What Are The Top 5 Nail Gun Brands?

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Nail guns are one of the most unheralded advancements in power tools we have ever seen. Not only do nail guns save time and make the job easier, but they can also save money and allow us to do more in less time. Nail guns, however, can also be dangerous, problematic, and sometimes even useless. That is why it is important to deal with and buy from only the most reputable of nail gun brands.

The most popular nail gun brands are Hitachi, Paslode, DEWALT, Senco, and Bostitch. These brands are listed in no particular order, and they are all proven, dependable, and leading nail gun brands. These brands are generally easy to use and make a variety of construction jobs and DIY projects easier.

Good nail guns require little maintenance, are dependable, and allow people to work better, easier, and more efficiently. Inferior nail gun brands though can easily become jammed, fail, and even be potentially dangerous tools. Like any job working with the right tools and the best tools for the job is always the preferred, safest, and smartest choice.

Here are the preferred, safest, and smartest nail gun brands to consider for your next project.

1. Hitachi Nail Guns

It is a name synonymous with power tools and quality, and Hitachi nail guns are one of the leading nail gun brands for professionals and homeowners. That recognition isn’t surprising either as the Hitachi company isn’t new at the power game. The Hitachi company, in fact, began not making power tools but motors in 1910. Fast-forward 50 years and Hitachi was already becoming a recognized name in the home manufacturing industry.

Today, the Hitachi Company is a top nail gun brand and offers an entire line of power tool products. Most notably Hitachi products stand out for their technological innovation in the arena of product use and of course, the dependability that the Hitachi brand is known for and built on. Hitachi also has a range of nail guns from battery and compression guns to hybrid gas models for every type of project or job.

For dependability and ease of use, it is hard to beat the Hitachi nail gun brand. Additionally, they present excellent value as a result of product longevity and are typically lightweight too. These reasons add up to make Hitachi one of the leading nail gun brands, and worth your consideration for your next construction or DIY project.

Hitachi has been making power tools for a long time, and they have been at the head of the class when it comes to nail guns too. For your next project or DIY job, it is hard to go wrong with Hitachi nail guns.

2. Paslode

The Paslode nail gun brand is as recognizable as some of the other leading nail gun brands on the list. To those within the industry, however, Paslode is one of the most highly respected and revered power tool and nail gun brands today. A great deal of the attention and those accolades come from the innovation and technology prowess the Paslode brand embodies. Paslode, for example, was the company that revealed the pneumatic nailer to the world.

Leadership, innovation, and a relentless effort to improve have made this nail gun brand one of the most respected and trusted in the market. Paslode has been in the business of power tools and has been a leading nail gun brand for more than 50 years.

Unsurprisingly, the Paslode nail gun brand also has a considerable range of nail gun options. These include gas and pneumatic options in addition to a wide range of nail gun accessories. And with the Paslode nail gun brand, you won’t have to worry about choosing between a nail gun that has the power to the job done.

When it comes to the most powerful and accurate nail guns available today, Paslode is in the top tier of that group. In addition to a wide range of nail guns and accessories to choose from, this leading nail gun brand has also been recognized for its level of outstanding customer service. For a nail gun brand that will last and that can endure the most difficult working environments, Paslode nail guns are up to the task.


The DEWALT nail gun brand is arguably the most recognizable of all the leading nail gun brands. And that familiarity isn’t new ground for DEWALT, and since the 1920s DEWALT began making a name for itself. Today, DEWALT is virtually a household name and is one of the first names people think of when they think about power tools. DEWALT has earned this reputation by becoming a standard-bearer for quality in power tools.

It takes a lot to become a household name, and when it comes to nail guns, it requires the type of power and quality you would expect for a leading nail gun brand. From professional builders to homeowners and DIY types, DEWALT has provided smart and effective solutions for building projects and construction jobs of every size.

In addition to being recognized for its power and quality, DEWALT also offers a wide range of nail gun options. Those nail guns range from pneumatics to battery-powered nail guns, including compatibility with Lithium-Ion batteries. At the forefront of offering power that is both reliable and portable, the DEWALT nail gun brand leads the charge.

For nail gun brands that are proven, reliable, and that are recognized for durability and power, the DEWALT nail gun brand nails it. Along with being one of the most powerful and completely portable nail gun options (the benefit of cordless nail guns without fuel cells), DEWALT is also easy to use and accurate. These and other reasons make it easy to understand why the DEWALT name is among the leading nail gun brands.

4. Senco

The origin of the Senco nail gun brand was not only unexpected but also underground. It is recorded that in 1936 when this leading nail gun brand was first conceived, although not as a nail gun company. That original concept born in that basement all those years ago involved automobiles and travel. Two decades later, however, Senco had grown, expanded, and was making pneumatic tools by the 1950s. And that expansion and growth, even to become one of the leading nail gun brands today has not slowed.

Today, Senco is not only recognized as being a leader in the area of pneumatic tools but also in producing some of the most durable tools available. That durability and quality can also be found throughout the entire line of Senco power tools, including nail guns.

In addition to these strong product traits and like the other leading nail gun brands, Senco also offers a wide selection of nail guns to choose from. These include, of course, pneumatic nail guns along with cordless battery-powered options.

Senco also offers customers a cordless Fusion system nail gun that is stated to last longer than normal batteries. That ultimately results in considerable savings. From long-lasting batteries, top-of-the-line power, durability, and proven quality, Senco has earned the right to be considered one of the top nail gun brands and perhaps consider for your next DIY or construction job.

5. Bostitch

This leading nail gun brand began as the Boston Wire Stitching Company and started manufacturing nail guns during the 1960s. The name was changed to Bostitch in 1948, and they haven’t looked back since. And although Bostitch wasn’t in the nail gun business, this leading nail gun brand began operating in 1896. That adds up to many years of manufacturing experience, and that experience didn’t hurt the results when Bostitch began making its popular nail guns.

It is also reported that it was Bostitch that led the charge in making nail guns the preferred tool in industries like decking.

Today, Bostitch nail guns are often the first choice for framers, flooring projects, and outdoor jobs like siding installations. That preference is largely the result of the power that Bostitch nail guns are revered for having.

That is also a big reason why Bostitch is considered one of the leading nail gun brands. That power comes from the standard 20V Lithium battery systems used for Bostitch nail guns. Another key highlight for Bostitch nail guns is the fact that they are reportedly some of the easiest to use.

Combining that ease of use with that power makes it easy to understand why so many people choose the Bostitch nail gun brand. While Bostitch nail guns are more than sufficient and applicable for around-the-house DIY projects, they are built for heavy-duty use. If there is a knock on the Bostitch nail gun, it is that they work best with Bostitch nails and can have issues using other brands. Otherwise, for power and dependability, a Bostitch is hard to beat.

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