Emerson TV Won't Turn On And Red Light Blinks? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

Emily Carr
by Emily Carr

Ah, the dreaded error blink code- you hate to see it but can’t avoid it. Most Emerson TVs are easy to use and dependable; however, sometimes, they won’t turn on and blink red. Why does this happen, and what are your options?

If your Emerson TV won’t turn on and red light blinks, it may be the result of board malfunctions. Bad capacitors, lack of power, and worn wires can also result in issues powering your television on. Whether your TV blinks red 2 or 5 times, each blink code has a meaning and a proper fix.

Continue reading to learn what each red light blink code means and simple solutions for every problem!

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Why Won’t My Emerson TV Turn On; Red Light Blinks?

A red light blinking code on your Emerson TV is usually indicative of an error. While the number of times the light blinks may vary, the amount correlates to a particular problem.

8 common Emerson TV red light blinking errors include:

  • Power Board issue
  • Main Board malfunction
  • Bad capacitors 
  • Not enough power supply
  • Worn Inverter Board wires
  • Infrared sensors aren’t reading correctly
  • Overheating of the electrical system
  • TV is outdated

Each one of these corresponds to a blink-code. Let’s delve into the details below!

Emerson TV Red Light Blink Codes (& What They Mean)

There’s comfort in knowing what each blink code means. While 1 red light blink is a healthy indicator that your TV is powering down, multiple flashes mean there’s a bigger problem at hand.

Here’s a chart to help you decipher what your Emerson TV is trying to tell you:

Blinking Light Color

Number of Blinks




TV is powering down



Issue with the Power Board



Main Logic Board malfunction



Worn Inverter Board wiresBad capacitors



Main Logic Board malfunctionInfrared Sensors aren’t reading correctlyInadequate power supply



Inverter Board malfunctionPower Board malfunction



Overheating of the electrical system

Error #1: Power Board Issue

There are many boards on the back of your Emerson TV, one of which is the power board.

The power board is responsible for turning your television on; it’s a big problem if this isn’t operating correctly. According to the table above, if your television is suffering from a faulty power board, the red light will blink 2 or 6 times.

This is one of the most commonly observed issues with Emerson TVs that won’t turn on. However, the solution takes skilled experience.

The Solution

The best way to address this is by calling in a trained Emerson TV technician, who will typically recommend replacing your power board.

Reach out to Emerson Customer Support to solicit professional advice regarding the replacement. Each Emerson television comes with its own warranty- although the terms and lengths vary. So, the good news is: the parts and labor may be covered!

It’s important to note that for most Emerson TVs, if you remove the back casing of the television and attempt to fix the problem yourself, the warranty may become nullified.

Error #2: Main Board Malfunction

The main board is another vital component of your Emerson TV. This board contains multiple circuits, necessary for powering different parts of equipment.

Should the main board begin to act up, you will notice 3 or 5 blinking red lights. Usually, what will also happen is that the TV will power on momentarily (before turning back off after 30 seconds), but there is no picture or sound.

Power surges most commonly enter through the main board’s audio and video inputs. Too many volts at once could blow the entire system.

The Solution

In order to not void the warranty of your Emerson TV, it’s best to call on a professional.

First, make sure your outlets aren’t to blame by moving your power cord to a different location. If that doesn’t solve it, your main board will need to be replaced by a qualified Emerson TV technician.

If you suspect your television is still under warranty, reach out to Customer Support to see if they can arrange for a repair, free of charge.

Error #3: Bad Capacitors

Capacitors store energy (in the form of electricity) in the electrical circuit of your Emerson television. There can be ten or more capacitors in a single Emerson TV- each one ready to release the appropriate amount of electricity upon command.

If any of your capacitors are out of whack, you will see 4 red blinking lights (which can also allude to worn inverter board wires). Typically, you will be able to power your TV on and hear sound, although you will have no picture.

Some other signs that your capacitors may have reached their lifespan are a dim screen, slow power-up, and unusual display colors.

The Solution

Due to the amount in any given TV, it can be quite tricky to identify the problematic capacitor you’re looking for.

Capacitors have the ability to retain dangerous amounts of electrical charge, even when your TV is powered off. For this reason alone, always have a professional (with gloves) handle this part.

A pro will be able to locate and properly replace each faulty capacitor to get your television back up and running!

Error #4: Not Enough Power Supply

Every electronic device has power supply requirements- your Emerson television is no exception.

Your TV will exhibit a red light blinking 5 times if there is insufficient power. This can happen for a number of reasons, including loose cable cords, surge protectors being used, or a power outage.

