Where Can You Buy Behr Paint? (Near You & Online)

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Behr is a name that just about every painting company recognizes. It’s considered to be one of the most long-lasting paint brands in the world, and also boasts one of the most generous assortments of paint on the market. Even though most people are open to painting with other brands, there are some companies that swear by Behr and Behr alone. So, who exactly sells Behr paint?

Though Behr was once sold in a wide variety of stores, a company merger involving stipulations on sales made Home Depot the sole seller of Behr paints. If you want to buy from Behr, you have to find a Home Depot store near you or buy it online.

If you are like many other people who work in the painting industry, you’re a fan of Behr. But, finding out their distribution is so slim might have taken you for a bit of a shock. Did you ever wonder what happened with Behr, or where you can find products similar? We got you.

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Why Is Behr Only Sold At Home Depot?

Behr may have started out as its own company, but it quickly became inextricably linked with the Home Depot’s brand. In fact, Behr was one of the first paint companies to partner up with Home Depot and supply paint to them. At the behest of the founder of Behr, the partnership was to continue for as long as both companies were in business.

When Behr was bought out by Masco, this didn’t change. Today, Home Depot remains the exclusive seller of Behr paint. There are no talks of this changing anytime soon, either.

Can You Buy Behr Paint Online?

If you do not live near a Home Depot, you already are probably lamenting the fact that you can’t get wood cut for cheap, or that you might have to trek to rekey your lock. However, you don’t have to lament a loss of Behr paint, too. You can absolutely purchase Behr paint from the Home Depot using their online store.

While that can be done, it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to get pre-mixed paint. You will need to mix it yourself. Aside from that, there shouldn’t be a big issue when it comes to sourcing Behr paint.

Can You Buy Behr Paint Abroad?

Believe it or not, Behr is still an international brand. If you go to Canada and Mexico, you will be able to find Home Depot stores that carry Behr paint in them. Recently, Home Depot struck up a deal that made Behr available in China through a total of six stores.

If you were hoping to get paint in Europe, things may be more difficult. Neither Europe nor Africa have any Home Depot outlets nearby. his means you may have to ask someone from the United States to ship to you. Home Depot currently does not have any stores in the European Union, nor do they have a presence in Africa.

Can You Buy Behr Paint On Amazon?

This is actually kind of a strange issue. On paper, Behr should not be available for purchase off third party sites like Amazon. In reality, it is possible to occasionally find buckets of Behr paint on Amazon and eBay. The problem is, the range of colors is not accommodating. Moreover, there is often a huge markup on Behr paints, simply due to the exclusive sales that they have with Home Depot.

Another problem with buying Behr on Amazon is that you can’t always tell if it’s the real deal.

What Brands Are Similar To Behr Paint?

If you don’t have a Home Depot near you and you want Behr quality, don’t despair. There are other ways to get a similar grade of paint without having to drive to a Home Depot. Other brands that are considered to be equal to Behr include:

  • Sherwin-Williams. If you’re looking for a standard among professional paint crews, Sherwin-Williams is it. Most painting firms will work with Sherwin-Williams because it’s durable and has a remarkable ability to withstand stains. Lowe’s currently has a partnership with them, by the way.
  • Benjamin Moore. Assuming that you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably have heard of Benjamin Moore paints. This is one of the more popular brands for people who want to have professional results, even if you don’t have the tools.
  • Valspar. Both Lowe’s and Home Depot are proud suppliers of Valspar. This is a third party brand that is famous for getting decent results.

Is Behr Paint Expensive?

Paint, in general, is going to be expensive. However, when it comes to Behr paint, it can be pretty hard to tell. It depends on the line of paint that you’re buying from. Behr paint can range from $27 to $45 per standard gallon of paint, all depending on the line of paint that is being purchased.

In relative terms, this puts Behr in the solely affordable to slightly above-range price range. Most people will find it to be a high quality paint that they want to incorporate into their home. Because Behr has a good reputation, you should expect to have a price tag that reflects it. With that said, it’s still affordable for most homes.

Is Sherwin-Williams Or Behr Better?

This depends on who you ask. Most people find that Sherwin-Williams offers better coverage, durability, in-store assistance, and ease of use. This is why many paint firms choose to use Sherwin-Williams as their brand of choice. Behr is mostly popular for their wide array of paint shades as well as their relatively lower price point. However, quality ratings between the two are barely noticeable.

It’s worth noting that Sherwin-Williams is often a little pricier for the same paint type, often by as much as $2 to $3 per gallon. This means that Behr is a little more affordable, but of a somewhat comparable quality. If you’re looking for a quick stopgap when you run out of paint from Sherwin-Williams, Behr will usually have a nearly identical shade at a nearly identical level of quality.

How Long Does Behr Paint Last?

Behr is known for being a durable paint brand, and that’s no joke. When painted on a typical indoor surface, you should expect Behr paint to last at least 10 to 15 years. If you are talking about storage, it’s possible for Behr paint to last anywhere from two to 10 years depending on how you store it.

To stay on the safe side, we suggest that you don’t store unused paint for longer than two years. After that, there is always a chance that you could end up dealing with rotting paint.

What Is The Best Type Of Behr Paint?

Truth be told, the best type of paint for your home will always be the paint that is meant to be used for the purpose you have. Exterior paint will always be best with exterior jobs. Interior paint is better suited for the air quality that is common indoors. Regardless of the job you have, you can expect Behr to have a good paint for it.

While it’s always a good idea to get a paint geared towards your purpose, it’s also worth noting that Behr has one paint line that has repeatedly gained accolades. That line is the Behr Marquee, and it’s been one of the most resilient options on the line. Marquee offers a beautiful finish and excellent usability.

Is Behr Paint Easy For Beginners?

If you are new to painting a room or the outside of your home, it’s normal to feel apprehensive about paint brands. The truth is that you don’t have to worry about struggling with Behr’s application. This is a paint that is meant to be easy to use, even if you’ve never held a roller before.

Behr’s texture is thick enough for it to “catch” onto typical brushes and rollers, but still remains thin enough to avoid drippage and other drawbacks. That’s part of Behr quality, though. It’s to be expected.

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What is the most expensive paint brand on the market?

While one could argue that all paint is expensive, one brand is clearly pricier than most on the market. Recently, a new company known as Farrow and Ball took a different take on paint sales. Branding themselves a new luxury company, Farrow and Ball dropped jaws by offering paint at an exorbitant price.If you choose to buy a gallon of Farrow and Ball’s paint, expect to pay at least $110 dollars per gallon. This means that the price of paint alone for a single room could exceed $330. 

What is the most popular Behr gray paint?

Behr makes quite a few paint shades that are considered to be very popular. When it comes to shades of grey, Behr’s “White Metal” is considered to be one of the best on the market. It’s a light grey that is known for expanding the size of a room without making things feel too oppressive. Some would even call it a “grey for people who don’t usually like grey.”

Is it worth buying expensive paint for your home?

The long answer and the short answer are the same: yes. Buying expensive paint tends to mean that you are getting a better, higher-quality formula than what cheap companies can offer. Studies show that expensive paints last longer and also keep their color better than cheap paint.Unless you are okay with giving your home a new coat of paint sooner, you will do your best to make sure that you get a paint brand that is known for excellence. Repainting your place isn’t going to be cheap!

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