Panasonic TV Won't Turn On & Red Light Blinks 10 Times?

Emily Carr
by Emily Carr

If your Panasonic TV won’t turn on and you see a red light blinking on the bottom corner 10 times, you may be left feeling clueless. Why is this happening, and what can you do about it?

A faulty main board most commonly causes the blinking red light x10 and lack of power. Other roots of the problem are broken parts, dirty vents, and damaged cooling fans. Removing the back casing of your Panasonic TV may void the warranty, so consult a professional for complex repairs.

In this article, we’ll discuss why your Panasonic TV is blinking red 10 times and how to fix it!

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Why Won’t My Panasonic TV Turn On; Red Light Blinks 10 Times?

A 10 red light blink-code is a common problem in plasma Panasonic TVs from 2011 or earlier.

Here are five reasons why this may be happening to you:

  • Cooling Fans Aren’t Working Properly
  • Dirty Vents of TV
  • Faulty Board Voltage
  • Lack of Power Supply
  • Broken Parts

TVs are expensive. No matter this issue, it’s important to exhaust all troubleshooting resources before caving into buying a new television. We’ll dive into the details below!

Problem #1: Cooling Fans Aren’t Working Properly

Cooling fans on the back of your Panasonic TV are designed to cool down its parts and prevent overheating of the entire system. If they aren’t working properly, this can prove to be problematic.

The most common reason Panasonic TVs tend to overheat is due to blocked air vents. When these televisions begin experiencing excessive overheating, their cooling fans can’t keep up, which leads to a functionless device.

There are a couple of different avenues you can take to solve this.

How to Fix It

If you can’t feel air coming from the back of your television- that’s a sign that your cooling fans are shot.

You can remedy this in 2 ways:

  • Replacing the cooling fans
  • Cleaning the air vents on your TV

To replace the cooling fans, you should contact a Panasonic specialist or reach out to the store you bought your TV from. Because this situation requires a little bit of knowledge, they’ll be able to send you the parts and provide a technician to do the work.

To clean the air vents on your TV, first, take it down and flip it over (allowing for any overheated portions to cool first). You’ll notice slits (or vents) all along the backside of the device. Use the vacuum handheld attachment and a duster to get the dirt out of these openings.

Next, unscrew the back casing of your Panasonic TV and gently brush off all of the boards using a clean makeup brush or gentle duster. Re-secure the casing, and this should allow for your TV to turn on properly!

Important: Check your warranty. Sometimes, taking off the back casing and attempting to perform technical work yourself can nullify your protection plan. Unless you’re sure you can get the job done, consider calling in a professional.

Problem #2: Dirty Vents of TV

To piggyback off the last problem, if the vents on your TV are simply dirty, you may be experiencing the 10 red light blink-code.

Over the years, our televisions are exposed to excessive amounts of dirt, dust, and hair. If TVs are not adequately cleaned, as time goes one, their boards can begin to malfunction.

As mentioned above, it’s fairly easy to take care of this problem.

How to Fix It

To fix this issue, try using a standard vacuum cleaner handheld attachment and duster. Gently suction-off and wipe the boards on your Panasonic TV. Once you’ve finished dusting the parts, use a dry cloth or cotton swabs to scrub the dirty vented area on the casing.

When Panasonic TVs are neglected for too long, they begin to have problems powering on. This is why it’s a good idea to perform routine cleanings every couple of months.

Problem #3: Faulty Board Voltage

The most common reason your Panasonic TV won’t turn on and is blinking red 10 times is due to faulty board voltage.

There are several boards on the back of and under the casing of your television. This includes the main board, SS board, power supply board, and SC board. Although this problem is most commonly associated with the main board, any of the panels not receiving proper voltage can result in red light blinking.

With board voltage issues, in particular, it is recommended to speak with a Panasonic technician directly because it usually requires the expertise of a qualified professional.

How to Fix It

Before calling in an expert, there is one thing you can attempt.

Try power cycling your Panasonic TV:

  • First, (assuming the TV is off) unplug the power cable.
  • Wait 10 minutes for the boards to cool down.
  • Plug the power cable back in, and turn your TV on.

