What Paint Color Goes With Uba Tuba Granite?

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Uba Tuba granite is so beautiful that you can find it in many luxury homes. Not only is the material durable and versatile, but it’s also easy to decorate. So, what paint colors go with Uba Tuba granite? And how can you pick the best pigments to match your existing decor?

Feel free to mix most colors with Uba Tuba granite and other types of stone. That’s because natural materials feature various pigments that you can coordinate with your favorite lacquer. So, pull out the most appealing shades first. Then, match your paint to those colors and create a smooth, error-free finish.

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What Colors Are in Uba Tuba Granite?

Most granite slabs feature several colors in the grain. So, you can choose countertop materials based on your wall paint. However, using Uba Tuba granite could restrict your decorating options because the stone is relatively uniform. That means you can expect to see different shades of green, black, brown, and not much else.

NOTE: Some types of Uba Tuba granite can also feature specks of gold, white, or blue.

How Do I Match Paint Color to Uba Tuba Granite?

Matching wall paint to Uba Tuba granite is easy. And you don’t need any painting or decorating experience to create an attractive space. Just take these three simple steps instead:

  • Look at the Dominate Colors: Check out your granite slab to determine the most abundant hues. Take notes or bring a material sample to the hardware store when choosing paint.
  • Grab Some Paint Samples: Most hardware stores offer free color sample cards that you can bring home. Use them to compare pigments and coordinate shades.
  • Pick Your Favorite Lacquer: Try to choose a color that’s one or two shades lighter than your countertops. Then use high-quality products to avoid unnecessary work.

If you need more help, talk to someone at the hardware store or consult an interior decorator. You can also reserve a spot on the wall for testing different paints. But make sure the area gets plenty of natural light to determine its actual color.

Does Uba Tuba Granite Go with White Cabinets?

White cabinets are elegant and popular, but they’re also neutral and versatile. In other words, you can coordinate it with most natural stone materials. Uba Tuba is generally dark and masculine. But white is light and feminine. So, the contrast between shades helps draw attention to your space. And it can also make the room look bigger.

Uba Tuba granite backsplash with white cabinets or wall paint looks sleek and sophisticated. However, you can add warmth with other neutrals if white is too stark. That gives you room to play with different design schemes and decorating themes. But it makes choosing the best colors more of a challenge in the meantime.

What Paint Color Goes with Uba Tuba Granite?

There are a plethora of paint colors that look good next to Uba Tuba granite. Plus, some materials or finishes might help enhance your decor. So, here are some examples:

  • White
  • Off-White
  • Whitewashed Wood
  • Light Blue
  • Warm Grey
  • Duck-Egg Green
  • Cappucino
  • Black
  • Taupe
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Greige

Try to avoid bright or vivid colors such as red or yellow. That’s because too much pigment can take away from the beauty of your stone countertops and floors. And always keep your Uba Tuba surfaces polished to see the natural colors. Otherwise, you could be matching your paint to the wrong shade.

Is Uba Tuba Granite Dated?

Once upon a time, Martha’s Vineyard called Uba Tuba granite a “must-have” for modern homes. Since then, countless designers have used the material to build luxury houses and stylish retreats. But you don’t see the material used as much anymore. So, has Uba Tuba gone out of style? The answer may surprise you.

Whether Uba Tuba is fashionable or not depends on several factors, including the homeowner’s taste. Those who enjoy a retro aesthetic might enjoy the look. However, people who want updated kitchens and bathrooms probably won’t appreciate the dated appeal. So, try several samples before deciding. And ask for design advice if you need it.

DID YOU KNOW: Many houses built between 1990 and 2010 feature Uba Tuba granite somewhere.

Can You Make Outdated Granite Look Modern?

Don’t worry if your home looks outdated. You can make old materials look in style again with a few easy tricks:

  • Use Trendy Accessories
  • Color the Walls
  • Change the Cabinets
  • Replace the Materials
  • Paint the Surface

Try not to paint your Uba Tuba surfaces the same color as the walls. Choose something a few shades lighter or darker instead. That way, you maintain some attractive contrast while still maintaining balance.

How Do You Replace Outdated Granite?

If painting the walls won’t cut it, you might have to remove and replace Uba Tuba granite. And if you need to do that, you have to be careful. All decorative stone countertops are heavy. So, either hire professionals or ask a friend for some help.

Next, consider painting the stone instead of replacing it with new material. That’s because your updated stone will soon become obsolete. And adding a layer of color can help transform your space for less money. But be sure to use the best interior paint for kitchen surfaces. Or hire expert painters to do the work for you.

Meanwhile, remember that professional painters aren’t perfect. So, they can still make mistakes. To prevent unsightly imperfections, use high-hide paint or a pastel base color to create a solid, flawless finish.

Can You Paint Uba Tuba Granite?

If you don’t like the outdated look of the Uba Tuba in your home, then paint over it. You’ll have to prepare the surface and buy the best paint first. Then, you must add a layer of sealant because natural stone features pores that can soak up the color.

Always add primer before painting granite countertops, backsplashes, or floors. That’s because primer helps fill in the gaps and create a smooth surface for your lacquer. Plus, primers also help your color adhere to the stone. So, don’t skip this step, or you’ll be refinishing the surface again soon.

TIP: You can buy paint and primer in one to save time and money on your renovation projects.

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Does Uba Tuba Granite Need to Be Sealed?

After painting Uba Tuba granite, you don’t have to add anything to the surface. Most contractors call the material “bulletproof” because of that. Meanwhile, sealants won’t adhere to the porous surface anyway. So, adding layers of glue on top of the paint is pointless. Sealants only add a film to the surface, decreasing the material’s appearance and performance.

What Is the Most Popular Granite Color?

Granite is a timeless stone that has made its way into countless homes. However, it comes in many different colors. The most popular shades include white, grey, brown, and beige. But some homeowners prefer a mix of hues. So, they choose Uba Tuba granite for its multi-color appearance instead.

Should Backsplash Be Darker or Lighter Than Countertops?

You should always balance your home design, which means choosing the best backsplash to match countertops. In general, rooms look best when the backsplash and cabinetry contrast yet still coordinate. For example, white cabinets look great with dark Uba Tuba granite. But too many dark-colored objects in one space can make the area seem depressing.

Do You Need to Hire a Paint Contractor?

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Coordinate Colors for a More Beautiful Home

A beautiful space starts with mindful decorating. It’s because coordinated colors are easy on the eye. And they can help turn your house into an attractive home. So, choose shades that enhance one another and then use accessories to complete the design.

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