Paint Colors That Go With Honey Oak Trim

Pairing paint with honey oak trim is easier said than done. Several colors compliment honey oak trim, and that includes white and cream. Whether it be a nice gray or some blue-green paint, let’s take a look at the best colors that go with honey oak trim.

Paint Colors That Go With Honey Oak Trim

There is a common theme in the world of home renovation; honey oak trim. What do you do with it? It’s frequently seen as something that’s boring with no character. You can choose the right color of paint to match your honey oak trim. It puts the character back into it, resulting in a gorgeous, inviting home.

Honey oak is orange. Therefore, it is best to pick a color that would go with the orange tone. A few of those colors are:

  • Blue-Green
  • Grays
  • Whites
  • Creams

Some of these colors can be used to complement the orange. Or, if you prefer, to dull it down.

Choosing a color that matches your honey oak trim is not as hard as it seems. The decision comes down to this: Do you want to accentuate the orange or not? From there, you can choose a color that best fits your preferences. In this guide, we will go over the best paint colors to include and complement your honey oak trim.

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The Question: Should You Accentuate The Orange Or Mask It?

Whether you accentuate or mask the orange of your honey oak trim significantly depends on your personal preference. Some people love the warm earth tones that orange offers. Others prefer more cool, neutral tones.

Are you wanting the golden light from an evening sun to cast a peaceful glow into your home? If so, emphasize the orange in your honey oak trim. Would you rather have a neutral feel to your home? Maybe you want to have more options when it comes to furniture and decor. In that case, you would want to mask the orange undertones of your trim.

Choosing A Blue-Green Option

Blue-green is one of those colors that will add warmth to your home. This is especially true if your wood is a darker honey oak. The great thing about it is that it will add warmth without brightening the orange tone. These particular colors are great at highlighting orange, as well as brown. When they are used with honey oak trim, it will make the orange appear darker. This allows the brown to tone down the orange without taking away the warmth.

Another great element this color provides is the appearance of open space. The bluish-gray undertone helps to give the walls the illusion that they’re bigger and broader. It is an excellent choice for smaller sized rooms! Especially the ones without windows.

Blue-Green Point Choices

  • Sherwin Williams Sea Salt SW 6204
  • Sherwin Williams Debonair SW 9139
  • Benjamin Moore Stem Green 2029-40
  • Benjamin Moore Silvery Blue 1647
  • Benjamin Moore Carolina Gull 2138-40

What Will These Colors Do For You?

  • The Sea Salt will mostly tone down the orange. This will allow the browns to mix into it, creating a beautiful finished look. This helps to bring the browns out more than the orange so that you can cause the darker, cooler tones of your honey oak trim to stand out.
  • Carolina Gull and Debonair will both accentuate the warmth. The darker blue-greens tend to give wood back the vibrant earthy tones it once had.
  • Stem Green is more of a green, but this will help accentuate your trim’s undertones beautifully. At the same time, it will cool the warmth of the colors.
  • Silvery Blue is, of course, more on the blue side. Although, the silver-tone helps to cool the room down a bit. This keeps the orange in your trim under control without taking away all the warmth. So if

Why Gray Works With Honey Oak Trim

Gray is often mistaken as a neutral color. While it’s categorized as such, it offers much more than people realize. Gray works with honey oak because they tend to accentuate the trim subtly. This means that your trim will stand out without being too overwhelming.

Gray also helps to dull the orange tones down. It will add to the warmth of your trim as well. However, there is a potential downside to the darker colors. If your lighting is not adequate, it will appear darker than your color swatch. Gray would be great in a room that has high ceilings. It would also be good in a room that has windows.

Great Grays To Compliment Your Honey Oak Trim

  • Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray SW 7016
  • Sherwin Williams Allegory SW 7662
  • Sherwin Williams Mineral Deposit SW 7652
  • Benjamin Moore Gettysburg Gray HC-107
  • Benjamin Moore Stingray 1529

Each of these will blend the tones of the trim. However, they will add to the warmth of it as well. The lighter gray colors will help to open a room. While the darker gray would best be used in a larger room. So whatever you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll choose a specific color for those goals. If your room is small, use a lighter gray to help make the room appear large!

