Why Can’t Delivery Drivers Find My House?

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We live in a world of deliveries, but they don’t always go as planned. No matter how hard they try, delivery drivers sometimes make mistakes and fail to find your home. They even sometimes deliver to the wrong address. So, why can’t delivery drivers find your house?

Delivery drivers can’t find your house if the address sign is small or obstructed. Include delivery instructions with each purchase and describe your house in detail so it’s easy to find. Keep your phone on you in case the driver has to call with questions about how to complete the delivery and find your house.

If you are worried they won’t find your house, simply stand outside in your driveway, so they can easily find you. Follow along as we explore how you can make it easy for delivery drivers to find your house.

How to Make Your House Easier To Find

Whether it be getting a bigger sign or sending pictures, there are ways to make your house easier to locate. Delivery drivers bring packages and goods to countless homes each day. Everyone makes mistakes, but there are several steps you can take to ensure they find your house.

1. Provide Specific Instructions

Most companies, be it Amazon or Pizza Hut, let you provide instructions for deliveries. You can use the instructions box to tell them to leave it at your door or to knock three times. However, if your home is hard to find, you can also use the instructions box to solve the problem.

Simply describe your home as best as you can, to reduce the chance they’ll miss it. For example, if you have a long driveway and a gate, describe it. You could also mention the two houses your home sits between if they have any features that stand out.

Otherwise, simply include your phone number in the instructions box. Request that the delivery driver call you once they get near your home ,so you can give directions and describe it over the phone.

2. Put A Sign At The Edge of Your Lawn

Do you have a long driveway that leads to your house? If so, this can make it easy for delivery drivers to miss your house. In most areas, you’re required to have a sign at the end of the driveway with your address.

However, this sign may not be big or clear enough for delivery drivers to see. In that case, it’s time to upgrade to a bigger and better sign. Get a sign that is easy to see during the day and at night.

You may even want to install a light above or underneath your address sign. This will help ensure your nighttime deliveries arrive at your house. It also comes in handy when you invite guests to your home.

3. Stand Outside

While not always possible, you can ensure delivery drivers find your house if you stand outside. Of course, this isn’t an option when you’re not home, but it’s a great idea for food deliveries when you are. Simply stand outside and flag them down so they see you.

This is a minor inconvenience, but it may be necessary if your house is easy to miss. However, it’s better to provide instructions that describe your home. This option is mostly a last-ditch effort when you can’t add instructions or simply forget to.

4. Send A Picture Of Your Home

If possible, send a picture of your house with the order if the checkout lets you include attachments. This is also a great idea when you use food delivery services. Services like Doordash and Uber Eats let you chat with your delivery driver.

Take this chance to describe your home or send a picture of it so they easily find your house. Otherwise, you could go to Google Maps, find an overhead image of your home, and save it. Highlight or circle your home and send it to the delivery driver to make it as easy as possible.

5. Keep Your Phone Handy

Keep your phone handy while you wait for a delivery. If the driver can’t find your house, they can’t complete the delivery. They may try to reach out to you when they try to find your home. The driver will be left driving in circles waiting for you to pick up the phone if you don’t hear it ring.

Prepare to answer the phone if you don’t provide instructions and your house is hard to find. There’s a chance they’ll call or message you if you’ve had previous problems with drivers finding your home.

6. Don’t Decorate Your Address Sign

Decorating your house and yard for the holidays is a blast. That said, it can also create a problem if you decorate and obstruct your address sign. If the numbers aren’t visible, delivery drivers won’t be able to find your house.

It may be tempting to put tinsel around your sign or cobwebs around Halloween time. However, even if you try to keep it clear, the decorations may block or cover up the information on the sign because of the wind. Save your decorations for other parts of your yard and home so you get your deliveries.

Make sure to trim the brush and plants around the address sign as well. This is especially necessary throughout spring and summer when plants grow the fastest.

7. Call the Driver/Store

Was your delivery supposed to arrive a while ago? Or even worse, did you get notified that it was delivered to the wrong house? If so, simply call the service or store responsible for the delivery.

Explain that you didn’t receive the delivery and describe your house thoroughly. This will ensure that the delivery winds up in the right place this time. While this is annoying, it may be necessary, especially for Amazon packages which are commonly delivered to the wrong address.

Summing It Up

Provide clear instructions to make sure delivery drivers can find your house. Describe your driveway, yard, and the cars in the driveway, and even send a picture if possible. Get a bigger address sign if the problem continues and keep it lit at night. Avoid decorating the address sign for holidays, as it may obstruct the address numbers.

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