How To Reset A Kenmore Elite Dishwasher 665 (Do This!)

Ryan Womeldorf
by Ryan Womeldorf
The Kenmore Elite 665 is one of the best dishwashers on the market, but it can be necessary to reset it sometimes. Luckily, there are several ways that you can reset a Kenmore Elite 665, and that includes a select cycle reset or hard reset. Kenmore Elite 665 dishwashers have 5 reset options, so let’s take a look at how they differ and which one is best for you.

Having a dishwasher is practically a must in modern kitchens. They make it far easier to clean up regardless of the time or size of the meal. Kenmore has become one of the most trusted brands for kitchen appliances, especially their line of dishwashers.

Keeping the manual is always a good idea, but what happens if you can’t find yours? Being able to reset a Kenmore Elite 665 may be necessary from time to time. With Kenmore dishwashers, there are a variety of reset options. You can use the heated dry reset, a hard reset, pots and pans reset, and the select cycle reset.

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Why Would You Need to Reset a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher 665?

Though the technology tends to work seamlessly most of the time, errors can occur. The reason for these resets is to essentially “restart” the dishwasher. The error will normally go away, and you can resume using the dishwasher normally again.

The reset is to take the settings of the dishwasher back to the default. By going back to default, this overrides any stuck controls or other problems and takes it back to factory settings. Should your Kenmore Elite still not function properly even after a reset, a maintenance call may be in order.

A Hard Reset

The quickest and easiest reset option regardless of the Kenmore model is the hard reset. A hard reset is where you unplug the unit and wait for at least 30 seconds before restoring power. It is quick, simple, and usually effective.

The hard reset is meant to force the dishwasher’s circuit board to shut down. That shutdown should restore default settings and make all of the sequences work properly when you plug the unit back in again.

Select Cycle Reset

While the hard reset is certainly the easiest method, it may not always do the trick. Depending on the error, your Kenmore Elite dishwasher may require a little more specific communication. The purpose is to give the dishwasher a specific point to reset.

The select cycle reset requires pressing three buttons in a particular sequence before pressing a fourth to get the reset process going.

  • Press three buttons. You will first need to press select cycle, options, and heated dry. Repeat it again and a third time. If done properly, all of the lights on your Kenmore Elite should light up.
  • Press cancel/drain. After all of the lights turn on, press the cancel/drain button. This will begin a short test cycle to ensure that the dishwasher is working normally.

It is important that you press each of those buttons in the right sequence and don’t pause for more than a second at most. It is also important to make sure that the dishwasher is latched properly, or the test cycle will not start.

Heated Dry Reset

Perhaps you tried the select cycle reset and the hard reset to no avail. There are other options available for resetting your Kenmore Elite dishwasher 665, though. The process is relatively simple to achieve and should result in a similar test cycle.

  • Press heated dry. Start by pressing the heated dry button followed by the normal wash button.
  • Repeat. As is the case with the select cycle reset, you will need to repeat the button sequence. Make sure that you do not wait longer than a second between each of the button pushes and that the door has been properly latched.
  • Let the cycle run. A short cycle should begin, allowing your dishwasher to reset. If it doesn’t work, go back and make sure that the latch is secure and that you follow the sequence properly.

Pots and Pans Reset

The reason that there are so many different reset options is two-fold. For one, the dishwasher may need more specific communication about where the problem is. A general hard reset will do the work most of the time but may require something more specific in other situations.

The second reason is that other options may not work. So, if you have gotten this far, it is because the other options didn’t work. Doing a pots and pans reset means pressing pots and pans, followed by normal wash and one-hour wash.

Repeat the sequence twice more without waiting more than a second to press the right buttons. When you’ve done this successfully, all of the lights on your Kenmore Elite dishwasher should light up. Provided that the latch is properly secured, a short cycle should begin to indicate the reset.

Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Error Codes

Keeping the manual for your Kenmore Elite dishwasher is a good idea if only for the error codes. You can find most of them online but having the manual on hand is a good idea for implementing the correct fix instead of relying on something online.

The most common error codes are 1-1 and 1-2. The 1-1 error is an issue with a stuck relay while the 1-2 error signals a problem in the control board, likely the memory. Having the manual is helpful because it will recommend a course of action.

Generally, a hard reset is the quickest fix, though the manual may suggest leaving it unplugged for five minutes instead of 30 seconds. After plugging the dishwasher back in, follow the three-button sequence to see if any error codes pop up. If they are gone, the hard reset worked. If not, you may need a service technician to check for an electrical problem.

Working Through Other Issues

For the Kenmore Elite dishwasher 665, there are over 20 diagnostic codes. Keeping the manual is a valuable tool for determining what these issues are and how to implement a fix. Sometimes, a hard reset is fine. Others, you will need a technician to come out and service the machine.

Broken seals or other damage. In the event that there is noticeable damage to the dishwasher, a hard reset likely won’t work. A technician will generally need to repair any physical issues with the dishwasher.

Always unplug the machine. If you intend on doing a little do-it-yourself sleuthing, make sure to unplug the dishwasher first. Electrical shock is nothing to trifle with and you can protect yourself with one quick unplug.

Inspect parts and equipment. Sometimes the issue can be correlated to specific parts or areas. For instance, if your dishwasher isn’t draining, check to see if the drains or filter are clogged. In some cases, quick DIY fixes can be implemented and there are even easy to use kits to help.

How Do I Unlock My Kenmore Elite Dishwasher 665?

Unfortunately, errors with your dishwasher can occur at any time. In most cases, they will happen before a cycle ever runs. But what happens when your dishwasher errors out in the middle of a cycle with the door latch still locked into place?

In order to unlock the door again, you will need to follow a sequence similar to those used to check error codes or perform a reset. Simply press and hold the no heat dry button for 4 seconds. If done properly, the “lock on” light should turn off and the controls should work normally.

If the control doesn’t unlock your dishwasher after that sequence, then it could be indicative of a bad electronic board or failed console. In that event, professional intervention would be required to restore the dishwasher to working order.

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Why Won’t My Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Start?

Each model of dishwasher comes with its own unique set of issues. Even if there are only a couple of common causes, troubleshooting to find the one true cause is important. When your Kenmore Elite dishwasher won’t start, there are a few likely causes.

  • Door Switch. This is the most common reason that any dishwasher, not just Kenmore Elite models, won’t start. When the switch isn’t latched or has become defective, the door won’t close. When the door can’t close, the cycle can’t begin.
  • Door Latch. In a similar vein to the switch, the latch ensures that the door closes and latches properly. When the latch isn’t working or is broken, the dishwasher can’t close properly and won’t run.
  • Thermal Fuse. When the dishwasher overheats, the thermal fuse shuts off power to the unit. If it blows entirely, then the dishwasher will not start. You can test using a multimeter, replacing the thermal fuse if it is defective.
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