ReliaBilt Door Review: Possibly The Best Patio Sliding Doors?

reliabilt door review

Choosing the right door for your home can be tough with all of the options out there. One option that many homeowners looking for a door that is cost effective and sturdy is the ReliaBilt Door.

ReliaBilt Doors are sold exclusively through Lowe’s which accounts for their reasonable price. The doors themselves are made by two different manufacturers: Jeld Wen and Masonite Inc.

If you are looking for a door leading from outside to inside your home, the Jeld Wen entry doors are what you need. Interior ReliaBilt Doors, however, are made by Masonite Inc. Both manufacturers maintain a high quality and because of the Lowe’s distribution, they stay affordable.

You can find a Reliabilt door to fit any interior, and they come in many styles and models, such as:

  • Sliding glass patio doors
  • Fiberglass entry doors
  • Steel entry doors
  • Bifold doors

There is an endless variety of ReliaBilt Doors available. However, the interior doors produced by Masonite Inc make up the majority of the vast selection with hundreds of options.

Many people choose ReliaBilt Doors because of the price, quality, and ease of installation. ReliaBilt Doors are ready to be installed right when you get one.

Interior Doors

Doors make as much of a difference on the interior of your house as a paint job does. They are mostly just functional, but some of the ReliaBilt interior doors available are also stylish.

You can find more than 5000 interior ReliaBilt Doors. Look at the Reliabilt Hollow Interior Slab, for example. It adds a classic look to your interior with the old school six panel design.

The Hollow Interior Slab may only be $40, but it does not sacrifice quality for a good price. In fact, it is exceptionally durable and designed to fend off shrinking, chipping, or bending.

With 30” x 80” dimensions, it is also suitable for many doorways. Much like other ReliaBilt Doors, installation is easy as well. Besides getting and installing locks, the door itself is ready for installation as soon as you get it.

Another great interior offering from ReliaBilt is the Santa Fe Primed 2-Panel Round Top Plank Hollow Core Molded Composite Slab Door. The door’s unique Santa Fe style design adds a distinct look to the interior of you house.

The Santa Fe 2-panel door comes with a primed finish that can be painted over to match the room.

Entry Doors

ReliaBilt Doors also produces entry doors that are just as effective. The main difference between their entry and interior doors is that their entry doors are sturdier. Many of their entry doors are made of primed steel.

Look at the Right-Hand Inswing Primed Steel Prehung Entry Door with Insulating Core for example. The door is 36” x 80”and made of sturdy, primed steel. Because the door has an insulated core, it helps to keep the cold or heat out of you house.

Insulated cores can save you big on bills by not having to run the AC in the summer as much. That and the weatherstripping at the frame keep this door sealed, solid and dry. It comes ready for a lockset to be installed.

You can choose between right and left varieties for almost every one of their doors. Their Inswing Fiberglass Entry Door with Insulating Core is another durable entry door. Much like steel, fiberglass keeps outdoor noise out and protects your house from drafts coming in.

All of the ReliaBilt entry doors are ideal for extreme weather, seasonal changes, and humidity.

Decorative Entry Doors

The decorative entry doors that ReliaBilt offers are just as sturdy as their regular doors but with extra craftsmanship. ReliaBilt’s Spotlights 1/4 Lite Textured Glass Right-Hand Primed Fiberglass Double Entry Door is perfect example.

The decorative double entry door measures 64”x80 and has an elegant, modern look. Its core is insulated with polyurethane foam that keeps noise and humidity out. Each side of the double doors has a vertical strip of textured glass that makes it unique.

You can also brighten your home up naturally with some of ReliaBilt’s decorative entry doors. Their Full Lite Grills Between The Glass Inswing Modern White Painted Fiberglass Prehung Entry Door lets the sun into your home.

The ReliaBilt Doors Full Lite selections ae made out of strong fiberglass. You can save on energy by filling your house with natural light. There are light grills on the door itself as well as the side light installation.

ReliaBilt Doors does not sacrifice style for quality with any of their decorative entry doors. They look elegant and add style to your home, but they are just as sturdy and insulated as any of their other doors.

Endless Options

For homeowners looking for high quality doors of all kind that don’t break the bank, ReliaBilt has an abundance to choose from. You can even get a ReliaBilt garage door produced by Amarr made of durable steel or wood.

Whether it be patio, French, interior or exterior doors, each model of any ReliaBilt door comes with options. Most ReliaBilt doors come with the option or right or left handed. That is a huge help and does not limit your options.

You can also choose between inswing and outswing doors. Options such as those are great because they give you more freedom for your own home. Considering how affordable ReliaBilt doors are, they are a great option when building a new home or renovating.

Essentially, ReliaBilt Doors have something for everybody given the variety of doors that they offer. Because they are energy efficient, ReliaBilt doors can save you more money than just the low cost of the door.

In fact, purchasing ReliaBilt doors can get you a 30% tax credit because they meet the EPA guidelines for energy efficiency. So long as you see Energy Star in the description for a ReliaBilt Door, it can even save you on taxes.

Where to Find Them

Finding ReliaBilt Doors is as easy as going to your local Lowe’s. You can also easily find them on the Lowe’s website and cycle through the countless varieties of doors.

Whether the ReliaBilt door you are looking at was built by Amarr, Masonite Inc, or Jeld Wen, it will be durable and easy to get your hands on.

What Did We Learn?

ReliaBilt doors are affordable, high quality, energy efficient, and easy to install. Even those who don’t consider themselves handy can install a ReliaBilt door using the clear instructions each one comes with.

With that said, some people may not be comfortable installing a ReliaBilt door on their own and will opt to hire someone. Even with the cost of installation, the overall cost of a ReliaBilt Door is less than alternatives like Home Depot or Mastercraft.

ReliaBilt Doors are a great choice for many reasons, such as:

  • Energy efficient
  • Tax credit from purchase
  • Wide variety
  • Affordable
  • Insulated core
  • Several decorative options
  • Easy installation

Possibly the best thing about ReliaBilt doors is that they are long lasting. All of them are made of steel, fiberglass, or wood of the highest quality.

Doors are not just a transition between rooms or in or out of you house; they should make you feel safe. Luckily, ReliaBilt Doors are so durable and insulated that they make the home feel more secure.

They are called Reliabilt Doors for a reason; you can count on them.

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