How Much Should You Tip For Appliance Delivery? (Find Out Now!)

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Upgrading from your 12-year-old refrigerator to a more advanced model is genuinely exciting, which can make waiting for appliance delivery unbearable at times. But, you can’t rush things because delivering appliances is not easy work; one mistake could lead to a damaged order. Given the kind of work they handle, should you tip, and if so, how much should you tip for appliance delivery?

Giving a tip for appliance delivery isn’t something many people think about, but $5 to $20 per worker is an acceptable amount. However, some companies might prohibit tips, or there might be a tip included in the delivery fee for your appliance. To determine how much you tip for appliance delivery, consider challenging tasks like going upstairs or maneuvering through difficult pathways.

The subject of tipping for appliance delivery can be surprisingly complex. Find out if tipping is appropriate and what constitutes a proper tip by continuing with this article.

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8 Things To Consider Before Tipping For Appliance Delivery

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to tipping appliance delivery workers. What’s acceptable for one set for workers may not be appropriate for another.

We want to help you understand this complex tipping situation further. To do that, we’ve highlighted the factors you must account for when deciding to hand out a tip. Refer to the factors included below to find out when you should and should not tip delivery workers.

1. What Is The Company Policy Regarding Tipping For Appliance Delivery?

Many people purchase their new appliances from one of the large retailers in the country. It’s easy to shop at places like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart because they have extensive selections. If you’re just looking to finish your shopping as soon as possible, going to one of those stores will help.

Those companies also have their own policies for delivering ordered appliances. You need to be aware of those policies before you start handing out tips. If a company doesn’t allow its drivers to accept tips, then that’s the end of it.

A delivery worker may refuse a tip from you due to their company’s policy. Not knowing any better, though, you may just find the worker arrogant for refusing your generosity. Take the time to check on the retailer policy before getting too worked up.

Don’t assume those restrictions are lifted just because you purchased the new appliance from a local retailer. They may still have a similar policy in place, so clear things up ahead of time.

If you are very impressed with the delivery, but they don’t accept tips, see if there are other ways to show appreciation. Call the company and give them a complimentary review or see if they can accept other types of tips, like snacks, etc.

2. Delivery Fees Could Include Tips For Appliance Delivery

In the rush of excitement over purchasing the latest addition to your home, you may have forgotten to check the receipt. Take some time to examine it closely if you’re thinking of giving the delivery workers a tip. There may be something included there that will tell you if you should provide a tip or not.

You’re specifically looking for a line item referring to a delivery fee. Delivery workers typically receive a set amount from that additional fee. It doesn’t function exactly like a tip, but it’s something close to it.

If you really want to, you can still offer a tip on top of that delivery fee. The delivery workers won’t expect anything, but feel free to provide tips as long as they won’t get in trouble.

3. Tipping For Appliance Delivery Is Appreciated For A Difficult Delivery Location

Delivery workers will usually call ahead of time when they’re about to drop off your appliance. During that call, you can let them know where they should specifically deliver the appliance to.

Making a delivery directly to a house is easy enough. It’s not quite as simple if you live in an apartment building or a condominium. First off, the security for the building may not allow the delivery personnel to pass.

The delivery workers may also have trouble getting up to your unit if you live above the ground floor. That is especially true if your building lacks an elevator.

Carrying a heavy appliance up the stairs to your unit is going to be a lot of exhausting work. It only seems fair that you give them a tip to recognize the effort they put in. Likewise, if you have narrow doorways or a difficult pathway that appliance delivery workers need to maneuver to deliver your appliance.

4. Tipping For Appliance Delivery When Getting More Than One Appliance Delivered

You can also tip based on how many appliances you’re having delivered. If you’re getting an entire kitchen appliance package delivered, you should tip more than you would for one appliance.

5. Requesting Appliance Disposal Could Mean Tipping For Appliance Delivery

Figuring out how to get rid of a broken appliance can give you a headache. Leave an old and bulky appliance on the curb for the garbage collectors to pick up, and they’ll likely ignore it. They may tell you to dispose of it differently.

Driving to the appropriate disposal facility is not a convenient option either. It’s hard to make time for that trip when you already have a packed schedule.

For all those reasons mentioned, homeowners may just ask the delivery personnel to remove the old appliance. Going down that route certainly beats the other available options in terms of convenience.

The problem is that not all delivery workers will agree to dispose of your old appliance. Call ahead of time if you want the delivery workers to get rid of the old appliance. You will likely have to clear that matter with their employers first.

If the delivery workers agree to dispose of your old appliance, make sure to compensate them properly. Offering a tip is recommended in that scenario.

6. You Might Tip For Appliance Delivery When Requesting Installation

The appliance you purchased may require installation. Instead of handling the installation on your own, you may be more comfortable with letting the professional take on that job.

