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Logan Square is a community in Chicago, Illinois. Known for its rich history and proximity to it all, Logan Square is a great place to consider settling down in. At the same time, it’s important to consider all aspects of a neighborhood before deciding it is best for your family. Particular attention should always be paid to safety.

When it comes to safety, the Logan Square neighborhood ranks average across the city of Chicago. There are areas with better safety scores and others that are much worse, just south of Logan Square. If you’re looking for a good intersection of affordability and low crime rates, Logan Square might be just the place!

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All About Logan Square

Like other major cities and neighborhoods in them, Logan Square continues to change rapidly as time goes on. These changes beg the question of whether it’s for better or worse. Below we’ve rounded up a few factors that might play a role in your decision to settle into Logan Square.

Where is Logan Square Located?

Logan Square is a neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. It is an official community area in Chicago created for planning purposes. There are numerous subsections of Logan Square community including Logan Square the neighborhood, Palmer Square, Bucktown, and others. Each individual neighborhood has its own specific crime rates and attractions. However, the city of Chicago or the Logan Square community typically lump statistics together. This article will hone in on the Logan Square neighborhood.

Diversity and Demographics for Logan Square

The Logan Square community area is a dynamic subsection with a population of 73,470 residents. Given the small space, the population density is 20,682 per square mile. The median age is lower than the Illinois average, seemingly full of young professionals with a median age of 31.7.

Nearly 47% of households have kids under the age of 18. This statistic is interesting when comparing the Chicago average of 55% of households married and 44% with kids under 18. It could indicate a couple of things. 1. An older population with children that have grown up and left the home across Illinois. 2. Young families setline down in the Logan Square region.

A quick snapshot of Logan’s square compared to Chicago as a whole:

  • Logan Square’s population density is 73% higher than Chicago
  • The median age is 6% lower in Logan Square than in Chicago
  • Logan Square’s population was 80.67% white, 5.56% Black, and 3.20% Asian

Logan Square’s Appeal & Attractions

Logan Square has a rich history with settlers, particularly Norwegians, migrating to the United States. Many find joy in exploring the traces of ancestors, but there also plenty of additional attractions as well. In Logan Square you will find the Greetings from Chicago Mural, the Illinois Centennial Monument, eateries, music venues, Logan Theatre, and more.

Also, you’re extremely close to other communities and downtown Chicago. Living in Logan Square, you can expect the best of both worlds with slowed-down city living while maintaining closeness to everything you might need or want.

The Cost of Living in Logan Square

The cost of living in Living Square is significantly higher than the national average at a 25% increase overall. When we look at specifics, we can see there is nearly a 10% hike in goods and services compared to the national average. Also, housing is a whopping 65% higher than the national average.

When comparing Logan Square to the Chicago and Illinois average, Logan Square is identical in categories like groceries and transportation. However, there is a major discrepancy between housing costs. Logan Square ranks 125 out of the national index of 100 while Chicago is only 110 and Illinois is 95.

Logan Square has an expensive entry point, and this may show a shift in pushing out older generations. As prices continue to rise older generations will leave, allowing for new families to move in at a higher cost.

Key Cost of Living Takeaways:

  • Logan Square cost of living is 27% higher than the Chicago average
  • Logan Square cost of living is 25% higher than the national average
  • Logan Square housing is 65% higher than the national average
  • Illinois sales tax is 23% higher than the national average and income tax is 101% higher than national average

What Would it Cost for a Home in Logan Square?

As established above, the cost of housing in Logan Square is much higher than averages in Illinois and the United States as a whole. Average home prices in Chicago are $225,2000 versus the national average of $184,700, a difference of nearly 22%. Thus, mortgage rates are much higher at $1,857 in Chicago compared to $1,273 as the national average, a 45% difference.

Costs vary widely across the subsection as well. A six-bedroom on West Augusta Boulevard costs $599,000 while a six-bedroom on North Hamlin Avenue costs $334,989. It depends on the home’s condition and the precise location, but these prices give an idea of how prices differ.

Job Opportunities in Logan Square

Because Logan Square is located in the heart of Chicago, there are many opportunities for employment. In the subsections of the Logan Square community you will find a multitude of institutions and job availability.

Households in Logan Square made nearly 17,000 more a year than those in Chicago. There is also a major discrepancy in gender pay. Males in Logan Square earn an average of $42,390 whereas females only earn $35,708 a year. The unemployment rate sits at 3.8%, far below Chicago’s average of 7.3%.

Crime Rates in Logan Square

Logan Square ranks below average with its crime levels. The area sits at roughly 10% higher than the national average in total crime and 6% higher in property crime. Given these numbers, it is easy to see why some might be concerned about the livelihood of the community. An explanation for this might be because Logan Square is often times looped in with Chicago when it comes to crime rates. which has a higher crime rate as a major city than much of the U.S.

Chicago’s crime rates are as follows per 100k:

  • 2 for murder
  • 1 for rape
  • 9 for robbery
  • 565 for assault
  • 353 for burglary
  • 2,293 for theft
  • 335 for vehicle theft.

The total property crime rate is 2,983 per 100k in Chicago, including Logan Square and surrounding neighborhoods. This figures out to a 1 In 37 chance of being the victim of a crime in the neighborhood. Though, Logan Square is figured to be 62% safer than all cities in Illinois.

Raising a Family in Logan Square

Logan Square can be a great place to raise a family. In addition to the abundance of things to do, most homes have enough space for little ones to roam. Additionally, students are zoned into the Chicago Public school system and private options in Logan Square and Palmer Square. Whether opting for private or public, your child will receive a high-quality education.

Is Logan Square a Nice Area to Live?

Generally speaking, yes, Logan Square is a nice area to live. The further North and west, the less crime there is. And, of course, the closer you move to the water, the more recreation and views provided. With a unique blend of urban and natural aspects, the neighborhood offers a dynamic setting for any family. Additionally, you will find parks, playgrounds, museums, and more.

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Related Questions

What is the Weather Like in Logan Square?

Logan Square experiences moderate seasons with a summer high of 76 degrees and a winter low of 26 degrees. Precipitation is usually highest in humid summers with August seeing roughly 5 inches. With moderate temperature year-round, you can enjoy outdoor recreation continuously.

Should I Move to Logan Square?

Logan Square offers a young, professional community with fairly average rates of crime and proximity to attractions. If these are qualities you are looking for in a neighborhood, Logan Square may be perfect for you. There are many factors that go into deciding where to live. Logan Square remains a neutral choice with great potential for any families and singles alike. On the fence? You might want to spend some time weighing the pros and cons of living in Chicago.

What is There to Do in Logan Square?

There are a few things to do in Logan Square including the famed Greetings from Chicago sign, brilliant infrastructure, envious boulevards, and homes across the community. Because there seems to be a younger group of residents, there are also many trendy eateries and shops to visit.

The Verdict: Is Logan Square a Safe to Live in?

Logan Square is not the safest neighborhood according to crime statistics in the city of Chicago. However, it is much safer than the vast majority. There is an average likelihood of becoming a victim of a crime compared to similar areas. Given the family-centered neighborhoods and subsections that cater to them, you should be able to live comfortably in Logan Square. All in all, Logan Square is considered one of the safest communities in Chicago, Illinois.

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