When's the Best Time to Buy a TV? (2023 Guide)

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by Tom Gaffey

If you are on the hunt for a new TV, you have probably noticed prices can change pretty significantly in the course of a month or two. Television prices seem to be in a constant state of flux. As you embark on your search, you will likely want to get the highest quality TV within your budget at the deepest discount available. But when it comes to getting the lowest price on a TV, what is the best month to buy?

The best months to buy a TV tend to be around the Super Bowl through March, and during winter holiday sales in November into December. If you want a top-quality television, you can find last year’s models deeply discounted starting in February. For the cheapest TV deals, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are usually the best. There are also Amazon Prime Day, Labor Day and other holiday sales to consider.

There are several months sprinkled throughout the year when it is a great time to buy a television. You don’t have to wait an eternity to capitalize on a great sale.

But the type of television you want, and your specific needs might impact the best time of year to look out for a great deal. In this article we will go over all the top months to buy a TV, and the deals you should anticipate during each of these months.

What Month Is The Best Time To Buy A TV?

There are actually several top months for buying TVs. As you will see, each month has unique types of sales. Here are the top 5 time periods where buying a TV is best.

No. 1 Super Bowl Season Sales (January And February)

The Super Bowl marks the start of some of the best TV sales of the year. In addition to the Super Bowl being the biggest television sporting event in the US, it also coincides with many companies unveiling their latest TV models. Many retailers use the build up to the big game as a time to start sales on high-end TV’s before new models arrive.

Tip: If you’ve cut the cable cord, you’ll want to make sure that your TV can stream the big game and that you are subscribed to the right service before you invite people over. We’ve found this How To Watch The Super Bowl guide to be helpful when planning – especially when it comes to finding compatibility and deals for the streaming services.

No. 2 Spring Clearance Events (March Through Memorial Day)

If you missed the Super Bowl TV sale, don’t worry too much. In fact, many retailers continue to drop prices on high-end TVs as they try to make space on their shelves for the newest models. You can anticipate top retailers like Best Buy to have great TV deals in the spring. The sales often culminate around federal holidays like Memorial Day.

No. 3 Amazon Prime Day And Independence Day Sales (July)

The two big TV sales occur on Amazon Prime Day and over the July 4th holiday. Prime Day features all kinds of sales, with particular focus given to high-end technology like TVs.

July 4th weekend is possibly the best time in the middle of the summer to shop in a store for a TV, since they are unlikely to go on sale for much of June or August (with the exception of Dads & Grads specials).

No. 4. Labor Day Sales Events (September)

Labor Day is known for all sorts of sales, from outdoor furniture, to automobiles, all the way to TVs. So, if you need a TV in the late summer or early fall, try to wait until the start of September. Just like Memorial Day and Independence Day, Labor Day weekend is consistently a great weekend to shop for quality TVs on sale.

No. 5 Winter Holiday – Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sales (November)

The most famous TV sales are arguably those on Black Friday. Every year thousands of Americans wake up in the middle of the night on Black Friday with the hope of procuring a door-buster deal on a new TV. But you don’t necessarily have to join a mob of deal chasers to get a cheap new TV.

Many retailers use the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays as their chance to offer their lowest TV prices of the year. Keep in mind this is a great time to buy the cheapest possible new TV, but not always the best time to get the deepest sales on the highest-quality TVs.

What Month Is The Worst Time To Buy A TV?

As you can see from the list above, there are lots of months where buying a TV can save you lots of money. In fact, with all these sales, you might be wondering if there is ever such a thing as a “bad” time to buy a TV. It’s true, these days, if you search hard enough, you can often find a sale. Still, there are a few months out of the year when buying a TV is likely going to cost you more.

Arguably the worst time to buy a TV is the summer months between June and August. This is mostly because these months are sandwiched between the two major sales events of the year. On the spring end, you have the clearance sales when stores are selling off old models for cheap to make room for new ones. On the other side of the calendar, you have holiday shopping. You might even notice sales starting to pick up around back to school. The major exceptions to this are the July 4th holiday and Prime Day.

Where Can I Find The Best TV Deals?


Amazon should always stay on your radar when searching for a TV deal. The world’s largest online retailer has sales that have become holidays in their own right. “Prime Day” is a term widely known and understood. It also tends to be a great time to buy a TV on the site (as is Cyber Monday).

Best Buy

It’s hard to consider buying a TV without thinking about walking through the aisles in Best Buy. This leading consumer electronics retailer is known for its stock of quality items. It also has some pretty iconic sales throughout the year. These sales often fall on holidays like Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Black Friday.

Costco (And Other Club Stores)

If you are a member at a club store like Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s, you might want to check their sales first. Costco and these other club stores tend to have very competitive TV prices. They often have slightly adjusted models of some of the most popular top brands, and offer them at discounted prices.


Target is another major retailer that is known for its sales. This giant retailer is known to have competitive prices throughout the year. It also tends to have deep discounts during popular sale times like Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Black Friday.


Walmart tends to have some of the lowest prices on TVs. Be aware, however, that these TVs are often cheaper because they have slightly downgraded features. Whether it is slightly lower video quality or fewer HDMI inputs, Walmart trims the extras on some of its models to try and offer the lowest prices out there.


While Samsung can’t always compete with the major retailers prices, they do offer some notable sales four times a year during their Discover Samsung events. These sales events are ideal for those who specifically want Samsung TVs, as they offer exclusive sales, including on some of their top models.

Other Ways To Save On A TV

Consider Purchasing An Open Box TV

Stores like Walmart, Target and Best Buy often offer even deeper discounts on TVs that have already been opened. Whether they were floor models, returned, or there was another error, these TVs are offered at an additional discount often upwards of 20%.

Do Your Research On TV Quality

Know what to look for when it comes to TV quality. Do you need enhanced HD quality and speed for sports viewing? Or Are you most concerned with the size of the TV and its compatibility with streaming services? Know the specs you are looking for to help narrow your search.

Don’t Automatically Go For Brand Recognition

Samsung, Sony and LG are certainly powerful names in electronics and TVs, but they are not the only ones. Consider shopping outside the box. Vizio and TCL (and others) are also top brands, and tend to offer deeper discounts than some other top brands. Read reviews and think outside the box to get the best bang for your buck.

Concluding What Month Is Best To Buy A TV

When shopping for a TV, you often find the cheapest prices during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These represent the deepest discounts on older or stripped-down TVs in most cases. For the lowest prices on high-end TVs, consider shopping in the first quarter of the year.

This includes as early as just before the Super Bowl. These high-end TV sales continue through February and March. They culminate on Memorial Day weekend as retailers try to make room for the latest and greatest TV models.

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