Propane Tank Cost [By Number of Gallons & Weight]

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Propane is a versatile fuel that can be used to power numerous appliances in and around the home. You can use propane for cooking, heating water, and it can also help provide some warmth. Many homeowners even purchase propane tanks so they can store that fuel and use it on-demand.

You can choose from a wide variety of propane tanks to satisfy your household’s fuel needs. Small propane tanks will suffice if you’re only planning to use that fuel for grilling. Consider getting a large propane tank if you want to make fuel readily available for your home’s many appliances.

The average cost of a large propane tank is $1,550. Installing that large propane tank above-ground will cost you $2,700, while underground installation is priced at $4,700. If all you need is a small propane tank, you should expect to pay $65 for it. The cost of installing a small tank is $25, but some companies do it for free.

Buying a propane tank will allow you to worry less about suddenly running out of fuel at a bad time. You can even choose the specific size of tank you need for your household’s needs. Check out how much a new propane tank will cost by reading on.

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Cost of Propane Tanks by Gallons

Number of GallonsCost

Several appliances inside a typical household make use of propane. Included among those are water heaters, fireplaces, gas dryers, and numerous other items. The point is that propane’s an essential household fuel and that’s why getting a tank that costs $1,550 on average makes sense.

Before you purchase any propane tank, you should take the time to assess your household’s needs. By doing so, you can better identify the type of tank that will suit your home best.

100-Gallon Propane Tanks

Get a tank with a capacity of 100 gallons if you’re only looking to connect essential appliances. It will supply enough fuel for your cooking appliances and your heating system. A 100-gallon propane tank is typically priced at $515.

250-Gallon Propane Tanks

250-gallon tanks can handle more appliances. You can connect your dryer, water heater, and other commonly used items to a tank of that size. Expect to pay $1,200 for a 250-gallon propane tank.

500-Gallon Propane Tanks

You don’t have to be conservative with your propane usage if you have a 500-gallon tank. That big tank can supply all the fuel various appliances and systems need for close to a year. Purchase a 500-gallon tank for your home for $1,750.

1000-Gallon Propane Tanks

A 1000-gallon propane tank is excessive for the average household. You’ll only need it if you have a large home or if you also use propane to power some farming equipment. The average cost of a 1,000-gallon propane tank is $2,700.

Cost of Propane Tanks by Pounds

Propane Tank WeightCost

Some suppliers sell propane tanks based on their weight instead of capacity. That can make finding the right tank a bit tricky.

Keep in mind that a 1000-gallon tank does not have the same capacity as a 1000-pound tank. The latter can only hold about 800 gallons of fuel.

A 500-pound tank can hold about 400 gallons of propane while the maximum capacity for a 420-pound tank is 100 gallons. 200-pound tanks are also available and you can fill them with 50 gallons of propane.

Cost of Small Propane Tanks

Number of GallonsCost

You don’t have to buy a large propane tank for your property. If you just need a supply of propane for cooking, a small tank will do. The average price of a small propane tank is $65.

The great thing about choosing a small propane tank is that you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance. Checking on the tank and its connections from time to time should suffice. Even if the tank has sustained some wear and tear, replacing it is not a huge hassle.

Small propane tanks are also portable. If you don’t like the spot you originally chose for the tank, you move it relatively easily. Some folks will even purchase a 1-gallon tank and take it with them when they go hiking or camping.

Your small propane tank will also come in very handy during an emergency. A storm passing through your area may have knocked out the power temporarily. While waiting for the power to come back, you can hook up a generator to the tank and use some appliances.

Cost to Install Propane Tanks

Installation TypeCost
Above-Ground Installation$2,700
Underground Installation$4,700
Small Tank Installation$25

The propane tank is not the only thing you’ll have to spend money on. You also have to consider installation costs if you’re planning to add a propane tank to your property.

Installation costs for propane tanks can vary significantly. Spending thousands of dollars on installation may be necessary in some cases. It’s also possible that you won’t be charged anything extra for installation.

Let’s talk more about how propane tanks are installed in this section of the article. You can also use the information here to determine which type of installation is right for your property.

