What Size Screws For A Samsung TV Mount? (Find Out Now!)

Dennis Howard
by Dennis Howard

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a new appliance or other item and finding that the package is incomplete. Missing or inadequate screws are one of the most often found missing items. This is true for Samsung TVs, especially the screws to mount the Samsung TV to the legs or a wall mount.

In general, the correct mounting screw set depends on the size of the Samsung TV. TVs 19 – 22 inches use an M4 screw, 30 40 inches require an M6 screw, and for TVs larger than 40 inches, you need an M8 screw. For the legs supplied with the Samsung TV, the screws a specific to the model.

You must use the correct size screw when mounting a Samsung TV to a wall mount. An incorrect size screw may damage the TV or work loose over time. In either case, your Samsung TV may fall and cause more damage. Factory-supplied screws are always the best option.

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Finding Replacement Mounting Screws for your Samsung TV

There are several ways to replace the screws for mounting your Samsung TV. We like to make a habit of installing a new TV with all the screws inserted in their intended hole even if they aren’t used. If you are mounting the legs on the TV, put the wall mount screws into the holes on the back of the TV for future use.

However, few people have this habit. If you purchase a used Samsung TV, you may not find the wall mounting screws with the TV. In this case, it is necessary to source the screws either from Samsung or from an independent dealer.

Replacement parts, including screw sets, are available from Samsung. You will need your Samsung TV model number to look up and order the correct replacement screw set from Samsung. The Samsung parts locator and order system are found at this link.

Many parts dealers offer generic replacement screw sets with the screws to fit almost any Samsung TV set. Ordering a universal screw set almost ensures that you will get the right size screw for your Samsung TV mounting application. The downside is you will have many leftover screws that don’t fit your Samsung TV

What do the M designators on the Screws Mean?

The M designations on the screws for mounting a Samsung TV indicate that the screw threads are cut to metric standards. In the case of the mounting screws for Samsung TV sets, this is usually one of the following.

Metric Screw SizeSamsung TV SizeDimensions of the Screw
M419 – 22 inches4mm
M630 – 40 inches6mm
M849 – 88 inches8mm

Samsung does make larger TVs than eighty-eight inches. The size and weight of these extremely large TVs require special mounts. You should follow the Samsung recommendations when mounting TVs larger than 88 inches. In many cases, hiring a professional installer is a wise decision.

What Screws Should I Use to Install the Wall Mount?

The best screws to install a wall mount for a Samsung TV are the screws recommended by the wall mount manufacturer. Often the manufacturer will include the recommended screws in the package. Typically, these are lag bolts meant to attach firmly to the studs behind the wallboard of your home.

If the wall mount you want to use doesn’t have mounting screws, these are usually available at most home improvement stores. When purchasing bolts or screws to mount your wall bracket to the wall, there are several things to consider.

  • Consider the size and weight of the TV you will be mounting to the bracket.
  • The type of bracket you use can be important. TV wall mounts that extend or swivel put more strain on the screws in the wall than flat mount type TV brackets.
  • Know what material is behind the bracket. Most homes have sheetrock or wallboard over a wood frame. Mounting directly to the sheetrock or wallboard is never a good idea. The wall bracket screws should always be placed into the wall studs behind the wall coverings

Our suggestion is to use a lag bolt at least ¼ inch in diameter and long enough to penetrate at least one inch into the wood framing inside the wall. Smaller TV brackets are too narrow to get all the mounting holes into the wood frame. In these cases, at least two of the screws should be firmly placed in wood. Molly screws or a special drywall mounting system should be used for the other screws.

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Mounting Your Samsung TV Securely and Safely

The goal is to get your Samsung TV secured to the wall and the mounting bracket safely and securely. Using the wrong size screws is an invitation to disaster and should be avoided at all costs. For the safety of your family and the security of your Samsung TV, do a bit of research and find the appropriate screws for your Samsung TV mounting project.

Dennis Howard
Dennis Howard

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