What Color Carpet And Rugs Go Well With Grey Walls?

What Color Carpet Goes Well With Grey Walls

Grey is the neutral color of the 2010s and 2020s… or at least, that’s what it’s looking like to me. Everywhere I look, I see magazines touting the perks of having grey walls. Grey is everywhere, and it’s being promoted by almost every interior design magazine out there. If you want to give this trend a try, it’s important to match the carpet to the walls. But, how do you do that without making your room look soulless?

Grey is a neutral color that tends to have cool undertones. This means that sticking to gentle neutrals and light colors is generally the smart way to go. Of course, there are some colors that seem to work well with grey. Some of the more popular colors include:

  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Yellow

Getting that effortlessly chic look that you see in design magazines isn’t always easy. However, it’s doable with any budget. This guide will help you out.

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What Are The Best Carpet Colors For Grey Walls?

The one thing you’ll learn about grey walls is that they are rarely ever just grey. They are light grey, dark grey, grey with undertones… When we mention a color pairing, it’s important to consider what kind of grey you have on your walls. Knowing that, let’s take a look at all the different carpets that work with grey.


Beige and grey are a wonderful pairing that’s both natural and modern at the same time. These two colors tend to work well with other soft pastels, not to mention settings where you want to add a nice sophisticated twist on things. If you’re a fan of minimalism, Scandinavian styles, or similar, choose this.

The reason it works is that beige is a little warmer than grey. This helps avoid the “soulless” look of grey and makes your place look homey.

Works With: All shades of grey. 


What Color Carpet Goes Well With Grey Walls

A big issue that people can get when they’re trying to put together a room with grey walls is the risk of having a dark and gloomy room appearance. This is where cream comes into play. Cream is a lot like beige, but lighter. It’s still warm, which helps balance out cool tones in a grey room. The lightness of a cream carpet is perfect for helping a home look larger.

Having a snowy white rug is not feasible for most homes. After all, white rugs stain way too quickly. Cream is the next best thing. However, if your heart is set on a white rug, you may wonder: Can You Bleach Carpet To Change The Color?

Works With: All shades of grey. 


What Color Carpet Goes Well With Grey Walls

Blue is the most popular non-neutral color for a room, which means that you can bet that people will want to have it in their rooms. Both grey and blue tend to have cool undertones, which gives this combination a very harmonious look. Depending on the shade of grey, you might want to choose a light blue or a navy.

Do you love nautical looks? Maybe something a little coastal or traditional? This look will work for you.

Works With: Light blue tends to go well with more pronounced shades, while navy works very well with light greys. 

You may be able to even get away with a green carpet! If you are interested in getting a green carpet, check out What Color Paint Goes With Green Carpet?


Pink and grey are quite unusual as a pair, primarily because it’s a counterintuitive look. Pink and grey can turn up the contrast while warming up the home. It looks good, but it can be a bit of a visual surprise, especially if the grey and pink are a little darker than usual. This is the kind of combination that makes you go, “Hmmm…”

This feminine look is great for a modern girl’s room, but it can also work perfectly well in a chic office. Lots of coordination is emphasized.

Works With: Light to medium shades of grey.

Light Grey

What Color Carpet Goes Well With Grey Walls

The best color to go with grey is…another shade of grey. Seriously. Look at most interior design magazines, and you’ll see a lot of grey on grey goodness. Dark greys are particularly hard to pair with, but if you have a room that has dark grey walls, it’s an easy choice. Light grey will help open up the home and make your room look brighter.

Bonus perk? These carpets hide mess pretty well.

Works With: All shades of grey.

Dark Grey

Dark greys work for the same reason that light greys do: they offer a crisp monochromatic look that’s hard to ignore. Dark grey carpeting can match with darker grey walls, or it can provide a bold contrast to walls that are just ever so slightly grey. Most people find the intensity of dark greys on one another to be a bit much in person, but when done right, it’s amazing.

All we can say is that we’d totally dig a dark grey shag rug. Of course, that’s probably the 70s fan in me.

Works With: All shades of grey. 


Yellow and grey are a unique color combination in terms of the mood it sets. The bold, in-your-face vibe that yellow has is a stark contrast to the cooling and chilling appearance of grey. Together, they tend to give a look that’s meant to shock. It’s sunny, but it’s techy. It’s warm, but at the same time, there’s always that sense of coolness to it. Bottom line? This is a pair that will make people say wow.

These days, yellow and grey are definitely getting their time in the sun. The question is, are you ready for this? It can quickly turn into a pretty intense look, if you are not sure what to do with your room.

Works With: Primarily medium to dark shades of grey, but all shades can be acceptable here. 

What’s The Biggest Mistake You Can Make With Grey Walls?

Grey walls are great, but the hype they get is often a little extra, if you know what we mean. The biggest issue people have with having grey walls is that they can be overwhelming. When you see super-dark grey rooms on interior design magazine pages, it looks bold and almost imposing. However, it’s important to remember that those rooms have a lot of lighting to make them look good.

In real life, extremely dark painted walls with dark grey carpets can look pretty suffocating. Most homes that have too much grey and not enough softness tend to find their homes feeling a little foreboding or dystopian. What we’re saying is that adding too much grey can be a pretty big mistake.

A close second would be painting a wall grey without checking out how the swatch looks against the wall. Different lights can cause the undertones to show differently. Nothing looks worse than thinking your room will be blue-grey, only to realize it looks green instead!

How Should You Choose Your Grey Paint?

The best way to choose the bucket of grey paint for your home is very carefully. Grey paints always have different undertones, so it’s crucial that you get multiple swatches and check out how they look under a variety of different lights. Even if you think you’ve found the shade you’ve always wanted, bring it home and test it out first. Otherwise, you’re going to have a bad time.

It’s important to make sure that you check out how the grey paint in multiple settings: morning light, no light, evening light, and with artificial light. If it doesn’t look good, then keep searching. Grey is a fickle color!

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Related Questions

Is grey paint a good color for a bedroom?

While you can use grey paint in almost any room of your house, the truth is that grey is considered to be a star player in two rooms. The number one choice for a grey room is the bedroom, since grey can offer a calming, mellow appearance. The other major favorite room is the living room, where grey often adds a bold (if dark) or airy appearance.

Most people love the gender-neutral appearance of a grey bedroom. It’s hard not to enjoy the way it makes a room sophisticated.

Is grey paint starting to go out of style?

Yes and no. Grey paint as the main color of a room is starting to fall out of favor, primarily because it was so overdone. Since it’s becoming a cliche, people are trying to avoid it. People are starting to avoid cliche grey color combos as the main color, sure, but it’s not a color that’s going anywhere anytime soon.

While using it as the main color is slowly losing its veneer, it’s still fairly popular as a trim color. So, it’s more of a supporting character than the main attraction in trendy homes today.

What color does grey evoke?

When it’s added to a room, grey can be formal, airy, sophisticated, and calming. However, if it’s too heavy-handed, it can start to look gloomy and depressing. It’s all about how to deliver the grey and making sure that you balance things out. Although grey is a great color for rooms, it’s always possible to have too much of a good thing!

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