What Are The 8 Safest Neighborhoods In Wichita, KS?

Paige Hanawalt
by Paige Hanawalt

Wichita is located in south-central Kansas and is the largest city in the state. As such, Wichita is known as the cultural hub of the area and is home to several museums, parks, a theater, and a public library. There are also many local art galleries to explore! Wichita is also located close to the Arkansas River, which offers lots of outdoor activity options.

The safest neighborhoods in Wichita, KS include Garden Plain, Derby, Valley Center, Goddard, and Kechi. All of these neighborhoods are located outside downtown Wichita and maintain a small-town charm that the Midwest is so famous for. The crime rate in each of these Wichita neighborhoods is lower than the national average. They are rated as the safest neighborhoods in the surrounding area!

Wichita boasts a low cost of living, rising employment opportunities, and good school systems. Although it’s the largest city in Kansas, there are several different safe neighborhoods to choose from!

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8 Safest Neighborhoods in Wichita, KS?

Whether you’re interested in the arts, history, or the great outdoors, Wichita has something to offer everyone. Before you consider moving to Wichita, KS, you’ll have to determine the best neighborhood to settle down in. Safety should be your number one before moving to a new city. Here are the 8 safest neighborhoods in Wichita:

  • Garden Plain
  • Derby
  • Valley Center
  • Goddard
  • Kechi
  • Colwich
  • Rose Hill
  • Eastborough

Let’s explore each of these Wichita neighborhoods!

1. Garden Plain

  • Population: 733
  • Median Income: $68,750
  • Crime Rate: 65% less than the national average
  • Unemployment Rate: 1.0%

Garden Plain is a small neighborhood located west of Wichita city center. Residents say that it’s friendly and family-oriented, making it one of the best places to live in the area – especially if you have children. There are three parks in Garden Plain along with several athletic fields for the future sports superstar in your family!

Located just 9-miles away from Wichita, Garden Plain is quiet and peaceful. Despite its proximity to downtown, the atmosphere is calm and the small community is tight knit. Not only is the total crime rate 65% less than the national average, but there is virtually zero violent crime in this neighborhood.

The schools in Garden Plain are excellent and locals say that their kids love going to school here. If you’re looking for a place to buy your first home, consider Garden Plain!

2. Derby

  • Population: 23,847
  • Median Income: $68,965
  • Crime Rate: 86% less than the national average
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.4%

Derby, located southeast of Wichita, is a large suburb with a population just under 24,000. The crime rate is 86% less than the national average, making it a very safe place to call home in Kansas!

This Wichita neighborhood is constantly growing, expanding, and developing. Derby is perfect for anyone who wants the convenience of living near a city paired with the peace and quiet of a suburb. You’ll need a car to get around, but the area is also known for its surprisingly good restaurants.

Derby puts on community-wide events which add to the small town feeling. Plus, you won’t want to miss the parks which are good for walking and exercising or doing things outside with children and pets!

3. Valley Center

  • Population: 6,420
  • Median Income: $58,384
  • Crime Rate: 76% less than the national average
  • Unemployment Rate: 1.9%

Valley Center is north of downtown Wichita. It boasts a crime rate 76% less than the national average. The crime rate is lower than the state average as well! It is a tight knit community and the streets are well-maintained, clean, and a pleasure to walk down.

Like many Wichita neighborhoods, life is centered on sports. If you’re a football fan you’ll be happy to know that Friday night games are the place to be. And, if you have children, Valley Center is a great place to raise a family.

If you’re looking to buy a house, Valley Center is a top-rated Wichita neighborhood for new home buyers! It is just 10-miles away from downtown and is easily reachable by car to go to work or for entertainment.

4. Goddard

  • Population: 4,224
  • Median Income: $60,500
  • Crime Rate: 69% less than the national average
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.1%

Goddard is a Wichita neighborhood located 12-miles east of downtown. It is more rural than some of the other places on this list, so if you prefer to have some space between you and your neighbors, Goddard may be the right choice for you.

If you have kids, the town park is well kept and is frequently updated to make it more fun for children. The schools are small but are in great condition, plus they boast above-average ratings. Locals say that there is a real small-town feel in Goddard and they love living there for it! Don’t miss the annual community family-focused events too.

The crime rate in Goddard is 69% less than the national average, which means that it is a safe place to call home!

5. Kechi

  • Population: 2,352
  • Median Income: $90,781
  • Crime Rate: 67% less than the national average
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.5%

Kechi, located northeast of Wichita, is another safe neighborhood option to think over. It is close enough to the action of downtown to enjoy all of the amenities while being far enough away to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Locals say that Kechi is friendly, diverse, and there are a lot of community events to take advantage of. Residents also say that Kechi feels very safe and there isn’t a lot of crime to worry about. There are a lot of small businesses in the area which gives it charm.

Not only is Kechi’s crime rate 67% less than the national average, but the violent crime rate and property crime rate are as well. You’ll feel at ease if you decide to settle down in Kechi!

6. Colwich

  • Population: 1,305
  • Median Income: $76,406
  • Crime Rate: 61% less than the national average
  • Unemployment Rate: 0.8%

Located about 12-miles west of central Wichita, Colwich is a rural neighborhood that features a crime rate 61% less than the national average. The nightlife is limited, which makes this quiet and calm area perfect for families. There are two parks, both equipped with playgrounds for children. The schools are very highly rated as well!

The houses are spread out so you don’t need to worry about being on top of your neighbors. Colwich has a small downtown area with a few local businesses. Although it is located outside the Wichita city center, you can get there in no time in a car.

In Colwich, you have the luxury of living in a quaint town paired with the convenience of city life just next door.

7. Rose Hill

  • Population: 3,915
  • Median Income: $67,308
  • Crime Rate: 62% less than the national average
  • Unemployment Rate: 0.7%

Southeast of Wichita you’ll find the Rose Hill neighborhood. Known in the area for its tight-knit community and quiet atmosphere, Rose Hill also boasts a low crime rate. There are some important amenities within walking distance, and if you want to go to the city for entertainment, it’s only 14-miles away.

Locals say that Rose Hill feels very safe and quaint. It is a growing community that prides itself on its above-average school system and athletic fields. Sports fans will love the atmosphere in Rose Hill on game day.

There are plenty of parks to choose from for walking and biking, and there’s even a community fishery in one of them. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors in this Wichita neighborhood!

8. Eastborough

  • Population: 742
  • Median Income: $114,500
  • Crime Rate: 56% less than the national average
  • Unemployment Rate: 5.0%

Eastborough is just under 5 miles east of Wichita, which makes it convenient for anyone commuting to the city for work. You also have quick access to any amenities you can think of. The neighborhood has a few coffee shops, restaurants, and parks that you don’t need to go far to discover!

With a population of just under 800, Eastborough has a definitely rural feel. The crime rate is 56% less than the national average, as are the violent crime rate and the property crime rate. Locals say that they feel safe in Eastborough, and have no problem walking around the area at any time of day or night.

If you have children, you’ll be happy to know that the schools in Eastborough are above average!

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Summing It Up

There are several neighborhoods in Wichita, KS, and the surrounding area that would make for a safe place to settle down! Places like Kechi, Colwich, Rose Hill, and Eastborough are just a few of the highlights. Most, if not all, of these safe neighborhoods, are small, quiet, and feature community-led events all year long.

Don’t let Wichita’s size fool you, the largest city in Kansas features some wonderful (and safe) neighborhoods to raise children and call home!

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