Vizio TV Component Input Not Working? (We Have a Fix!)

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Recognized as a leader in high-end tech televisions, Vizio has become a household name. That also means that we can usually rely on our Vizio TV whenever we turn it on, plug in a game, or prepare to watch a program or movie. This doesn’t mean, however, that things don’t and can’t go wrong or stop working.

If your Vizio TV component input isn’t working, check the cables, input settings, the device, and the port itself. Cable issues, incorrect input settings, or the attached device can create communication issues. Additionally, a system reset may be required if the problem can be specified and fixed.

From advanced technological features to leading resolution technology, Vizio is a respected and trusted TV manufacturer. Like anything manufactured, however, things sometimes break. And sometimes, things just don’t work the way they should.

The good news is that these aren’t common problems for Vizio products. That doesn’t mean, of course, that problems don’t arise because they do. Like with a Vizio TV component input isn’t working.

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Vizio TV Component Input Not Working?

The television component input is one of the top aspects of Vizio televisions. Vizio televisions use an S-video and composite video connections. Using multiple cables to send RGB color signals results in better, clearer, and more defined screens for video, images, and other visual media.

When this advanced video input system works, the difference and improvement can’t be denied. When the TV component input isn’t working though, it is also undeniably noticeable. Follow these simple procedures to fix a Vizio TV component input that isn’t working.

What to do When Vizio TV Component Input Isn’t Working

As it was mentioned earlier, there are several areas of the Vizio tv that need to be checked when the TV component input isn’t working. While these aspects aren’t difficult to inspect or check, it is important to be thorough. One overlooked connection issue or device that wasn’t checked could cost time, effort, and money.

Inspecting the Cables

Begin by making sure that the right cables are being used to connect your devices to the Vizio TV. Simple red and white connectors won’t replace the RGB cables for connections to devices like the DVD player. If you don’t have red, green, and blue connector ends, then start there.

Cables are like the highway for the signals sent to the television. That means that problems along the highway or in the cables can result in poor picture quality. Inspect the cables for any pinching, breakage, or other problems, and use the right cables for the connected devices.

Check the Input Settings

This is not only one of the most obvious of the potential causes, but it is also the easiest fix. One wrong input setting, and it can even negate the screen to being nothing but a black mirrored board. And yes the wrong settings can also be the reason for the Vizio TV component input not working.

To check the input settings, simply access the input screen by pressing the input button on the TV remote. Verify the connection points of the device being used and select the corresponding A/V input option on the screen.

Inspecting the Input Port

It is one of the less likely culprits for a TV component input not working, but it can happen. Input ports are typically fragile television peripherals, comparably speaking, but they also aren’t as susceptible to being damaged as other parts.

The problem is this where the cables connect and that makes the condition of these ports very important. Are they bent, appear damaged, or do they appear to be the wrong type of port? Damage to ports can happen from attempting to force cables to connect or in shipping, for example. And in rare cases, a manufacturing error could result in missing or wrong ports being installed on new televisions.

Checking the Device

Just because the Vizio TV component input seems to not be working doesn’t always mean that it isn’t working. If the device attached to the input port has a problem or isn’t compatible for some reason, it will act precisely like a TV component input port that isn’t working. The only way to test the device is to connect another device to the same input port.

If the device seems to function normally and there is no problem with the TV component input port working, then the problem lies with the device. This can also be easily verified by testing the device on another TV. If the problem persists, then the device is faulty. In some cases, however, the device may work on another television. These are most often compatibility issues.

If these fixes don’t work, however, there is one more step we can take. This is a look at how to reset our Visio TV to its original state the day we got it.

Resetting TV to Factory Settings

The last step if the other checks and inspections didn’t prove fruitful is to perform a factory reset. Don’t worry, this isn’t as involved as it sounds. What it will do however is reset all the television settings to their original status at the time of manufacture.

To perform a factory reset, begin by pushing the Menu button on the Vizio TV remote. Next, toggle to the System option on the screen and push Enter to select. Then select the Reset & Admin option. The following screen will display the Reset to Factory Settings option. Finish the reset by selecting the reset option and allowing the television to complete its reset cycle.

If these solutions don’t resolve the issue then it will be necessary to contact the manufacturer for support. Vizio has a customer service center and their site offers many tools as well.

The Remote Control: The Other Input Source

Speaking of television input options, our remote controls are like the captain’s seat on the Star Trek Enterprise — in other words, it is the control center. The remote is how we turn the TV on, move from function to function, channel to channel, and basically control every other function.

So, when the TV remote starts acting up, it demands our attention sooner than later. The first thing to check is the batteries. There is no good way to determine how long any particular set of batteries will last. Many factors can also determine battery life, such as rate of remote usage and the quality of the batteries. It is also worth noting here that it is always advisable to use higher-quality batteries for remotes and electronic devices.

What if Nothing Else Works?

If replacing the batteries doesn’t fix the problem, then it may be time to contact Vizio customer support for a new TV remote. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you will have to live without a remote or be unable to use your television. The Vizio Remote Control app can be used until a replacement remote is procured.

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Related Questions

There are essentially two aspects to a television, the information, signals, and data the go in, and the result of which is the output, namely the screen and speakers. In addition to the questions regarding tv component input, are questions about the output.

Here is a look at a few of the more frequently asked questions regarding Vizio televisions. And a look at the most common problems regarding our tv pictures.

What Do I Do If My TV Won’t Turn On?

The only thing worse than an input or output problem is having a now power problem. If your television doesn’t turn on, then the first thing to do is unplug it. Wait 60 seconds and then plug the TV power cord back in. Now attempt to turn the TV on using the power switch located on the backside of the screen.

If this doesn’t work, then unplug any other devices that might be sharing the outlet or power strip and try restarting the television again. Although it isn’t common, if this doesn’t repower the TV, then it is likely there is a damaged or bad power supply component in the TV. That also means either a call to have the television looked at for repair or an investment in a new TV.

Why Is My TV Screen Blinking?

When a Vizio TV screen starts blinking it can be alarming, but the problem usually isn’t serious and is most often the result of a power plug or cable connection. Make sure all the connections are secure and the TV power cord seats properly in the outlet.

The other possible cause for why your Vizio TV screen is blinking could be the result of a storage/memory issue. To clear the television’s boot memory, simply start by turning off and unplugging the TV. Next, press and hold the TV power button for 30 seconds. Then proceed to plug in and turn on the TV.

These fixes will most often resolve the blinking screen issue with your Vizio TV. If this doesn’t fix the problem, however, then it may be time to have it checked.

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