Can You Leave Crockpot On Low Overnight?

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can you leave crockpot on low overnight

Crockpots make it much easier to nail a perfect, mouth-watering recipe with minimal effort. The main appeal of crockpots is that you can prepare your food and leave it alone for hours at a time. So, can you leave a crockpot on low overnight?

You can leave a crockpot on low overnight for up to 8 hours as long as you set an alarm to turn it off. Don’t leave your crockpot on overnight if is on medium or high because the temperature can reach 300 degrees. Make sure that your crockpot is at least 6” away from the wall and other appliances.

Never put your crockpot on a wooden countertop or you may burn the surface and warp the wood. Always put your crockpot on an even surface so that the food cooks evenly and it doesn’t leak. Follow along as we explore how long you can leave a crockpot on low overnight.

How Long Can You Leave A Crockpot On Low?

You can leave a crockpot on low for up to 8 hours. Sometimes, you can only leave a crockpot on low for 6 hours at a time. The timing has a lot to do with the food that you cook, so you should check your recipe to make sure it is okay.

That means that you can leave a cCrockpot on low overnight, but only if you are careful. You should only do this if you set an alarm so that you turn the crockpot off after 6 or 8 hours. Otherwise, you risk overcooking your food, damaging your crockpot, or even starting a fire.

It is usually safe as long as you are careful about where you place your crockpot. Everything from the surface you place it on to the food that you cook affects the safety and outcome.


Always make sure to place your crockpot on a flat surface. It’s also important to set your crockpot on a heat-resistant surface. Granite, quartz, and certain types of tile are suitable for a crockpot.

However, you should never leave your crockpot on a wood countertop for too long. Wood can easily suffer heat damage and even warp from your crockpot’s heat. Make sure that the surface is dry, so that you don’t damage your crockpot. It is dangerous to get any electrical device wet, and it can even cause a fire.


Location is everything when it comes to where you set your crockpot. The last thing that you want is to damage nearby dishes and appliances with the heat your crockpot generates. Never set your crockpot up against a wall or you may damage the paint, wallpaper, or tiles.

Many homeowners place their crockpot on an unused burner on their stove. This is a great idea because stove burners are meant to withstand prolonged heat. Put 6” between your wall and the crockpot or else you may damage your wall. This is also a potential fire hazard if you have wallpaper.


You can leave your crockpot on low overnight as long as the recipe calls for it. Certain types of beef and pork roasts require you to cook them for up to 8 hours. Follow your recipe closely and avoid overcooking food overnight.

It is even more dangerous to overcook food while you are sleeping. You won’t be able to react as quickly if something burns in the crockpot.

How Long Can You Leave A Crockpot On Medium?

You can leave a crockpot on medium or warm for 4-8 hours. Most recipes call for no more than 6 hours in a crockpot on medium. However, it varies based on the recipe and what type of meat you are cooking.

The increase in heat means that you need to consider the location of your crockpot even more. You have a bigger chance to burn your countertops, walls, and nearby devices while on medium. Avoid leaving your crockpot on medium overnight because you should check on it more frequently when it’s warmer.

How Long Can You Leave A Crockpot On High?

You can leave a crockpot on high for up to 6 hours. It is okay to leave a crockpot on high for up to 8 hours as long as you stay close to it. That way, you can monitor your crockpot and its contents to make sure there is no damage and you don’t burn your food.

Generally, however, recipes call for you to leave your crockpot on high for less time because of the increased heat. A crockpot gets up to 300 degrees when you choose the high setting. You are more likely to burn your food if you leave it unattended overnight while on high.

Is It Safe To Leave A Slow Cooker On For 12 Hours?

It is safe to leave a slow cooker on for 12 hours as long as you can check on it frequently. Most slow cookers automatically shut off after 24 hours. It’s best to do a 12-hour slow roast during the day, preferably when you can stay at home.

With that said, 12 hours is too long for many slow cooker recipes. Most slow cooker recipes call for 8 hours in the crockpot, so 12 hours may be overkill. Only leave food in a slow cooker for 12 hours if the recipe calls for it or if your slow cooker’s instructions say that it is okay.

Can You Speed Up Slow Cooker Time?

You can speed up slow cooker time if you plan well. This is especially true if you are slowly roasting meat. Simply wrap the meat in aluminum foil before you put it in your slow cooker.

This will make the meat cook much faster because of the extra heat from the aluminum foil. However, this isn’t safe for every slow cooker, so you should check to see if yours can handle it. Even putting foil on top of the meat can make it cook faster.

Summing it Up

You can leave a crockpot on low overnight for up to 8 hours. However, you need to make sure that you set an alarm so you can turn it off before it burns in the morning. Check the recipe to make sure that it is okay to cook the food for 6-8 hours before you let it sit overnight.

Try not to leave your food in the crockpot overnight if you set it to medium or high. That is because you typically shouldn’t let food sit in a slow cooker at high temperatures for more than 4-6 hours. The temperature can exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit in some cases, and that may be too much for your roast.

You can leave a crockpot on for up to 12 hours in some cases, but that is too long for most recipes. Luckily, slow cookers typically include a safety feature where they automatically shut off at 24 hours. Always make sure to keep your slow cooker on a flat and even surface that is at least 6” from the wall.

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