Flexsteel Furniture Reviews: Quality Furniture For Your Home

flexsteel furniture reviews

Buying quality furniture is easier than it sounds. Often times, furniture that may look great is less than comfortable or won’t stand the test of time.  Others are not easy on the eyes but are comfortable.

Then, there are furniture companies like Flexsteel that don’t force you to choose between style, comfort, and durability. Flexsteel produces sofas, beds, dining, and living furniture and more.

There are constantly new furniture collections released by Flexsteel that maintain the same level of quality that they are known for. Lately, they have even merged state of the art streaming technology with comfort to create media chairs.

Variety, quality, and style are what Flexsteel has offered since 1934 when the Sanitas Spring Company was turned into Flexsteel. Let us briefly explore the history of Flexsteel and get into what kind of furniture they have to offer.

How It Started

The history of Flexsteel goes all the way back to 1903 when it was called the Grau-Curtis Company. Mostly, they produced sofas, chairs and church furniture and sold them through a catalog.

They survived the Great Depression and with each year improved the quality and volume of their furniture. Once the assembly line was invented, production was upped drastically.

Flexsteel expanded in 2003, buying the company DMI Furniture, Inc. Ever since then, Flexsteel has incorporated DMI’s furniture into their own line. Every year since, Flexsteel continues to be innovative.

Flexsteel Has Variety

Besides quality, Flexsteel is known for offering a wide selection of furniture. They continually put out new collections with different styles of furniture. Flexsteel’s current collections are:

  • MOD
  • Catalina
  • Plymouth
  • Digby
  • Hampton
  • Camberly
  • Big and Tall
  • FLX

Each collection has its own personality. Look at the Plymouth collection, for example. The Plymouth collection holds armoires, beds, dining tables, buffets and more. Like all of Flexsteel’s collections, the Plymouth collection has its own distinct look.

All of the furniture in the Plymouth collection has a shabby chic look. The Plymouth collection looks nothing like their other collections, like the Catalina line.

Flexsteel’s Catalina line of recliners, loveseats, and sofas has a modern design that can fit in any modern home. If elegance is more your style, then you may be more interested in the classy and stylish Digby collection.

What separates Flexsteel from say, Liberty, or Hooker Furniture is that each collection has its own unique identity. That, and Flexsteel is crafted to not only look gorgeous, but also be sturdy without losing any comfortability.

It is Flexsteel’s craftsmanship, materials and attention to detail that makes each piece of furniture so impressive. Let’s get into what Flexsteel does to make such high quality furniture.

Reclining Sofas

One of the things Flexsteel is most widely known for is reclining sofas. Their Catalina reclining sofa, for example, is designed specifically to be as comfortable as possible.

With comfortable divided back cushions and soft, sloped arms, you can easily melt into the Catalina reclining sofa. It is one of their most popular reclining sofas because of its style and gentle reclining method.

The footrest is just as cushioned and comfortable as the rest of the Catalina reclining sofa. It has a removable back which is a huge help when moving it.

Dining Tables

Another Flexsteel staple is their dining tables. One of the most popular is their Hampton dining table. Like all of Flexsteel’s dining tables, it is sturdy and long lasting.

The Hampton is unique because of its contemporary and rustic look. That is what sets it apart from Flexsteel’s other dining tables. Similar to their Plymouth dining table, the Flexsteel Hampton dining table adds a level of class to the room.

However, the Plymouth dining table brings a vintage classy flare whereas the Hampton is all about chic modern style. Combine the Hampton dining table their classy Hampton dining chairs for a perfect fit.

True Craftsmanship

The glue that holds Flexsteel’s lavish furniture together is the Blue Steel Spring. Each Flexsteel chair, couch, lounger, or recliner has a Blue Steel Spring. It is the same spring design they have used through almost 8 decades now.

Flexsteel is so confident in their spring technology, that they guarantee that it will be effective for lifetime use. If you notice the human touch in every piece of Flexsteel furniture, you are not mistaken.

Valuing the resources and skills that people have to offer, Flexsteel has continued to use people to build furniture. Using machines to produce furniture may be cheaper for manufacturers, but Flexsteel’s history shows they value quality over all else.

Each completed piece of furniture meets the standards set by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA). Flexsteel’s furniture is also in compliance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to ensure safety.

Cutting Edge

Flexsteel incorporate technology into their craft as well. Their MOD series Astra, for example, combines Bluetooth and surround sound technology. The speakers are well hidden and can be controlled via a panel with volume, bass, and power options as well as a USB port.

In fact, the whole MOD series serves as a way to add value to whatever room you put the furniture in. Whether it be the OMEGA reclining sectional or the Lexon, you get superior sound with maximum comfort.

Not only does that add value to the furniture itself, but it can save you from needing to purchase surround sound separately. Flexsteel has taken their innovations a step further with their new FLX Media Chair.

The FLX Media Chair provides crisp, powerful sound, comfort, and Bluetooth connectivity. The FLX is perfect for gaming or watching TV. You can easily pair your phone, tablet or smart tv to the FLX chair and start streaming.

Flexsteel also offers the Status console to pair with the FLX media chair. The Status has cupholders and an arm to hold your smart phone and matches the FLX chair perfectly.

An Answer For Everything

The best thing about Flexsteel is that have every type of furniture that you could need. Not only that, but for each type of furniture, they offer many options.

Let’s say you need a new armoire. Supposing that your current furniture set is not a Flexsteel set, you be worried that another brand would clash with what you have. With Flexsteel furniture, that is not even an issue at all.

Considering the huge selection of furniture, collections, and styles, you can easily pair a Flexsteel piece with what you currently have without clashing.

If neo-classical is you style, Flexsteel has the Charleston drawer chest for you. Perhaps traditional antique is better suited for you and the Vogue dresser would be a better choice. No matter what your style or the established style of your home is, Flexsteel can match it.

What Did We Learn?

Flexsteel furniture has a long history of producing high quality furniture. They are compliant with all of the necessary standards and deliver consistency in quality. With so many collections to choose from, Flexsteel has furniture for everyone.

People that choose Flexsteel over competitors like Liberty or Universal Furniture do so because of the comfort, style, and reliability Flexsteel provides.

Each piece of Flexsteel furniture is designed by people and crafted by people which is hard to come by these days. If you value high quality materials, comfort, and durability, Flexsteel is a great option.

For as high of quality that Flexsteel is, it is quite affordable. There is a reason that Flexsteel make a lifetime guarantee on their Blue Steel Springs. It is because time and time again they have proven that their furniture is built to be long lasting.

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