Above-Ground Installation

Large propane tanks can be installed above-ground. On average, professionals charge $2,700 for the above-ground installation of a large propane tank.

In some ways, installing a propane tank above-ground is safer. The propane tank will not get flooded since it’s installed on the surface of your yard. You also won’t accidentally hit it while digging around.

Even so, many homeowners don’t like above-ground installations because they see the tanks as eyesores. It can also be difficult to accommodate a large propane tank. You will have to give up a big chunk of your yard for it.

Underground Installations

The gap in pricing between above-ground and underground installations is big. You will have to pay $4,700 if you want your new propane tank installed underground.

Installing a large propane tank underground is expensive because the workers will have to dig out room for it. Making room for connections can also be a labor-intensive task.

Despite the high cost, underground installations are worth it because they keep the tanks well protected. The elements won’t be able to reach your tank with thick layers of soil serving as its shield.

Flooding does pose a danger to propane tanks installed underground. Consult with the professionals first to see if underground installation is an option for you.

Small Tank Installations

Labor costs for installing a small propane tank are not quite as high as the aforementioned options. The average cost of labor for a small propane tank installation is $25.

The cost of installation is low because the process is very simple. It may only take the delivery personnel a matter of minutes to hook up your new tank.

You can also ask the supplier how much delivery will cost before finalizing your purchase. Some companies don’t charge any money at all for small tank installation. Consider buying from them if you want to save as much money as possible.

Cost Factors for Propane Tank Installation

The main cost factors of propane tank installation are the size of the tank and the manner of installation. They are the reasons why you’re spending thousands of dollars on a new propane tank.

However, other cost factors can still impact the final price tag of the project. You can learn more about them by reading the rest of this section.

Location of Your Home

The location of your home will affect how much you’ll have to spend to get your new propane tank. The supplier will charge an additional $200 for the delivery of your large propane tank. Expect that number to go up if you live far away from the supplier.

The high cost of delivery should come as no surprise since transporting an item of that size is not easy. Loading and unloading it will also be labor-intensive activities.

Delivery charges for a small tank will be more affordable. You will have to pay $50 extra for that.


You’ve probably guessed that permits are required for propane tank installation. Those permits will tack on $35 to your final bill.

Permits are required for major installations such as this. They shouldn’t be difficult for you to obtain as long as there are no issues with your property.

To make things easier, you can also request assistance from the company you hired to install the propane tank. They know all about the permits that are required for this kind of installation. Lean on them instead of trying to secure the permits yourself if you want to save some time.

Gas Lines

Setting the propane tank in place does not mean the job is done. You still have to create connections between that tank and your home so you can access the propane. Gas lines will be needed and installing them will cost $900.

Installing the gas lines is easier said than done. The workers have to be wary of any other supply lines already on your property. They also have to position the gas lines in such a way that they aren’t disruptive.

Planning and hard work are required for gas line installations. That’s why you have to pay a premium for gas line installation.

Concrete Pad

Last up, you may also need to add a concrete pad to your property before the propane tank can be installed. Adding the concrete pad will cost $200.

You will only need the concrete pad if you had your propane tank installed above the ground. The job of the concrete pad is to keep your propane tank steady. It will prevent your tank from toppling over even if the soil shifts following a heavy downpour.

Installing the concrete pad doesn’t take too long. The workers can probably complete that project in a few hours.

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Is It Cheaper to Buy or Rent a Propane Tank?

The average cost of renting a large propane tank is $150 per year. Meanwhile, the propane tank you purchased for $1,550 can last for over 30 years. The upfront cost of buying a tank is more expensive, but it’s the more cost-effective option long-term.Also, you can still sell a used propane tank. Sell the tank if you don’t need it anymore and recoup some of the money you spent on it.

How Often Do You Fill a 500-Gallon Propane Tank?

A 500-gallon tank should be able to provide fuel for numerous household appliances for up to a year. As for the cost of refilling, that number is harder to pin down. Propane prices change frequently so it’s hard to tell how much your annual refilling will cost.

Does Propane Go Bad?

Don’t worry about the fuel inside your large propane tank expiring sometime soon. Unlike some other types of fuel, you can store propane indefinitely.

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