

8. Groundwork

The Groundwork Coffee brand is a Whole Foods coffee brand exclusive, and that is perfect for those folks looking for quality coffee at the Whole Foods market. Along with having the privileged distinction of bearing the Whole Foods endorsement, Groundwork Coffee also offers a variety of great flavors and roasts.

In accord with the Whole Foods tradition of being environmentally conscious Groundwork Coffee also is involved with the soil regeneration project in Nicaragua. Those efforts are even reflected in the Groundwork Nicaragua PROCOCER coffee blend. This is an effort to optimize coffee harvests while working toward preserving the land and beauty of places like Nicaragua.

That also means that consumers of this popular Whole Foods coffee brand can also feel good about drinking great coffee. And for at least some of the millions of coffee drinkers around the world, Groundwork coffee means more than just a good cup of coffee.

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