Will WD-40 Remove Rust From Concrete?

Rebekah Pierce
by Rebekah Pierce

Whether it’s metal chairs resting on an outdoor concrete patio, a vehicle parked in a garage, or a workshop with a concrete floor and multiple metal tools, there’s a good chance that you’re going to have to deal with rust on concrete at some point.

So how can you get rid of it?

WD-40 will remove rust from concrete. You may need to combine the WD-40 with some good old-fashioned elbow grease to scrub it away. However, since WD-40 is both a lubricant and a penetrant, it works to get underneath the rust and remove it for good. It acts quickly and works on most types of rusted surfaces, including concrete.

Can You Use WD-40 on Concrete?

Removing rust can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to tackle a large area without having to spend a ton of money or resort to caustic chemicals.

Fortunately, WD-40 is a common product that can be used to get rid of rust quickly.

WD-40 is a spray that has several purposes. It can be used to lubricate working parts, to displace moisture, to act as a penetrant, and of course, to prevent and get rid of rust.

Its main ingredients include low vapor pressure aliphatic hydrocarbons, petroleum base oil, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and carbon dioxide.

How to Remove Rust From Concrete With WD-40

To use WD-40 on rust stains on concrete, you will need one bottle of WD-40 Multi-Use Product and a nylon brush. Wear a pair of gloves as you work to protect your skin from the WD-40.

Make sure you use the wide-area nozzle. You will need to spray the area liberally and let it sit for a minute or two.

Then, scrub it with something abrasive, like a toothbrush or nylon brush.

Avoid using a wire brush, as this can damage the concrete. Instead, use a nylon brush to scrub the floor and get the WD-40 deep into the concrete’s pores. This will help lift the stain away.

You may need to spray several times, repeating the process until you get rid of all the rust. Eventually, however, it should be gone.

In the future, you can spray WD-40 before placing your outdoor furniture on the concrete patio (or doing anything else that may lead to rust). The WD-40 can help rust from forming later on down the road, especially if you’re vigilant about re-applying it.

How Can I Remove Rust Stains From Concrete? Other Tips

Besides WD-40, there are other products you can use to remove rust stains from concrete, too.

CLR is one such example. This product is meant to remove calcium, lime, and/or rust from all kidneys of materials, including concrete. CLR can interact badly with treated or painted concrete floors, so be sure to test it in an inconspicuous area first before using it on the entire floor.

Some people swear by natural remedies like lemon juice or white vinegar, too. These should be poured directly on the stain and left to set in for 20 minutes. Then, you can scrub the rust stain away just as you would if you were using WD-40.

Related Questions

Will a pressure washer remove rust from concrete?

Pressure washing may remove the rust itself, but it won’t remove any discoloration. You should use it after you have applied the WD-40 to clean up.

Will baking soda remove rust from concrete?

You can make a paste out of laundry detergent and baking soda to get rid of rust on concrete. Combine the ingredients and leave them there for about an hour, keeping them wet so they don’t harden. Again, you’ll need to scrub to get rid of the stains. This is an effective remedy for rust stains that are relatively fresh.

Will muriatic acid remove rust from concrete?

Muriatic acid should not be used for rust on concrete. It can etch the concrete and will leave it rough and damaged. It may remove the rust, but it will severely damage your concrete in the process.

How to remove rust from painted concrete?

It can be very difficult to remove rust from painted concrete without also removing the paint. You can try a natural remedy like white vinegar. If that doesn’t take care of it, a fresh coat of paint should handle the job for you.

How to Prevent Rust Stains on Concrete

To prevent rust stains on concrete in the future, avoid keeping any metal objects on your concrete floors for prolonged periods of time.

If you must keep these items on the concrete, apply a coat of paint or sealant each year. For concrete that’s outdoors, this sealant should be applied just before the wettest or rainiest season of the year to ensure adequate protection.

If rust does form, don’t worry. It takes some time and some elbow grease to get rid of rust on concrete with WD-40, but ultimately, it does work!

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