Alexa's Blue Light Is Spinning? (We Have a Fix!)

Ossiana Tepfenhart
by Ossiana Tepfenhart

I have two little Echo Dots, each which has that classic setup with Amazon Alexa. Once in a while, I’ll see something strange happen. The little light ring on my two Dots starts turning a color. It’s usually blue, and the blue seems to spin in a light like a siren on a police car. What does this even mean?

Alexa’s spinning blue light is usually a sign of it starting up or that it’s processing a voice command. In some cases, it can also be a sign that your Alexa is installing new firmware or that it mistook something you said as a voice command. It’s also possible that your Alexa is stuck in pairing mode for a short while.

A spinning light is generally not something to worry about unless it doesn’t go away. Our guide is here to help you understand the basics of troubleshooting.

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Why Is My Alexa’s Light Blue And Spinning?

Alexa’s light can change colors, but the default color is generally going to be blue. Since it “communicates” with you by the light, it’s important to know how to read the Alexa’s light. Let’s look at the common reasons why this happens.

It’s Starting Up

So, I don’t think that I would be a good writer if I didn’t also state the obvious. If you recently just restarted your Alexa hub, then your Alexa’s light will do a little blue circle. It should only last for 15 seconds maximum. If there is a longer delay, you might have an issue on your hands. Keep reading to figure it out.

Firmware Updates Are Happening

Speaking of having the obvious, there’s another reason why your Alexa light might be blue and doing its rotations. Alexa is not a single “one and done” type of service when it comes to downloads. Like most others on the market, Alexa needs to be updated in order to work properly.

Most of the time, you’ll be able to check whether this is the issue by working with the phone it’s paired with. Unfortunately, you can’t use your Amazon Alexa until after the firmware has finished updating. Just wait until it is done updating and you should be good to go.

Your Alexa Might Be In Pairing Mode

Did you recently try to get a new Alexa and turn it on? Or, are you currently trying to pair a brand new smart home item like a smart bulb? Don’t panic. Your Alexa might just be in Pairing Mode. This is the mode that your smart home hub goes into when it’s trying to pair to a new device.

If you wanted to pair a device to Alexa, now is the right time to start. You can usually use the Alexa app to walk you through the process. If you’re having a hard time with something like a smart bulb (been there!), then you can also check out the device’s individual instructions or call customer service.

You May Have Accidentally Triggered Alexa

Every Alexa device has a trigger word or phrase that makes it light up and prepare itself for a command. The default is the word “Alexa.” Did you recently have a moment where you said something that sounds like “Alexa” or your trigger phrase? If you did, then it may be waiting for a command.

Most of the time, the ring will just circle for a moment then go back to being dark.

Your Alexa Is Processing A Command That You Actually Made

This is the other major obvious issue that you might have with your Alexa: a slow command. This could include something like trying to call a person, your Alexa’s ring will begin to circle and glow blue. On a similar note, your Alexa might start circling blue if it needs to connect to the internet.

These kinds of spins only take a moment to occur. It’s Alexa’s way of saying, “I’m on it.”

It Could Be On DND Mode

Like most other items that involve communications and alerts, your Alexa can be placed in Do Not Disturb Mode. This is a mode that means that your Alexa will not randomly start beeping or playing music. It’s there to just chill out until you’re ready to use it again.

There is a small difference between this flicker. When you give your Alexa on DND a command, the ring will circle blue then flicker purple at the end. Then, it won’t do anything. You are going to have to switch it out from Do Not Disturb to make it work again. You can do this by going on the app and switching the mode to OFF.

What If The Spinning Blue Echo Light Doesn’t Go Away?

In most cases, the spinning blue Alexa light will go away once it stops being in pairing mode or once it stops working on the task that you give it. However, there are some moments where you might end up getting a spinning light that just won’t stop. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your Alexa or Echo might have an electrical problem. Did you get a replacement cord or plug? Did you have a moment where your electricity shorted? Plug it in using the original cord or an approved-by-Amazon replacement cord, and restart your Alexa. Cord issues are a common cause of this, so try to use a different cord if you can.
  • It could be stuck on mid-update. Facts, this is actually how my first Amazon Echo died. It sucked, but there’s not much you can do aside from try to restart it. Sometimes this will fix the issue. Other times, as I learned after the fact, it’s better to call up tech support for help. They sometimes can disconnect it from downloading and restart it again.
  • There is also a chance that you could have a dead Alexa. This is usually a sign that it’s gone for good, often because something happened with the computer chip inside the Alexa. This tends to happen when you are dealing with an older model.

What Does a Temporary Blue Spinning Light Mean on My Echo?

It’s important that you don’t mistake a constant blue spinning light for a temporary one. Whenever you give Alexa a voice command, the light will spin blue for a few seconds while it’s processing the command. However, this should only last for a few seconds and then the light will go away. This feature holds true for all Alexa and Echo devices including the Echo Dot.

What About a Blue Light Followed by a Purple One?

A common problem that Echo owners run into is when the circling blue light is followed by a purple flash of light. A purple flash of light indicates that the Do Not Disturb mode has been turned on. If you did this on purpose, then there’s no issue. However, if Do Not Disturb mode somehow turned itself on, you’ll need to turn it off by logging into your smartphone app. Find the Do Not Disturb setting within the app and turn it off to restore Alexa to it’s full potential.

What do the Other Lights on My Alexa Mean?

  • Yellow

A sudden flash of yellow light on your Alexa or Echo means that there’s a new notification.

  • Red

A solid red light on top of your Alexa occurs when the microphone ON/OFF button has been pushed. When this light is on, the microphone has been disconnected and Alexa isn’t listening for your commands.

  • Orange

Orange light indicates that your device is trying to connect to the internet or is in setup mode.

  • Green

A flashing or pulsing green light occurs when you’re receiving a phone call. The green light will then spin in circles until you hang up and the call is complete.

  • White

A spinning white ring of light indicates that Alexa Guard is turned on and in Away mode. You’ll need to turn Alexa back to Home mode to restore normal functions.

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