This may help to reboot the control panels of your television. Otherwise, if you still see the 10 blinking red lights, contact Panasonic Customer Service.

Problem #4: Lack of Power Supply

Every electronic device requires a certain amount of power to function appropriately. If your Panasonic TV isn’t receiving its required amount, it may not turn on and will exhibit 10 flashing red lights.

This problem is most commonly associated with the Panasonic Plasma TV but can occur in Panasonic TVs of all kinds. They can also be affected when plugged into surge protectors, extension cords, or power strips.

The company recommends using Panasonic brand equipment only when it comes to powering their devices.

How to Fix It

The solution is pretty straightforward in this case.

Once you have all of the Panasonic-compatible equipment, plug your TV directly into a wall socket and see if the problem persists. If it does, try swapping your outlet or shortening the cable you’re using.

Panasonic offers a few different lengths of cables, ranging from 6ft. to 15ft. Just remember- the longer the power must travel to your TV, the more diluted it will become. Select the shortest cable to reach your outlet with ample slack.

Problem #5: Broken Parts

Broken parts are an unavoidable occurrence, especially if you own an older model TV. This is no exception for the Panasonic brand.

Even the slightest damage can cause your television to malfunction and blink red 10 times. Panasonic TVs are no longer manufactured with cathode ray tube (CRT) screens, so their number of parts has significantly decreased over the years.

Less moving parts = less chance for problems.

How to Fix It

If you think one of the parts is broke, your best bet is to call Panasonic Customer Service. That way, they can send someone out or advise you to visit the retailer where you bought your TV.

The company has been transitioning to LED since 2009, so if you have an older model, it may be time for an upgrade.

With older TV’s, chances are the parts that need replacing are no longer being manufactured. In this case, there isn’t much a Panasonic service center can do for you.

Related Questions

Why won’t my Panasonic TV connect to the internet?

If your Panasonic TV won’t connect to the internet, it’s likely the WiFi’s fault. To troubleshoot this problem, use the following tactics:

  • Try moving your Panasonic TV closer to your wireless router. This provides a stronger signal to your television, which enables it to avoid dropouts and interference with other devices on your network.
  • Power cycle your TV. Unplug the power cable, wait a full 60 seconds, then plug it back in. Now, you can turn your TV set back on.
  • Power cycle your router. Unplug your router, wait 60 seconds, then plug it back in. Wait 2 minutes or so for your router to gain a signal, and try turning your television on.
  • Perform a factory reset on your TV. Go to ‘Menu’ > ‘Setup’ > ‘System’ > ‘Factory Defaults.’

If your television still isn’t receiving a WiFi signal, contact your internet service provider to take further action.

Why won’t my Panasonic TV turn on after a power outage?

If your Panasonic TV won’t turn back on after a power outage, first, check the surge protector. Occasionally, this gets turned off during an outage and must be manually turned back on.

Sometimes a surge protector can blow completely during a power outage, and you’ll need to purchase a new one.

In the meantime, if your cable has enough length, plug your TV directly into the outlet.

Can I connect my laptop to a Panasonic TV?

Yes, the good news is you can connect your laptop to a Panasonic TV. This will enable you to stream shows or presentations from your computer to the big screen!

Here’s how:

  • Have an HDMI cord handy- one that’s compatible with both your laptop and a Panasonic TV.
  • Attach the cable to your TV and into one of the HDMI ports on the back of your television.
  • Turn your TV on and select ‘Input.’
  • Swap to the input your laptop is connected to, and you’re set!

You can now navigate via your computer and watch on your TV.

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Final Thoughts

If your Panasonic TV is exhibiting a blinking red light and has no power, it’s time to try the troubleshooting techniques above.

In any case, don’t attempt anything you won’t be able to finish. Additionally, check the warranty to make sure you won’t invalidate it by attempting a solution on your own.

If you need an expert opinion on what might have caused the problem in the first place, there are plenty of qualified Panasonic repair specialists that can help!

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