Stamped Concrete Costs for 2022 (For Driveways & Patios)

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante
Stamped concrete is an increasingly popular choice for driveways and walkways due to its unique style. Prices vary based on how much ground you need to cover, but the average homeowner spends $3,750 to install a stamped concrete driveway. Whether it be the style or square footage, let’s take a look at how much you can expect to spend on stamped concrete.

When designing or renovating a dream home, many builder-owners choose stamped concrete for their driveways, patios, and more. Stamped concrete is so popular because it enriches your poolside, driveway, or patio with its patterns and designs. Despite being so common and popular, not everyone knows the full extent of the costs associated with choosing stamped concrete for their home.

The average cost of stamped concrete is $3,750 for a 375 square feet patio. Standard stamped concrete costs $10 per square foot, and textured stamped concrete costs $25 per square foot. The average stamped concrete sidewalk costs $1,500 and stamped concrete driveways cost an average of $6,000.

If you were to choose stamped concrete for your 125 sq. ft. walkway, it could cost as little as $1,000, or as much as $2,250 for high end stamped concrete. Whether you choose sandstone, cobblestone, or any of the other stamped concrete options, it is well worth the cost for character it adds to your home.

Let’s get into the costs of stamped concrete.

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Price of Stamped Concrete Per Square Foot

The price of stamped concrete falls on two factors: materials, and labor. The cost of the materials themselves is dependent on the design and quality of the stamped concrete of your choice. If you are using a contractor, they will often add labor to the cost per sq. ft.

In other words, instead of charging the typical $8-$12 per sq. ft., they may bump that up to $16-$24 for simpler stamped concrete designs, for example. Exact pricing including labor varies from contractor to contractor, but the cost of materials largely stays the same. Even if you were to choose an $8 per sq. ft. variety of stamped concrete for a small area, your costs for labor can quickly hit $800-$1,200 on the low side.

Different designs of stamped concrete carry different prices. Below is a chart that uses a 400 sq. ft. patio as an example.

DesignCost Per Square FootAverage Estimated Total
Fractured Earth$8-$20$3,200-$8,000

As you can see, there is a wide variety in pricing even within specific stamped concrete designs.

Texture and Style Affects the Price

One of the draws of stamped concrete is that many designs take on a specific texture. You can also opt to have your stamped concrete stained for effect. For the simplest stained stamped concrete, you can expect to spend between $8 and $12 per sq. ft.

Choosing stains with multiple tones, however, can cost $12-$20 per sq. ft. The cost is higher for stains and textured stamped concrete because staining and finishing materials are used and it takes slightly longer than basic options adding to labor costs.

A “textured” stamp concrete, like wood stamped concrete, costs up to $30 per sq. ft. because the texture effect is done by hand.

Stamped Concrete Prices

The prices for stamped concrete vary, with each increase in price coming with more advanced and elaborate designs.

PatternTones/ColorsAverage Price Range
Single patternSingle color$8-$12
Multiple patternsMultiple colors$12-$20 per sq. ft.
Custom designs/patternsMultiple, customized colors$20 per sq. ft.

Once you get into custom designs and patterns, the cost of stamped concrete shoots up to $20 per sq. ft. because it has to be hand stained/painted. The more basic the pattern and tone selection, the cheaper the stamped concrete will be.

Cost of Stamped Concrete Driveway

The cost of paving your driveway with stamped concrete depends on the colors, patterns, customization, and square footage. If you are putting in stamped concrete in a 600 sq. ft. driveway and you choose single pattern, single color material, it would cost roughly $4,800-$7,200.

For the same sized driveway with a multi-patterned design, it could cost as much as $7,200-$12,000 for stamped concrete. If you want premium, customized, and stained stamped concrete, expect to spend $12,000 or more depending on the level of customization.

Cost of Stamped Concrete Patio

Patio size varies from house to house. Generally, however, builders will opt for 25 sq. ft. per person standing on the patio. If you expect to have 8 people on the patio at a time, 200 sq. ft. is enough space. For a 200 sq. ft. patio with single tone stamped concrete, it could cost between $1,600 and $2,400.

Expect to spend $2,400-$4,000 for multi-colored stamp concrete and a minimum of $4,000 for multi-patterned, custom stamped concrete.

Cost of Stamped Concrete Walkway

For the most basic stamped concrete option available, it would cost $1,000-$2,100 for a 175 sq. ft. walkway. If you were to choose multiple patterns and colors for the same walkway, it could cost between $2,100 and $3,500.

$3,500 is also the minimum to expect to spend on custom, multi-patterned stamped concrete for a 175 sq. ft. stamped concrete walkway.

Cost of Stamped Concrete Sidewalk

You can have a stamped concrete sidewalk installed as well. For a typical, single design stamped concrete sidewalk measuring 150 sq. ft., it would cost $1,200-$1800. If you want multiple patterns or custom textures for your concrete stamped sidewalk, however, it can cost up to ,000 or more.