Whites To Cool And Neutralize

Upon first glance, white would seem boring. When people think of white paint, they think of hospital rooms or doctor’s offices. This is not referring to that same type of sterile, empty white. These whites are inviting and friendly.

One of the main advantages of choosing white is that it matches everything.

  • Your honey oak trim
  • That crazy multi-colored couch you kept from the ‘80s
  • Your curtains and area rugs

You don’t have to work around your wall color. Why? Because white goes with everything!

Several whites that will cool your room down but help it to remain inviting:

  • Sherwin Williams Pearly White SW 7009
  • Sherwin Williams White Mint SW 6441
  • Sherwin Williams Chamomile SW 6399
  • Benjamin Moore Snow White 2122-70
  • Benjamin Moore Dune White 968

How To Choose A White

The key to choosing a white color to go with honey oak is the undertones. You do not want to choose a paint that has pink or purple undertones. These colors tend to highlight orange in an unflattering way. Although, some people love this as they love recreating that ‘70s vibe.

If you’re looking to recreate the ’70s vibe, then do it! You’ll want to choose whites that have a pink or purple undertone in this case so that you will bring out the orange. Add a little bit of yellow with it, and some browns too while you’re at it.

Creams To Create More Warmth

Most people believe creams will neutralize undertones; think again! These colors are great at accentuating all kinds of colors, especially those found in wood. Remember that golden evening light illuminating your room? Creams are the perfect colors to create that level of warmth!

Here are several creams colors that will enhance the mood of your room:

  • Sherwin Williams Choice Cream SW 6357
  • Sherwin Williams Irish Cream SW 7537
  • Benjamin Moore Peaches ‘n Cream 040
  • Benjamin Moore Hilton Head Cream 1107
  • Benjamin Moore Toffee Cream CC-380

A couple of these, such as the toffee, and hilton, are dark. They should only be used in rooms with great lighting or windows. Refrain from using the darker shades in small rooms as this can make the room feel smaller.

Can You Paint Over Honey Oak Cabinets?

Yes, you can paint over your oak cabinets too! Although, you want to make sure you first prime them! Otherwise, the paint will not stick properly. An excellent choice for your cabinets would be gray. Gray is especially perfect if you have granite or quartz countertops. There’s something about this color that will give your kitchen this sort of modernly elegant feel to it.

However, if you don’t want to paint your cabinets, that’s fine too! You can take the time to replace the honey oak cabinets if you wish. That way, you can install the types of cabinets that you want instead of settling for something that you didn’t want in the first place.

Related Questions

What colors go well with oak?

The different colors that go well with oak include:
  • Dark Charcoal Gray
  • Deep gun-metal gray with blue or green undertones
  • Deep shade of eggplant or aubergine
The blue or green undertones will help to make your oak look updated and elegant. Additionally, the deep shades of eggplant will make the golden yellow tones of your oak pop out.

What flooring goes with honey oak cabinets?

If you’re painting your kitchen to match your honey oak cabinets, it’s only natural that you want to change the flooring to match everything too! Type of flooring that goes with honey oak cabinets include:
  • Slate
  • Travertine
  • Terracotta or flecked pattern
Regardless of what you choose, the color should have warm golden undertones so that it will match with your honey oak cabinets.
However, the flooring should also match your appliances and wall paint too!

How do you make oak cabinets look modern?

Choosing neutral colors or simple classic colors will help make your wooden cabinets more updated. Instead of contrasting with blue or green, the natural colors keep everything modern while still adding some visual interest. Additionally, copper would be beautiful to bring out an earthy, rich metal finish to your oak cabinets.

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There Are Many Options For Honey Oak Trim

Aside from the colors mentioned, there are many more options to choose from! You don’t have to stick with Sherwin or Benjamin, either. You can find a variety of colors through different brands as well!

You only need to know whether you want to accentuate your trim or not. From there, you can choose a color that will bring the character back into your home.

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