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With housing prices at an all-time high, many people have had to downsize to smaller homes. In some cases, a smaller home feels just as spacious as a slightly larger home. But one thing you inevitably sacrifice, is storage space. This means more and more people need to find creative places to store belongings. One great place to store bins and totes is underneath the bed. This might have you wondering how you can create even more storage space underneath the beds in your home.

To create more usable storage space under your bed, lift the frame using risers to create more height. Use storage bins on wheels for access. Find stackable storage bins when possible, and use large vacuum-sealed bags to minimize the space it takes to store sheets and clothes. You can add a trunk or ottoman with storage at the foot of the bed or install permanent drawers underneath the bed.

With some planning, a bit of organization, and the purchase of a few smart items, you can add significant storage space under your bed. If you have beds with storage space underneath but are desperate to find even more space to store items in your home, make sure you continue reading. Below is a list of 10 great ways to increase the amount of stuff you can store underneath a bed in your home.

Top 10 Ways To Add More Storage Space Under Your Bed

1. Buy Easy-To-Access Rolling Storage Bins

When you make plans to make the most of the storage underneath your bed, your first step should always be finding the right storage bins. You want bins that fit comfortably and easily under the bed. You also want them to be of a height that takes up most of the free space but allows a little room to access the bins easily without them getting stuck on part of the bed frame. This is where a wheeling storage bin comes in handy.

Bins on wheels are the perfect type of storage to have under your bed. Regardless if you have carpet or a hardwood floor, having storage on wheels is a great way to have easy access to large storage bins under your bed. It makes it possible to access the bin from both sides without getting on your knees and exerting lots of effort.

2. Add Risers To Your Bed Frame To Add Height

One of the most popular and easiest ways to increase storage space under your bed is to raise the bed and its frame. If you have a simple metal bed frame, then there are durable plastic bed risers that can increase the space underneath your bed by several inches.

These risers are fairly cheap and a great way to double the amount of space you have under your bed. If you have a heavy and custom-made bed frame, these risers are likely not compatible. Instead, make sure when you replace your current bed frame, opt for one that has ample space underneath.

3. Buy A Bed Without A Box Spring

In the end, your bed can only be so high off the ground until it is too high for you to reach it. One way to add storage underneath your bed without making the bed too high off the ground is to eliminate the need for a box spring. Many modern beds do not require a box spring, thanks to their density and technology.

If you don’t have a box spring, you can potentially raise your bed an extra six inches or so. This would allow for significantly more storage space under your bed. It will also have your bed in line with a typical bed’s height, making this the best of both worlds. Make sure you keep this in mind the next time you are shopping for a new bed.

4. Use Stackable Bins When Possible

If you can increase the height under your bed, then you should look into using stackable storage bins. If you find bins that stack and also fit underneath, you can double the storage capacity.

One great benefit of stackable bins is you can sort different types of items into different bins, instead of having one giant bin with various purposes. If you find stackable bins, opt for ones that are see-through, so you can easily identify what you are looking for.

5. Buy A Bed Frame That Specializes In Extra Storage

As storage in the home becomes more and more important, many furniture designers have taken note. There are hundreds of different bed frame designs that are geared towards providing lots of under-the-bed storage.

Some beds have drawers built in and more space underneath them. Other bed frames have a dresser-like design where the headboard would normally be. If you are on the hunt for a new bed frame, opt for one that provides lots of storage under the bed, on the sides, and anywhere else. This will help alleviate your need to find additional storage.

6. Use A Rolling Shoe Organizer For Under The Bed

One item category that is difficult to store and often takes up lots of space, is shoes. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you often have many pairs, many of which you probably like to wear regularly. This sometimes means you need to take up lots of space in your closet, or most of the space under your bed just for your shoes. Instead of wasting all that space, opt for a shoe organizer on wheels under your bed.

7. Use Vacuum-Seal Bags To Save Space

If you can’t add more space under your bed but need to fit more clothes or sheets, then consider buying some extra large vacuum-sealing bags. These bags are essentially giant Ziplock bags that you can use your vacuum to suck out the extra air.

They can reduce the amount of space your clothes and sheets take up by almost half. These bags are particularly helpful when storing fluffy items like pillows and comforters that take up lots of space.

8. Install Drawers Under The Bed

If you have a talent for DIY projects, you might want to consider building drawers underneath your bed. Building custom drawers has several benefits for those trying to maximize storage space underneath the bed.

For one, custom drawers can be made any size, which means you can make them large enough to completely occupy the available space. This way, the space does not get under-utilized. Furthermore, drawers are easy to access and likely more durable than totes, which means they are more functional and will last longer.

9. Add A Storage Ottoman Or Trunk At The Foot Of The Bed

Remember that you can always add additional storage in places other than directly underneath your bed. One popular place to add storage space to your room is at the foot of the bed. If you have space, consider adding an ottoman with hidden storage, or even a nice decorative trunk. These large furniture pieces are great for storing pillows and blankets, but can also be used as general household storage.

10. Organize Your Bins Annually To Minimize Excess

Lastly, remember that the best way to create more space is to get rid of stuff you don’t need. It is easy to forget what you have stored in bins and air-tight bags, especially if you haven’t looked inside them in years. Make sure you take time each year to go through your items in storage and get rid of what you don’t need.

Final Thoughts On Adding More Storage Space Under Your Bed

If you are in desperate need of more storage space in your home, then try increasing the amount of free space under your bed. One great way to instantly increase the amount of space under your bed is to raise the bed. You can also buy storage bins on wheels that allow you to easily access items and organize them better. You can try vacuum-tight storage bags for bulky comforters, jackets, and pillows. If you run out of space under the bed, you can opt to buy a trunk or ottoman with hidden storage to put at the foot of the bed.

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