Can You Install Stamped Concrete For Interiors?

Yes, and in fact, stamped concrete is a common choice for foyers, breezeways, living rooms, and basements. The pricing for stamped concrete indoors is the same as for a patio or sidewalk. The key difference in the total cost of interior concrete stamping is that the sizes of the rooms differ in square footage than say, a patio or walkway.

For example, the average basement size is 1,000 sq. ft. If you wanted low to mid-level concrete stamping installed in your basement, it would cost roughly $8,000 to $12,000. Once you get into advanced, high priced stamped concrete, it could cost as much as $20,000 for a 1,000 sq. ft. basement.

Stamped Concrete Vs. Regular Concrete

Stamped concrete is more expensive than regular concrete which averages $6-$10+ per sq. ft. The difference is small when compared to the typical $8-$12 for simple stamped concrete with a 200 sq. ft. regular concrete patio costing $1,200-$2,000.

Besides regular concrete, there are several other options for driveways, patios, and walkways that builder-owners choose varying in price, such as:

  • Brick
  • Flagstone
  • Brushed cement
  • Natural stone

Each material has a different cost per sq. ft. and has a distinct look whether it is in walkway, driveway, or by the pool.

How Does Brick Compare to Stamped Concrete?

Choosing brick for your driveway or patio can cost between $14 and $20 per sq. ft., making it more expensive than stamped concrete. If you were making a choice of material for you’re a 225 sq. ft. patio, choosing between brick and stamped concrete can make a huge difference in cost.

MaterialCost Estimated Patio Cost
Brick$14-$20 per sq. ft.$3,150-$4,500
Stamped Concrete$8-$20 per sq. ft.$1,800-$4,500

How Does Flagstone Compare to Stamped Concrete?

Flagstone is a premium option compared to stamped concrete. Similar to brick, choosing flagstone over stamped concrete for your 225 sq. ft. patio can add a lot to the total cost. On average, flagstone costs $15-$30 per sq. ft.

For a 225 sq. ft. flagstone patio, it would cost $3,375-$6,750. That means that stamped concrete can save you a minimum of $1,575-$2,250 if you choose it over flagstone.

How Does Brushed Cement Compare to Stamped Concrete?

Brushed cement costs between $8 and $16, making it slightly cheaper than stamped concrete. The main difference in cost between brushed cement and stamped concrete is that brushed cement can save you up to $900 compared to the highest end option for stamped concrete.

Stone and Brick Pavers Vs. Stamped Concrete

Brick, concrete, or stone pavers are similar to stamped concrete in appearance but are different in cost. Pavers can cost between $12-20 per sq. ft. Much like stamped concrete, the cost of pavers goes up with the level of intricacy, quality of the materials, and design of the pavers.

A 100 sq. ft. paver patio can range in price from $1,200-$20,000 depending on the pavers that you choose. Interlocking pavers, for example, fall closer to the $12-$14 per sq. ft. because of how easy they are to install. Higher end pavers, however, such as Flagstone, typically cost no less than $15.00 per sq. ft.

Compared to stamped concrete, choosing pavers for a 100 sq. ft. patio can cost you an extra $400 or more depending on the specific pavers.

Stamped Concrete Walls

Many builders and owners find that stamped concrete is great for exterior walls as well. Generally, many homes have exterior walls spanning 100-150 sq. ft. The total cost of having stamped concrete exterior walls installed depends on which of three styles you choose.

Wall SizeCost Including Labor
100 Sq. Ft.$3,500-$4,500
125 Sq. Ft.$5,000-$6,400
150 Sq. Ft.$5,300-$7,000
200 Sq. Ft.$6,800-$9,000

Stamped concrete is also a common choice for retaining walls, with the pricing being roughly the same as for exterior walls.

Stamped Concrete Cost By Patio Size

One of the factors in the total cost of stamped concrete patio is the concrete slab. Besides the cost per sq. ft. of the stamped concrete itself, there is an additional cost of $2 to $7 per sq. ft. for concrete slab. The concrete slab is necessary because it serves as a foundation for the stamped concrete or alternative type of stone that will be installed over it.

Another cost that affects the total price tag of stamped concrete for your patio is the sealant. Sealant is a finish that helps keep moisture from damaging the finished product, and it typically costs $0.10-$0.20 per sq. ft.

Square FootageStamped Concrete CostConcrete Slab CostCost of SealantEstimated Total
100 sq. ft.$800-$2,000$200-$700$10-$20$1,010-$2,720
150 sq. ft.$1,200-$3,000$300-$1,050$15-$30$1,515-$4,080
200 sq. ft.$1,600-$4,000$400-$1,400$20-$40$2,020-$5,440
300 sq. ft.$2,400-$6,000$600-$2,100$30-$60$3,3030-$8,160
400 sq. ft.$3,200-$8,000$800-$2,800$40-$80$4,040-$10,880

What Kind Of Maintenance Does Stamped Concrete Need?

