The Best Home-Made Christmas Gift Ideas

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante

Store-bought items can show someone that you care about them, but they lack the personal touch of home-made gifts. Home-made gifts require creativity and effort, and it’s quite rewarding to give them to someone and see their reaction. So, what are the best home-made Christmas gift ideas?

The best home-made Christmas gifts include mittens, blankets, cookies, and jam, as most people like them and you customize them to suit the recipient. Home-made ornaments, candles, and wreaths are also quite thoughtful and easy to make. Hand-paint some wine glasses or make a batch of home-made limoncello for some of the adults in your life who like to enjoy a drink at night.

You can also make quite an impression if you make a recipe book for a close family member. Follow along as we explore the 10 best home-made Christmas gift ideas to consider this year.

Top 10 Home-Made Christmas Gifts

1. Mittens

Do you have any knitting experience? Even if you don’t, it’s easy to knit mittens without much experience, and they make the perfect home-made Christmas gift. A pair of home-made mittens will not only show the recipient that you care, but it also serves a practical use.

Depending on where you live, there will likely be at least another 2 months of cold weather after Christmas. The recipient of your gift can keep using the mittens throughout this time and then store them until the next fall and winter. There is no limit to what style, color, and design you choose for the mittens.

2. Cookies

Nothing is better than relaxing under a blanket with a plate of cookies throughout winter. Make a batch of cookies for your closest sweet-toothed friends and family members for Christmas. You don’t have to restrict yourself to Christmas-themed cookies if you don’t want to, but it might be fun!

For example, you could make cookies with Christmas tree and snowman designs to stay in the holiday spirit. Otherwise, you can simply make timeless sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies with simple designs that the recipient would appreciate. Food gifts are just as meaningful as store-bought items because they show that you cared enough to spend time on their gift.

3. Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are quite easy to make, and they serve as amazing and thoughtful home-made gifts. The best part about giving someone a home-made ornament is that you can customize it to fit their taste. You can use everything from stained glass and felt to ceramic pieces that you can paint or decorate to give the ornaments character.

There is no limit to what you can achieve with home-made Christmas ornaments. It all comes down to your creativity, the materials you use, and what direction you want to go to make the recipient happy. For example, you can paint the logo of their favorite team on a hand-made ceramic ornament for a sports fanatic. A home-made ornament is a gift that they can put on their Christmas tree for years to come!

4. Blanket

Who doesn’t love a warm blanket? Blankets are great gifts, but you can make a bigger impact if you make them from scratch. It’s not too difficult to knit a simple blanket, and you can make one for $15 or under. Depending on how many loops you use, it may even take under 2 hours to knit a blanket at home. How long it takes ultimately depends on the size of the blanket.

Most people use 15 to 20 loops, but you can use as many as 25 loops. That said, you can save time if you crochet a blanket, since that’s typically a faster process. The recipient will appreciate the blanket whichever method you use.

5. Jam

Who doesn’t love jam? Okay, maybe not everybody loves jam, but it’s a great gift for anyone you are close to with a sweet tooth. There are countless types of jam, but they primarily contain the same central ingredients: sugar, lemon juice, fruit, and salt.

The lemon juice is optional if you are making the jam for someone who doesn’t like lemon. Jam takes on a different flavor and consistency based on the fruit you use. Put the jam in a cute jar and create a thoughtful label to show them you care!

6. Wreath

Everybody likes a wreath, and you can easily make one from home with a little creativity and the right materials. Traditional wreaths typically include greenery wrapped around a wire or armature, but you can use nearly anything. Some people use twigs and vines while others use pine cones and flowers.

You can even add Christmas ornaments and lights to your wreath to make it as celebratory as possible. However, wreaths aren’t exclusively for Christmas, so you may want to avoid a holiday-themed wreath if you want them to be able to use it year-round.

7. Limoncello

Limoncello is one of the best home-made Christmas gift ideas for the adults in your life. A lemon-flavored Italian liqueur, limoncello is both delicious and mild with an alcohol content of 24% to 32% depending on the batch. Store-bought limoncello makes a great gift, but homemade limoncello is more meaningful.

It’s much easier to make limoncello than you may think, and the three main ingredients are sugar, vodka, and lemon peels. You can use any type of clear liquor, such as gin and white tequila. Limoncello kits make it easier to produce it at home, and they cost between $25 and $60 depending on the brand.

When you’re done, simply bottle the limoncello and put a special label on it for the recipient. You can even make a big batch of limoncello and hand out several bottles on Christmas to make it go farther.

8. Candles

Candles may seem difficult to make, but you can create them at home without spending a fortune on materials. The main ingredients for a home-made candle are soy wax, votive holders, fragrance oils or essential oils, and a wick. Anything else you add is up to you and will contribute to the scent, texture, and color.

Melt the wax, add the scent, and pour it into a votive holder, so it will keep its shape. It can take some trial and error if you’ve never done it before, so you may want to purchase extra materials in case you must try again. Make a cute label to add to the overall package or simply leave it as is and let your friend or family member enjoy the candle.

9. Painted Wine Glasses

Do you have any wine lovers in your life? If so, you can give them a homemade gift that they will appreciate and use for years. Paint a set of wine glasses for your friend or family member to give them a thoughtful gift.

Acrylic enamel paint is the best option for wine glasses because it won’t flake or chip easily. It’s also unlikely to come off in the dishwasher, which means whoever receives the gift won’t have to wash the glass by hand. Come up with a simple yet unique design that they will appreciate.

10. Recipe Book

Christmas is the perfect time to gift your recipes to a family member or close friend. Buy a scrapbook and slowly fill it with your favorite recipes in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas. Ask some of your other family members and friends for recipes to include in the book to add variety.

Include a handwritten letter or note at the beginning of the book if you want to add a personal touch to the gift.

Summing It Up

Mittens, cookies, blankets, and ornaments are among the best home-made Christmas gift ideas. Creative gifts like hand-painted wine glasses and wreaths are also thoughtful Christmas gifts. Create a recipe book, set of candles, or jar of jam if you want to give a nice home-made gift that is more special than what you’d find at a store.

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