What Paint Color Goes With Light Blue Carpet? (Find Out Now!)

Ossiana Tepfenhart
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If there is one carpet color that truly makes a room look extra pretty, it’s light blue. That might be why it’s the go-to color for nurseries, a favorite for teen rooms, as well as one of the color staples of nautical decor. Blue carpeting is crazily versatile, but how do you pair paint with it? There are so many options to choose from!

Light blue carpeting works well with all neutral paints, including white, beige, and grey. Light blue, dark blue, purple, green, and oranges can also work well with a light blue carpet. It’s all about how you work with it.

Getting a light blue carpet is always a smart idea. But, maybe it’s time to look at how to pair it with the right paint…

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What Are The Best Paint Colors For Light Blue Carpeting?

Light blue carpeting is a true “bluetral.” It can go with anything! However, we found that these pairings tend to be the most popular.

1. White

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We’re going to put this in the “Duh!” pile, right? White and blue are a classic combination for all sorts of room styles. Whether you’re going for a preppy look, a new nursery, a nautical vibe, or something more Scandinavian doesn’t matter. What matters is knowing that white will work with light blue and any other colors you want.

It’s so crisp and clean. How can you hate this color combo?

2. Beige

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Light blue has a cooling effect. Sometimes, you want to have a stately color that can add some warmth to the room. That’s where beige comes in. This color combination is ideal for coastal homes, but don’t be fooled. It can work wonders in neo-Victorian houses like this one above.

This is a great way to make a room feel larger, and also give it a “grown up” touch. Since beige doesn’t go out of style, it’s a smart way to ensure that your home stays timeless.

3. Grey

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Both light grey and dark grey paint can be used to turn your room into a modern palace. Since it’s a neutral color, you can always throw in a third accent color without worrying about it clashing. Grey is trendy these days, too, so that’s an added perk. It’s trendy but timeless.

One major caveat that you need to be aware of is that your shade of grey can make or break your room. Make sure to get a swatch and put it up against your walls to make sure it doesn’t have undertones that don’t work with your home. Careful selection is a must.

4. Green

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Blue and green are two colors that have been scientifically linked to feelings of wellness and relaxation. That makes sense, though. Green and blue are two of the most common colors in nature. If you want to give your home a nature-y, slightly watery vibe, then painting your walls green works well with a light blue carpet.

This can be a great pick for a young kid’s room, especially if you are a fan of gender-neutral decor. Of course, it can also work just as well for a coastal dining room, a living room, or even a nice personal spa room. It’s all about the decor that you choose to use.

5. Blues

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Blue is a great pick for a room with a blue carpet. Why? Because it looks super-coordinated. If you love a unified look that has a touch of monochromatic charm, it’s always smart to match blue with blue. The shade of blue doesn’t always have to matter. It can be light or dark. Just roll with it. It will look amazing.

I don’t think I need to say anymore here. The look speaks for itself.

6. Purple

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Purple is one of those colors that people associate with mystery. It’s a bold color, and it definitely can help add a nice cool touch to it. When you pair purple and light blue, you end up with a very dreamy look that is incredibly appealing. It’s a popular combo for both boys’ and girls’ rooms for that reason.

Purple and blue work well for bedrooms, where you want to have a calming and sleep-inducing ambiance. Of course, if you’re a fan of purple, there’s no need to limit yourself to the bedroom. People who enjoy a deep, mystical look to their room also tend to like this combination. With that said, purple is a rare color as far as paints go. So, you might make this room stand out among the rest.

7. Yellow

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Yellow and blue are a classic home decor combo that’s worth praising time and time again. It’s timeless and it’s gorgeous. The blue helps add a cool touch that relaxes, while the yellow adds some warmth to your home. If you’re a fan of Scandinavian decor or French home decor, then you probably already know how popular this can be.

Of course, you can never go wrong with this traditional decor. This color combination is ideal for homes that have a modern or contemporary edge. If you are looking for a way to add a splash of color to a living room, kitchen, or dining room, this is a great choice.

8. Orange

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Considering that yellow is a popular color to combine with light blue, it’s not surprising that orange works well with blue too. Orange, especially a pastel shade like the one above, works well as a color complement. This will make your light blue look bluer and also add a pop of contrast. It’s gorgeous!

If you want to go for this color combo, we strongly suggest using it for a sunroom or a living room. It’ll give your room a very sunny outlook that reflects light beautifully. Most people tend to prefer this color when they are putting together a coastal or Southwestern look to their home.

Since orange is a pretty bold color, we strongly encourage you to avoid using it in areas where you want peace and quiet. Orange can be overwhelming, and some even report having a hard time sleeping when they are in a room that’s painted orange.

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Related Questions

What color carpet is the most popular?

Contrary to popular belief, blue carpeting is not the most popular color of carpeting today. That award now goes to grey carpeting, since it’s better at hiding dirt and dust. A close second would be beige carpeting, for the same reason.Blue, especially dark blue, tends to be the third most popular carpet color—and the only one in the top three to actually be a color rather than a neutral shade.

What color carpet hides dirt the best?

Believe it or not, it may make good sense to avoid colorful carpeting if you want to avoid having a vacuum session every day. According to several studies, the best color carpet for people who want to hide dirt or stains is dark brown. If you’re willing to live with a dark brown rug, that’s great news. However, most of us don’t ever want to see that in our homes.

Is it better to have the same carpeting continue throughout your home?

It is not necessary to get the same color carpet throughout your home, though there are some perks to doing so. If you have continuous carpeting throughout your home, it’ll give your house a nice flow. Your designs will look more unified, and your home will have a certain level of cohesion that often can’t be found when you keep switching colors up.With that said, sometimes a little switching is a good thing. We can’t always rely on a uniform look to deliver the results we want to see. So, it’s really up to the homeowner.

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