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Upstate New York is unlike any other region in the United States, and it is a far cry from NYC. You can find calm, quiet, and beautiful communities in Upstate New York, and that includes Saratoga Springs. With its reputation as a distinct tourist destination, is Saratoga Springs a good place to live?

Saratoga Springs is a great place to live because there is plenty to do, but it is a quiet community. Crime is rare in Saratoga Springs and it’s one of the safest cities in New York. There is an extensive and convenient public transportation system that helps save on the high gas prices in Saratoga Springs.

The cost of living in Saratoga Springs is high, but many of the city’s residents are affluent. Follow along as we explore what it’s like to live in Saratoga Springs.

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Why Is Saratoga Springs a Good Place To Live?

Saratoga Springs, NY is a great place to live because of the calm, suburban feel, and low crime rate. The city boasts a small-town vibe but still maintains a vibrant downtown area and many attractions. There is no shortage of things to do between the nightlife, spas, springs, and hiking trails.

Low Crime Rate

You won’t find much crime in Saratoga Springs, NY considering its moderate 28,212 residents, and that is likely due to its location. Saratoga Springs is over 3 hours away from New York City, and it is a calm and quiet community. Violence is rare in Saratoga Springs, violent crimes like assault and robbery effect 1 in 397 residents.

Both violent and property crime rates fall below the New York state average in Saratoga Springs. Crimes such as theft and vehicle theft are somewhat common in some areas, and they affect 1 in 55 residents. You can find most of the crime in Saratoga Springs in the area around Empire State College and Skidmore College.

It is easy to avoid danger in Saratoga Springs because most of it is in the middle of the city. Gilbert Corners and Yaddo are the safest neighborhoods in Saratoga Springs, but most of the city is harmless. Saratoga Springs is one of the calmest, quietest, and safest cities you can find in the state of New York.

Suburban Feel

You never have to worry about overpopulation, too much noise, or a fast-paced lifestyle in Saratoga Springs. This city offers a calm, suburban vibe that makes it comfortable for single residents and families alike. There are 28,212 residents, but you wouldn’t guess that if you drive around through the city.

Saratoga Springs is only the 60th largest community in the state, but it’s far from being one of the largest cities in New York. There are only 6 major neighborhoods in Saratoga Springs, and that helps create the suburban vibe. Despite the multiple colleges in Saratoga Springs, this city never feels overcrowded or like a party environment.

The city itself is only 28.87 square miles, but the larger Saratoga County covers 844 square miles. Neighborhoods and houses are spaced out, and Saratoga Springs feels more like a small town than a city.

Plenty To Do

This small city is never boring despite its small size, calm vibe, and quiet nature. Downtown Saratoga Springs is always active and alive on the weekends, and it’s where many residents hang out. You can find bars, restaurants, and coffee shops that are a staple in Downtown Saratoga Springs.

Saratoga Springs is also a great town if you love to enjoy art as there are several art installations and pieces throughout. Adults can enjoy the winery tastings and tours that run throughout the year in Saratoga Springs and the surrounding county. The gorgeous nature surrounding Saratoga Springs provides much of the entertainment from hiking trails to horseback riding.

You can tour several significant locations in Saratoga Springs history, such as the Saratoga Spa State Park. Hathorn Spring is inside of the park, and it is known for its mineral waters that the city is named after. Saratoga Springs offers everything from nightlife and racetracks to gorgeous trails and mystical springs.

Public Transportation

The majority of Saratoga Springs residents own a car and commute to work every week. However, the city also boasts a convenient public transportation system with 5 bus stops for residents to take advantage of. This is useful if you need to travel within Saratoga Springs or the greater Saratoga County without spending money on gas.

Some shuttles and taxis can take you to the various resorts, spas, and wineries in town. Saratoga Springs houses an Amtrak Station that can send residents directly to New York City, among other places. Public transportation saves money on inflated gas prices and is a great way to get around Saratoga Springs or commute to work.

What Are the Downsides of Living In Saratoga Springs?

No city is without faults, but there aren’t many downsides to living in Saratoga Springs, New York. Housing prices are high in Saratoga Springs, NY and that makes it hard to afford and maintain a home. Tourists come to Saratoga Springs in droves during the spring and summer, and that can be annoying for longtime residents.

  • It is difficult to afford a home or monthly rent in Saratoga Springs, NY due to exorbitant housing costs. The median home value in Saratoga Springs is $365,900, and the average homeowner spends $2,194 each month on bills and mortgage payments. Rent is also expensive, and the average Saratoga Springs renter pays $1,293 on rent each month.
CityMedian Home ValueAverage Rent
Saratoga Springs, NY$365,900$1,293
Albany, NY$179,100$969
Buffalo, NY$89,800$776
Warwick, NY$340,500$1,025
New York, NY$606,000$1,443
  • Winter can bring harsh weather with cold temperatures and lots of snow in Saratoga Springs. It snows more in Saratoga Springs than the majority of the United States, and the city sees 61” of snow per year. Temperatures can drop and hover around 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit or below during the winter, and residents have to tough it out for several months.
  • Tourism can be overwhelming during the spring and summer in Saratoga Springs due to the many spas. People flock to Saratoga Springs from all over the world to visit Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa and other destinations. It helps bolster the city’s economy, but it can overwhelm residents that have lived there for years.

What Is the Cost of Living In Saratoga Springs?

It is expensive to live in Saratoga Springs, and the cost of living is 23% higher than in the rest of the U.S. Housing, utility, and grocery costs are all well above the national average in Saratoga Springs, New York.

  • Housing costs are exorbitant in Saratoga Springs, and the median home value is $365,900. Over 55% of residents own their homes because it’s an affluent city, but the rest spend $1,293 on monthly rent. The average homeowner spends $3,368 each year on property taxes with a 1.52% tax rate.
  • Saratoga Springs residents spend a small fortune on groceries, and they’re 8% pricier than the national average. Family households, in particular, spend at least $100 on every trip to the grocery store in Saratoga Springs.
  • You can expect to pay at least $3.00 per gallon to fill up your tank in Saratoga Springs, New York. That means that you can spend as much as $1,968 per year on gasoline if you drive as much as the average commuter. Choose public transportation to save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year on transportation.

Related Questions

Is Saratoga Springs, NY a safe place to live?

Yes, Saratoga Springs is a safe place to live, and crime affects 223 out of 100,000 residents each year. There are only 20 crimes per square mile in Saratoga Springs, and New York state faces 35 crimes per square mile. So far, residents have only reported 582 crimes this year, and only 71 of them were violent crimes.

Where In New York Is Saratoga?

You can find Saratoga Springs in upstate New York in the southern Adirondack Region. Saratoga Springs is often lumped in with the nearby Saratoga Lake and Wilton within the same county. It takes between 3 and 4 hours to get to New York City from Saratoga Springs by car or train.

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Summing It Up

Saratoga Springs is a great place to live because of the calm, suburban vibe, and gorgeous surroundings. The city encompasses less than 30 square miles, and Saratoga Springs only has 6 major neighborhoods to choose from. There is a small population of residents, but it gets somewhat crowded during the spring and summer when tourists visit.

Housing costs are quite high in Saratoga Springs, and the average renter spends $1,293 per month on rent. The median home value in Saratoga Springs is $365,900, and homeowners spend over $2,100 each month on ills. Groceries are also more expensive in Saratoga Springs than the national average.

There is plenty to do in Saratoga Springs between the trails, wineries, bars, and restaurants. Saratoga Springs is one of the best places to live in New York, but it is quite expensive.

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