There’s nothing wrong with requesting professional installation. However, you need to request that ahead of time as well.

Speak with the people at the store about installation. Ask if they can handle that for you. If they say yes, ask if they will charge extra for the service.

Paying for an additional installation fee means you won’t have to worry about tipping anymore. The workers will get their cut from that same fee.

If the store says the workers will install your new appliance at no extra cost, tipping will be appropriate. Hand the tip over following installation as recognition of a job well done.

7. Check The Condition Of The Appliance When It Arrives

Don’t hand out tips as soon as the new appliance arrives at your home. Go ahead and inspect the appliance first.

Check for any dings or other forms of damage. You might have a tough time getting a return if you accepted a damaged appliance unknowingly.

Tips are off the table if the appliance shows any signs of damage. What you should do instead is take immediate action so the appliance can be replaced before it’s too late.

8. Tip For Appliance Delivery When They Show Extra Care

If the workers are extra careful when it comes to bringing dirt into your home or causing any damage, consider a tip. Some appliance delivery personnel are on a mission to get in and out as fast as possible. They likey have a ton of other deliveries to make before the day is over.

So, if they show extra attention to respecting your home, cleaning up any dirt, etc., give them a tip to show your appreciation.

What Should You Do If The Delivered Appliance Was Damaged?

Seeing that the appliance you ordered is damaged is disappointing. Don’t wallow in disappointment for too long, though. You must take action as soon as possible to remedy that issue.

Start by gathering all the relevant documents in your possession. Anything that you can use to prove your purchase, such as a warranty or a receipt, will be helpful.

Next, go to the store with your supporting documents and request either a refund or a replacement appliance. Don’t wait to go to the store because the windows for some return policies are very short. Time is of the essence because stores are more likely to deny your claim if you wait too long.

Hopefully, the store will oblige if you have provided enough evidence. If that’s not the case, you may need legal representation or approach a consumer protection agency.

How Much Should You Tip For Appliance Delivery?

Wanting to tip the appliance delivery workers is a generous gesture. But what constitutes an appropriate tip for them?

Delivery workers aren’t like food servers in the sense that tipping is based on percentages. You don’t have to offer a tip equivalent to 20 percent of the appliance’s price or anything like that.

When it comes to delivery workers, the generally accepted tip amounts range from $5 to $20, similar to furniture delivery. That’s $5 to $20 for each worker present. Reference the things we discussed previously to determine how much to tip.

If all the workers did was deliver the appliance to your home with no issues, stairs, or extenuating circumstances, a $5 to $10 tip will do. Increase the tip amount if you also asked them to dispose of your old appliance or install the new arrival or if you have more than one appliance delivered. You should provide a $20 tip if the workers had to climb stairs to bring the appliance to your apartment.

We do want to point out, though, that the $5 to $20 tips for appliance delivery are still suggestions. There are no rules which dictate that you must limit your tips to those amounts.

Give more than $20 if you’re feeling extra generous. The delivery workers will definitely appreciate it.

How Much Do Appliance Delivery Workers Earn? notes that the average yearly salary for an appliance delivery driver is $44,725. That annual salary is actually 18 percent below the national average, according to the same site.

There are similar professions that yield larger wages. Truckers, in particular, earn nearly $22,000 more annually.

How Do You Prepare Your Home For Appliance Delivery?

Delivery workers usually have to hit several homes over the course of a single day. They cannot afford to spend too much time at any one location. Plus, you likely have things you need to get done too.

Make things easier for the delivery personnel by prepping your home for the new appliance. Focus on the room where the new appliance will be placed. Clear out the laundry room, living room, or whichever part of your home applies.

It’s also wise to measure the area where your appliance will go and any doorways, or always it needs to fit through. If the doorway seems slightly narrower, you might consider removing the door before delivery.

Homeowners may also want to keep their pets outside while the delivery people are working. You don’t want any accidents taking place after all.

It’s also a good idea to prepare some water and perhaps even some snacks. Delivering appliances all day can be tiring. Give the workers a chance to refuel by offering some food and drinks. This is also a great way to still show your appreciation if the company doesn’t allow their drivers to accept tips.

Do You Need Appliance Installation or Replacement?

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In Conclusion

If you’re wondering about tipping for appliance delivery, make sure to know the company policy first. The delivery workers might not be allowed to accept tips, or it could be included in the delivery fee. If you do offer a tip, between $5 and $20 is a good range, with higher tips going to extenuating circumstances like difficult locations or multiple appliances.

If you ask for extra services, like installation or haul-away, a tip is also appreciated, as is if the workers went above and beyond with attention to care and details. But, before you hand out any tips, always assess your appliances for damage first.

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