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The trunk of your car comes in clutch in all sorts of circumstances. It’s a place where you load groceries, bulky items, and essential gear for road trips. There are some items you might even keep in your trunk just for emergencies. If you recently purchased a car, or are in the process of organizing your vehicle, you should know there are some tools you might want to store in your trunk that can become essential on the road when you least expect it.

Make sure you have a spare tire, tire pressure gauge, a jack, and tire iron in your trunk in case of a flat tire. It is also crucial to have a first aid kit of some sort. Jumper cables are also essential. Some additional tools that are useful in the back of your car include a reliable multi-tool, flashlight, screwdriver set, WD40, and duct tape.

Every car has different requirements, and not everyone uses their vehicle for the same purpose. Still, it is important to be prepared in case of an emergency. After all, even if you have roadside assistance, there may be times when you need to act fast and make a quick repair. It doesn't matter if you have limited mechanic skills; the 14 tools listed below are likely to come in handy when you need help the most.

Top 14 Tools You Should Have In The Trunk Of Your Car

1. A Reliable Spare Tire

A spare tire is arguably the number one essential item in any trunk. It is important you replace and maintain your space tire accordingly. Over time, these tires lose tire pressure and also are subject to wear and tear just like any item. Make sure you have your tire inspected periodically, especially before any long trip.

2. Jumper Cables

After a spare tire, a set of jumper cables is another must-have item in any trunk. Jumper cables are often the best and only way to jump-start your battery after you have left a light on or keys in the ignition. A drained battery is a very common issue, and jumper cables are often a quick and easy solution to this problem. Having a good set of jumper cables is also a great way to ensure you can help a fellow motorist.

3. Tow Strap

A tow strap is another great tool that takes up very little space in your car but can be very handy in case of an emergency. Tow straps make it possible for you to tow a vehicle (if your vehicle has that capacity) in a time of need. It also makes it possible to help get you out of a ditch, mud, or other tricky situation without having to wait for or pay for an expensive towing service. Make sure you have tow straps that are strong enough to handle your needs.

4. Hazard Triangles

Unfortunately, you don’t get to decide where your car breaks down. Sometimes your car will break down on a dangerous curve, a narrow road, or even a busy freeway. One tool you can keep in the back of your car to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle when it breaks down ,is a set of hazard triangles.

Hazard triangles use bright reflective colors to alert nearby motorists that there is a hazard (your car) on the shoulder. This will ensure attentive motorists slow down and do not come too close to your vehicle. Best of all, these items pack up into almost nothing, so there is no reason not to store a set in your trunk.

5. Jack And Tire Iron

You should always have the necessary tools in your trunk to change a flat tire. While there may be helpful motorists or roadside assistance available, this is not something you should rely on completely. Make sure you have a working jack and a tire iron that is compatible with your car. Most cars come with a set, but check that you have these tools in your trunk, and that they function properly.

6. Tire Pressure Gauge

A tire pressure gauge is another compact and essential tool you should have in your trunk or somewhere in your car. Some air-filling stations have tire pressure gauges, but not all do. Further, there is no guarantee that these gauges are accurate. Having your own reliable tire pressure gauge is the best way to know your tires are always properly filled.

7. Tire Sealant Or Tire Puncture Kit

Tiny punctures are bound to happen from time to time. Whether you get a screw or a tiny piece of metal stuck in your car, there are times when your tire has a small but never-ending leak. While you should eventually get this looked at by a professional for a permanent solution, you should also have a tire sealant solution.

There are options that you can spray inside the tire, but you can also get a puncture sealing kit. Choose a method you are comfortable with, which will help ensure your tire doesn’t go flat while you seek a permanent fix.

8. Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is a highly useful tool that can save you lots of time and headaches. There are many times in life when we try to put items in our car that we aren’t sure will fit. There are also occasions when people try to fit a car in tight spaces. Instead of risking damage to your vehicle or wasting lots of time, consider using a tape measure.

9. Flashlight Or Headlamp

Your headlights can only shine light in one direction, but often you need to see things in the dark that are not in front of the car. A flashlight or headlamp is an ideal tool to have in your trunk for when you need to see in the dark. There will come a time when you need a flashlight, so have one in the trunk and make sure the batteries are fully charged.

10. Quality Multi-tool

Multi-tools are great to have in your trunk because they have a little bit of everything. They usually have everything from a bottle opener to a knife, and even a few screwdrivers. These are handy tools for those who don’t have a vast tool arsenal but want to ensure they have the bare essentials on hand in case of an emergency.

11. WD-40

Cars have lots of metal parts and over time, some of these parts rust. Whether you are tightening a part or changing a spare tire, there may come a time when you need a bit of lubricant and rust removal. WD-40 is great at this, and it now comes in small 3-ounce containers that you can keep in your trunk in case of an emergency.

12. First Aid Kit

While not technically a “tool,” a first aid kit is loaded with items that can be highly beneficial in case of an emergency. Accidents happen outside of the home, but the odds are you are usually close to your car when these unforeseen accidents occur. Make sure your first aid kit is stocked with the essentials to prevent small injuries from getting worse.

13. Reversible Screw Driver Set

Screw drivers come in handy quite often, including when you are in your car. Whether you need to put something together, take something apart, or just quickly tighten a part, a screw driver is often the only way to make this possible. A reversible screwdriver set with multiple bits is the best way to ensure you have the perfect-sized screw driver for all occasions.

14. Duct Tape

Lastly, a list of handy tools for a trunk isn’t complete without duct tape. Duct tape comes in clutch in all sorts of situations. It isn’t a permanent solution but it is a blessing for motorists in a tough spot. It can help keep things in place, tied down, or leak-proof for a brief period of time as you search for a concrete solution.

Final Thoughts On Tools Everyone Needs In Their Trunk

Your trunk is not only a place to put your bags of groceries. It should also house some important tools like your spare tire, jumper cables, car jack, and tire iron. You should have a multi-tool and a flashlight as well. Other tools that are great to have on hand in the back of your truck include a reversible screw driver kit, duct tape, a measuring tape, and some WD-40.

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