Samsung TV Blinking Red Light? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

Dennis Howard
by Dennis Howard

You grab your trusty remote, click the on button, and your Samsung TV responds with nothing. The indicator LED flashes red continuously as you try all the normal things. You check the batteries in the remote. You bang on the remote with the palm of your hand. As a last resort, you furiously push the on/off button repeatedly in growing frustration.

If your Samsung TV doesn’t respond to the remote and the power indicator LED flashes continuously, there are two possible problems. More than likely, you have a problem with the power supply on the TV. In some rare instances, the problem may stem from a bad HDMI link. Troubleshooting can occasionally be done without resorting to a technician.

Problems with new smart TVs can be traced back to several issues. When the red LED indicator lamp blinks, but the TV fails to respond, there can be several issues causing the problem. With a bit of diligence and an understanding of approaching this problem, many homeowners can mitigate these issues themselves.

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Recovering Your Samsung TV from the Dreaded Blinking Red Light

Don’t get frustrated when your Samsung TV fails to respond to your requests and gives you that blinking red LED light. Instead, try a few simple steps to remedy the situation. You might be pleasantly surprised at how simple the fix for the blinking red light problem.

Step 1: Unplug Everything from the Inputs on your Samsung Smart TV

Before you start diagnosing your Samsung Smart TV problems, you should unplug all the accessories. One of your accessories may be causing problems with the firmware in your Samsung TV. Unplug everything except the power cord to your Samsung TV and try turning your TV on and off.

Step 2: Restart your Samsung TV

Sometimes, the blinking red light indicates that the power supply inside the TV is having problems. Several things can cause an issue with a Samsung TV power supply.

  • If you left your Samsung TV on for a long time, the power supply IC might have overheated. Most Samsung TV power supplies have an overheat protection system built into the power supply board. If the power supply gets too hot, the protection system will shut down the power supply until the system cools down or is reset.
  • If the power from your home’s electrical system is disrupted, the power supply in your Samsung TV may respond by shutting down. This could be a sudden loss of power or a power surge. In most cases where the Samsung TV power supply has shut down, for this reason, a system reset is required to get the Samsung TV back online.

If your Samsung TV suffers from an overheated power supply, the fix is to remove the power from the TV. Simply turning off the Samsung TV with the power switch isn’t enough. You must remove the power cord from the plug on the back of the TV. Allows the Samsung TV to sit for at least 10 minutes with no power to allow the power supply to cool and reset the internal safety.

Step 3: Full Power Reset

If the short reset above doesn’t solve the problem, there may be a software issue with the TV preventing a response to your request. Most new smart TVs depend on software on the controller board to manage the entire system, including the power supply. Sometimes the operating software on your TV gets confused and needs a chance to reset.

Performing a full power reset requires a bit of patience. You must remove the power cord from the back of the TV for at least an hour to allow the system to reset fully. Most Samsung Smart TVs can retain the programming and settings you input for an hour without power. Giving your Samsung TV time to completely reset all the memories is the key to a full power reset.

Step 4: Forced Power Reset

Most Samsung Smart TVs have one other method of performing a power reset. By pressing the volume down button, the menu button simultaneously, and then pushing the power button once, you can force the Samsung TV into a power reset.

Hold the menu and volume buttons for at least ten seconds while the TV shows the blue screen of death. Release the buttons after ten seconds and wait for the Samsung TV to reset and turn on.

Step 5: Firmware Updates

Samsung Smart TVs depend on the firmware that operates the computer functions in the TV, including the power supply operation. Your Samsung Smart TV may require a firmware update to function properly and flash the red LED if new firmware is available. Software issues with the Samsung system are not uncommon.

The instructions for downloading and installing firmware updates from Samsung vary from model to model. Consult your user’s manual for the instructions for updating the firmware in your TV. You will need a USB cable to connect your Samsung TV to your laptop computer in most cases.

Step 6: Power Supply Issues

The power supply on your Samsung TV is the most probable cause of a flashing LED light and no response to your commands. Any number of things can cause problems with the power supply in your Samsung TV. Some of the more common causes of problems include:

  • Power surges or spikes
  • Low current issues
  • Failed power supply components
  • Overheating

We have already discussed the problems of overheating the power supply in your Samsung TV. Unfortunately, overheating can also cause the electronic components of the power supply to fail as well.

Some areas are prone to power surges. These power surges can be caused by the electrical grid or induced into your electrical system by lightning. For this reason, we recommend that you use a quality surge protector. A surge protector at the outlet where your Samsung TV is plugged into the outlet will help protect your TV from errant power surges.

Unfortunately, if your power supply is damaged or the components have failed, you only have one option. Your only recourse is to call a Samsung TV technician to repair or replace the power supply.

Step 7: Electrical Circuit Problems

This problem is rare but does occur. If your home’s electrical system doesn’t supply the correct voltage to your Samsung TV, the power supply in the TV won’t operate properly. Often the result is a flashing LED indicator light and no response from the Samsung TV.

You can check the power at the outlet where your TV gets its power. In the US, the voltage should be around 120V. If the voltage at your outlet is more or less than 120V, you may have a serious problem with your electrical system. In this instance, a call to an electrician for a service call is in order.

Step 8: HDMI Reset Problems

Many homeowners routinely use their Samsung Smart TVs with a gaming console for entertainment. Most of the new gaming consoles plug into one of the HDMI ports on the back of the Samsung Smart TV.

If you don’t switch the HDMI source on the Samsung TV from the HDMI input and unplug the HDMI cable from the TV, in some instances, the TV will show a blank screen and flash the red LED.

If you lug the game console back into the same HDMI port and turn on the console, the screen may reappear. You can then access the input options on the Samsung TV and switch the inputs to your normal TV.

Step 9: Call a Samsung TV Service Technician

If these steps don’t return your Samsung Smart TV back to normal operation, your only option is to call a trained Samsung TV technician for a service call. This is especially true if your Samsung Smart TV is still under warranty.

You can find a nearby Samsung service technician on the internet or at the Samsung website.

Can I Replace a Power Supply Board in My Samsung TV Myself?

Maybe. Replacing a power supply board in a Samsung Smart TV requires disassembling the entire TV to access the components. You must first determine the model power supply board you need.

In most cases, the power supply board has several cables that connect to the other parts of the TV electronics. Unplugging and replugging these small cables can be tedious. The size of these cables makes them fragile.

We recommend that most homeowners not attempt to repair the power supply board on their Samsung Smart TV. A trained repair technician has the tools and the knowledge to accomplish this task quickly and safely.

If your Samsung TV is under warranty, you should never attempt a repair yourself. Opening the Samsung Smart TV case will always invalidate the warranty.

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Don’t Discard a Samsung TV without some Investigation

Samsung Smart TVs can cost hundreds of dollars. In many cases, the cost of a repair is much less than the cost of a comparable new TV. Thousands of repairable Samsung Smart TVs end up in landfills every year. This inefficient and uneconomical waste can be avoided with a little troubleshooting or a less costly repair.

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Dennis Howard

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