Stamped concrete is low maintenance, but you will need to re-apply sealant and wash the surface with concrete cleaner every 2 or 3 years. You can let it go to 5 years without maintenance, but it is generally recommended to apply sealant and cleaner yourself. However, if you had a contractor put in your stamped concrete walkway, patio, or driveway, you should contact them about further maintenance.

You could easily apply sealant yourself for $10 for a 100 sq. ft. patio. A gallon of concrete cleaner such as Simple Green costs as little as $9.88 and is enough to clean patios up to 500 sq. ft. in conjunction with a pressure washer.

How to Choose Stamped Concrete Sealant

Sealant is important in fortifying the stamped concrete and keeping fluid from seeping into it. There are three common choice for sealant:

  • Clearcoat: natural, clear
  • Water-based elastomeric: smooth finish
  • Acrylic: creates a glossy sheen that stays for years

The sealant that you choose plays little into the total cost of the stamped concrete installation as it costs $0.20 per sq. ft. at the most. As long as you re-apply sealant within 2-5 years of the initial installation, your sealant will retain its appearance and effect.

Stamped Concrete Labor Costs

If you are hiring a contractor to install stamped concrete for you, labor makes up a large portion of the cost. Each contractor varies, but many professionals have a rate of $30-$80, or even more. How many hours it takes to complete your stamped concrete installation depends on how elaborate of designs and finishes you choose, as well as the square footage.

Even for small areas spanning 80-100 sq. ft., it can take up to 30 hours for a complete stamped concrete installation. Depending on how many people are working on the project and how large the space is, it can take up to 35 or 40 hours. That means that you’ll have to spend a minimum of $900 on the low end in labor for stamped concrete installation.

Bigger stamped concrete installation jobs can cost as much $3,200-$4,000 in labor without the costs of stamped concrete itself. If the space where the patio, walkway, or driveway requires excavation, it can double the costs of labor and preparation.

Contractor VS. DIY Stamped Concrete

Many builders and homeowners wonder if getting a contractor involved is necessary for installing stamped concrete. Both methods are costly, but of course using a contractor is more expensive than doing it yourself. However, many builder-owners find it well worth the added cost to have contractors install stamped concrete for them.

The costs of using a contractor for the installation include:

  • Labor- $800-$4,000
  • Materials- $800-$8,000
  • Concrete slab-$200-$2,800
  • Sealant-$10-$80
  • Excavation (if needed)- $46.60 per sq. ft.

Using a contractor typically costs $3,000 on the low end, going up to $12,000 or more, especially if excavation is needed. There are several costs involved in opting for DIY stamped concrete as well, such as:

  • Materials- $800-$8,000
  • Concrete slab-$200-$2,800
  • Sealant-$10-$80
  • Tools-$20-$100

You can save $1,000-$3,000 on labor, or even more, by installing stamped concrete yourself. However, installing stamped concrete is difficult, and using a contractor can simplify things greatly. Renting an excavator can cost $400-$3,000 a day, so if you need excavation before installing stamped concrete, consider hiring a contractor.

FAQs About Stamped Concrete

Are there any additional/optional choices that can increase the cost of stamped concrete?

Opting for higher end designs, such as multi-colored “stamps” costs an extra $8 to $10 per sq. ft. Besides that, you can also choose to have a resurfacing overlay installed. Overlays cost an additional $7-$12 per sq. ft.

If you were planning a 125 sq. ft. patio with basic stamped concrete, add an additional $875-$1,500 in costs if you choose a concrete overlay. An overlay only serves decorative purposes, but many builder-owners find it to be worth the money.

How many days does it take for a stamped concrete job to be completed?

Typically, it takes 3 to 4 days total for stamped concrete installation. Workers put in long days over those 3-4 days, often 8-10 hours depending on the scale of the project. By the end of their work, labor will equate to 35-40 hours total in most cases.

Which type of sealant is best for stamped concrete?

If you want a glossy sheen, acrylic is the best sealant for stamped concrete. However, if you want a natural look, clearcoat is your best option for stamped concrete.

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Summing It Up

It can cost between $8 and $20 per sq. ft. for stamped concrete. The less colors and patterns, the cheaper it will cost per sq. ft. Labor costs include 35-40 hours at a rate of $30-$80 an hour. Labor makes up the biggest portion of the total cost of stamped concrete installation and can add up to $3,200-$4,000.

Your stamped concrete surface can last 20-25 years as long as you apply sealant and concrete cleaner every 2-5 years. Whether it is a patio, driveway, or walkway, expect to spend between $3,000 and $12,000. Have fun choosing the style and design of your new stamped concrete walkway, wall, driveway, or sidewalk.

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