The Solution

It’s obvious that if your cable cords aren’t plugged in properly (either to the back of your TV or into an outlet), enough power won’t be able to travel into your television. You’d be surprised how many times these cables become loose without notice. Ensure that your cables are flush against each wall and TV port to eliminate this issue.

Additionally, limit the use of surge protectors as they can dilute your electricity. The longer energy must travel, the weaker it becomes. Opt for the shortest cable possible while still retaining moderate slack.

Lastly, if a power outage occurs, contact your ISP or visit their website to find how long it will take to return to your area. The best thing you can do in this scenario is to wait.

Error #5: Worn Inverter Board Wires

Worn parts of any kind are Bad News Bears. The inverter board is responsible for powering the backlight of your Emerson TV.

If your Emerson TV won’t turn on and the red light blinks 6 times, this is likely your issue. A disfigured image, dim picture, or lack of power may trick you into thinking the problem is the capacitors. The number of flashes should help you differentiate.

The Solution

In order to fix worn wiring, you must replace the inverter board altogether. And by you- I mean your handyman (unless you have professional experience).

As with the previous issues, it’s best to consult a trained Emerson TV technician due to the risk of electric shock if mishandled. As for what you can expect, the pro will typically troubleshoot your television using an Inverter Board Replacement Kit.

If your representative is skilled, it shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes for him or her to complete the process!

Error #6: Infrared Sensors Aren’t Reading Correctly

Infrared sensors are essential to powering your Emerson TV on and off. They are how your remote is able to talk to your television- your remote sends a command via an infrared signal, and it is received/interpreted by the TV’s sensor.

If the infrared sensors aren’t reading properly, you won’t be able to use your remote. There are two ways to identify this- you’ll only have the ability to power on via the TV itself, or you’ll see 5 blinking red lights while attempting to use your remote.

The Solution

First and foremost, clean off the sensor on your TV (look at the manual if you have trouble finding this) and the light on the front of your remote. Also, make sure nothing is sitting in front of your TV’s infrared sensor, which will block the signals.

This can be done with compressed air, alcohol and cotton swabs, or a small, clean makeup brush. Make sure your batteries work too. If you still don’t have power, it’s time to call customer service.

Even if there’s a clear path for infrared signals, there may be an issue with how your TV is receiving commands. A trained technician will be able to troubleshoot this for you.

Error #7: Overheating of the Electrical System

If the wiring on the back of your Emerson TV gets too hot, it won’t turn on.

In this case, you will see a red light blinking 7 times. Another obvious indicator is that the back of your TV feels hot or hot air is blowing out of the vents.

Regardless, what your television needs is a serious cooldown.

The Solution

To help your Emerson TV cool off, first, unplug the power cord.

Remember that removing the back casing may void the warranty, so try to allow for it to cool off without doing so. Using compressed air or a hairdryer on the ‘Cool’ setting may also help. Leave the TV unplugged for at least 30 minutes.

This should allow for the system to cool completely. If the area your TV is sitting in is exposed to sunlight or excessive heat, consider moving it to another location with more shade.

Error #8: TV Is Outdated

There’s no easy way around this- sometimes your TV is just old.

If your Emerson TV is outdated, new software versions may no longer be compatible with your device. This is a breeding ground for issues and can result in unexplained blinking red lights and lack of power, among other things.

The Solution

If you’ve exhausted all your resources, it’s time for a new TV.

There are plenty of options, ranging from 26 inches all the way up to 50+ inches! Upgrading your Emerson television may be just the fix you need.

Related Questions

Why does my Emerson TV have a blinking green light?

A blinking green light (usually 13 times) is indicative of an inadequate power supply. Either your Emerson TV cable isn’t connected properly, the cable is too long, or the power source is insufficient.Try relocating to another outlet to remedy this issue!

Is there an Emerson TV remote app?

Yes! You can navigate your Emerson TV using the ‘Universal TV Remote’ app. It can be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store on your iPhone.

How do I perform a ‘Factory Reset’ on my Emerson TV?

To perform a ‘Factory Reset’ on your Emerson TV, go to the TV Menu and click ‘Settings’ > ‘Advanced Settings’ > ‘Factory Reset.’It should take 10 minutes or so for your television to reboot fully.

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In Summary

If your Emerson TV won’t turn on and has a blinking red light, it really boils down to some sort of electrical problem.

Whether that involves any of the boards, a lack of power supply, or bad capacitors, calling in a trained professional is your best plan of action. Electrical wires are no joke, and they must be handled with precision and care.

Move your TV to a cooler location and shorten the power cord to help eliminate any problems that you can correct at home!

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