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Retiring is not about living in peace and minding your own business. But you should never act your age in retirement, but it is the time when your inner younger self needs to come out and live the life you have always dreamed of. Are you wondering why we are suddenly talking about retirement?

Port Charlotte is a great place to live for retirees, and it tops the list of the best places to live in Florida after retirement. Boasting 300 days of pleasant summer and a peaceful community, Port Charlotte also has water canals and golf courses. On top of this, it is an affordable place to live for everyone and not just retirees.

The reason we have mentioned retirees from the get-go because Port Charlotte does not offer an exciting and happening environment expected by youngsters, young married couples, and kids. While we will talk about the nuances of living here for everybody, the major focus of the discussion ahead will be on the retirees.

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Why is Port Charlotte a Good Place to Live for Retirees?

Port Charlotte is a small city located on Florida’s Gulf coast and sandwiched between Sarasota and Fort Myers. The city is also called a hidden gem because not many people know about the many benefits Port Charlotte has to offer.

But contrary to what you have heard before, Port Charlotte is a fantastic city to live in for retirees, of course, from several aspects. Let’s explore the different reasons why living in Port Charlotte post-retirement is a good idea.

Beautiful Location

The scenic beauty of Port Charlotte justifies living here after retirement. Not because as a retiree, you need to live in a place that’s serene, but nature is the best way to declutter yourself after years of hard work and explore the beauty of Mother Nature up close. Secondly, the city experiences 300 days of near-perfect summers.

Even better, the community and infrastructure are modern enough to ensure that you do not miss out on any amenities. But the city also boasts the ideal charm that a city meant for retirees should have.

Picturesque Water-Side Landscape

As a city located by the water, you can only imagine the picturesque view you will enjoy throughout the day, especially during the sunset and sunrise. There are plenty of state parks in the area too.

Retiree-Favorable Tax Code

While working, you may have paid a hefty tax on the earned income; it does not seem a great thing to follow the same process as a retiree. Port Charlotte’s favorable tax code is another reason to start living here post-retirement.

The best part about the tax code here 0% income tax. Plus, there is no tax on retirement money. There is, however, a sales tax implemented on the items you purchase, but that is too low. And there, too, items like food and medicines are exempted.

  • Property Tax: The retirees may have to pay property tax, but that is also applicable to some retirees and not all. So, make sure to consult with a financial advisor or accountant to know whether you come under the cap to pay the tax or not. 
  • No-Income Tax for Everyone: The zero income tax rate applies to everyone and not just the retired. So, even if you want to live here as a working professional, rest assured that you won’t have to pay any sort of income tax. 

Several Golf Courses

Port Charlotte has seven out of the many golf courses present in Charlotte county. If you are an avid golfer and want to enhance your golfing skills in retirement, Port Charlotte is a good place to live.

Even for the working professionals, a city with access to several golf ranges only means they can make the most of their time here and enjoy a good time at one of the many golf ranges.

Access to Fishing and Water Sports

Besides giving access to 165 miles of water canals and the wide array of fishing activities it has to offer, Port Charlotte is also close to the Gulf of Mexico. So, if you love fishing from an early age and want to pursue your passion during your retirement years, living here would be a great option.

Is Port Charlotte A Good Place to Live for Professionals and Youngsters?

We know that Port Charlotte is one of the best places to live for Retirees, not only in Florida but in the country. But if you want to move here alone or with family, the following excerpts will help you decide.

Developing Economy

We have included several variables to conclude that the economic growth of Port Florida is better than the US average. Even in the aftermath of the pandemic, people here have jobs, and there is a scope for an increase in the job growth rate.

In terms of median household income, it stands at $46,603 as against the national median income, which is $62,843.

Entertainment Destinations

Port Charlotte may seem like a bland place to live for working professionals who need to make the most of their weekends and burn off some steam. If you are the adventurous type, Port Charlotte also has hiking trails waiting to be explored.

But that is not it. Port Charlotte has several options to choose from if you want to make the most out of your weekend. For one, it has hike trails, plus the 165 miles of water canals offer several amazing opportunities to participate in watersports and fishing.

  • Nearby City Entertainment: Lastly, if you consider a night out or hanging at the club as the best way to rejuvenate yourself for another week of hard work. Punta Gorda is one of the many big cities closest to Port Charlotte and offers the ideal environment craved by youngsters and working professionals. 
  • Home to Tampa Bay Rays: If that’s not all, Port Charlotte’s Sports Park is host to Tampa Bay Rays, and they compete in Major League Baseball. So you can come here to enjoy a minor league game or watch the Tampa Bay Rays practice session now and then. 

Safe City to Live

The crime rate in Port Charlotte is 24.19 per 1000 residents. In addition to this, living in northwest Port Charlotte, the chances of you being a victim are 1 in 76. So, this makes Port Charlotte one of the safest cities to live in Florida.

Cost of Living in Port Charlotte

Cost is one of the few independent variables that people consider before deciding to move to another city.

  • Port Charlotte has a reasonable cost of living; There is no doubt about that. To some extent, we have already discussed the reason for the low cost of living. For instance, the zero income tax and lower tax rates than the national average also affect the final cost of living. 
  • Household Items: Groceries and access to other essential amenities involve a standard cost throughout the country. 
  • Housing Costs: But the real estate costs have a significant impact on the cost of living. A retiree or a working professional needs to understand the cost of buying a house here or the rent. 

The median home value in Port Charlotte is $164,000 and the median rent is $1,016. Also, 76% of the people here own their houses, and 24% live in rented accommodation.

Drawbacks of Living in Port Charlotte

Every city has its pros and cons. While some may have great opportunities but not safe, and others may be safe but do not have growth potential. Let’s see if there is something you should know about Port Charlotte before moving here.

  • Meant for Retirees: For young people who want to explore high-potential jobs and work culture, Port Charlotte is not a great option. For entertainment, too, the young demography has to make do with a handful of options. 
  • Low Income: Even though there are opportunities for job growth, the income potential is still low in Port Charlotte. Most of the professionals here are working in retail trade, sales, management, and health care & social assistance. 

So, there aren’t many advanced and technical work profiles waiting for people who want to learn and grow.

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Related Questions

What is the Community like in Port Charlotte?

As a place where most of the people come to live as retirees, you will find a white-dominant community in Port Florida. A major reason for this is that most of the people come here to retire from Florida. And Florida has a 74.7% white population. So, the same trend is observed in Port Charlotte too.

What’s the Median Age of the population in Port Charlotte?

The median age of the people currently residing in Port Charlotte is 52.1. This means that the majority of the population here are either retirees or people who are about to retire.

Is there a lot of crime in Port Charlotte?

Port Charlotte’s crime rate is just 15 per 1,000 residents, making it within the US average for most cities. Port Charlotte’s crime rate is actually lower than about 60% of all Florida cities or communities.

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