What Color Furniture Goes With Grey Flooring?

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by Nick Durante

Nobody ever said that it was easy to pair the right furniture with your flooring. It is even difficult to pair furniture with grey flooring even though it’s a neutral color. So, what color furniture goes with grey flooring?

Black, brown, and navy blue furniture goes the best with grey flooring in any room of the house. You can use yellow, maroon, and red furniture with grey floors to complement them and make the room feel more dynamic. White furniture is a chance to create a dramatic contrast to your grey floors, especially if your floors are slate.

Choose the color combination that best suits your aesthetic and complements the room. Luckily, grey goes well with most colors so it won’t be too difficult. Follow along as we explore what color furniture goes with grey flooring.

What Color Goes Best With Grey Floors?

Everything from brown and red to white and black furniture goes well with grey flooring. The best thing about grey flooring is that it goes with nearly any colored furniture. Grey is a neutral color which makes it easy to pair with most colors of furniture, clothing, and décor.

With that said, the color that you choose helps to set the tone for the rest of the room. That’s why it’s important to put some time into your decision before you pick out your furniture. Let’s explore what color furniture goes with grey flooring.

1. Black

Black furniture is one of the safest choices to pair with grey floors. Both grey and black go well with nearly every color which makes them the perfect combination. This is a great combination no matter what shade of grey your flooring is.

Light grey flooring looks particularly great with black furniture because of the stark contrast. Black looks just as great with darker shades such as slate, however. You can’t go wrong with a black couch or chaise lounge over grey floors.

2. Grey

Believe it or not, grey furniture goes great with grey floors. There are several shades of grey and many of them look quite different. The contrast between a light grey couch and slate gray floors is subtle yet dramatic and it will draw eyes.

You can pair grey furniture with grey floors that are the same shade as well. This is a great option as well if you want to stick to a monochromatic aesthetic in the room.

3. Brown

Add natural and earthy tones to the space with brown furniture over grey floors. The vibe of the room will change completely depending on which shade of brown you choose. For example, taupe is light and won’t offset the grey too dramatically whereas ivory will make a statement.

Some shades of brown are earthier and even warmer than others. Beige is one of the lightest shades of brown and would look great with light grey floors. It comes down to your taste, but you can’t go wrong with brown furniture and grey floors.

4. White

White furniture and grey floors go together like chocolate and peanut butter. This combination is classic and works well no matter which shade of white and grey you combine. White and grey each come in several shades and none of them clash when you combine them.

Dark grey floors look great with pure white and eggshell white because of the vibrant contrast. You can add depth to the space with the contrast and it can make a small room feel bigger.

5. Red

Grey floors go exceptionally well with red furniture. Neutral colors such as grey can benefit from a bold and warm color combination. The warmth of the red contrasts the grey floors without being overbearing.

Cherry red is the most popular shade to pair with grey floors because of how vibrant it is. Otherwise, you can choose a subtle shade of red such as pale red.

6. Navy Blue

Navy blue and grey are a classic combination that works just as well in interior design as it does in fashion. This combination is an effective way to subvert the cool tones that navy blue is known for. It doesn’t matter whether you pair light or dark grey floors with navy blue.

The comfortable combination of the oceanic vibes that navy evokes with the neutral tones that grey brings is perfect. You can continue the theme throughout the rest of the room with wall art, rugs, and décor.

7. Yellow

Yellow and grey may seem like an unlikely combination, but it’s quite popular in interior design. Pale yellow furniture looks great atop grey floors. Lemon yellow works well with grey well, particularly if it is a darker shade such as slate.

Mustard yellow furniture doesn’t always look great with light grey floors, but it complements dark grey well. This bold and unique combination will add character to the room and make the space stand out.

8. Maroon

Pair a maroon sofa, loveseat, or chaise lounge with light grey floors to make a subtle statement. Maroon is a combination of red and brown and carries the best traits of each color. This combination adds enough character to the space to make a statement without being overwhelming.

It’s also a chance to add warmth to the room which is important if you have grey floors which are neutral. This combination will also give you more options when it comes to the décor and art that you use throughout the rest of the room.

What Color Dining Table With Grey Floors?

Brown and black dining tables go the best with grey floors because both are neutral combinations. Colorful dining tables are often too distracting and don’t work as well as they sound on paper. For example, a red couch may go well with grey floors, but it is also distracting to eat over.

That isn’t a problem with brown and black as each color is quite neutral and dark. You also won’t have to worry about rushing to clean smudges mid-meal with a dark-colored dining table. The combination of a dark dining table with light or dark grey floors is a safe bet and won’t be risky at all.

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