How To Bring Pine Smell Into The Home For An Artificial Christmas Tree

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When it comes to the sights and smells of Christmas, nothing is more symbolic than a decorated Christmas tree that smells of fresh pine. The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of this winter holiday, and pine is the signature smell.

But real Christmas trees are not always an option. Sometimes a real tree is too expensive, and other times it just makes more sense to have an artificial tree. Many artificial trees look just like real trees, but is there a way to make them smell like real trees, too?

If you want your home to smell like pine but you have an artificial tree, buy pine wreaths and garlands for your home. You can purchase fragrant pine spray for your tree. If you have an essential oil diffuser, try using pine, cedar, or other evergreen-scented oils. You can also burn pine candles, put out holiday potpourri, or display fragrant pine cones throughout the holiday.

Just because you have an artificial tree, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on any of the nostalgic evergreen smells this holiday season. If you are looking for different ways to help make your house smell like pine when your tree is artificial, keep reading. There are multiple easy ways to help make it happen with very little money or effort.

9 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Pine Without A Tree

1. Buy Fresh Pine Wreaths

One fantastic way to add a fresh pine smell to your home when you have an artificial tree is by purchasing fresh pine wreaths. You don’t need a giant tree to get plenty of pine fragrance in your home. Wreaths are a great option for several reasons.

For one, regardless of the size of your home, you likely have room on a door for a decorative wreath. Wreaths are also a classic Christmas decoration for your home, so they not only help your house smell like Christmas, but they help make it look this way also.

Lastly, you can usually find wreaths on a budget, especially at discount hardware stores and even grocery stores. This means you can get a genuine pine smell throughout the holidays without having to spend nearly as much money as you would for a real tree.

2. Hang A Fragrant Pine Garland Near The Tree

Just as wreathes can bring a genuine pine smell into the home, garlands can also help do the same. A garland is a great way to bring the holiday spirit into any room. You can make it for free, or purchase it for cheap at most home improvement stores and even grocery stores.

Not all garlands have lots of fragrance, so make sure to smell it before you buy it, and opt for evergreens that are nice and strong in the fragrance department. Make sure you hang some of this garland near the tree — you might even be able to fool visitors into thinking your tree is real.

3. Use A Pine Spray On The Tree

While wreaths and garlands bring real pine into the home, you don’t need to purchase anything made of actual pine to bring the scent into your home this holiday season. Believe it or not, some sprays exist that you can put on your tree to make it smell like a real pine Christmas tree.

There are various sprays on the market, some more natural than others. This is a great option for those looking for an easy, lasting solution that gives an instant pine smell right where you want it. It is also a good option for those who are allergic to pine sap, as this is a common reason why people purchase artificial Christmas trees. Just make sure you follow the instructions on the can before spraying, so you don’t damage the tree.

4. Burn Pine Candles In The Home

If you go to any home goods store starting in late October and throughout the holiday season, you will see there is no shortage of pine and evergreen-scented candles. Consider buying a few pine candles and lighting them up throughout the holiday season. Candles add their own Christmas spirit just like various types of Christmas lights do, and they can also be quite effective at adding nice smells.

There are tons of candle options out there, so make sure you choose wisely. It is often a good idea to use candles that incorporate genuine pine or evergreen oils and essence. As always, make sure you do the smell test before purchasing the candle. If you close your eyes and smell a Christmas tree, then you probably have the right candle.

5. Use Evergreen Essential Oils In A Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are fairly commonplace these days, and they have many great uses. They can help you sleep, calm you down, and make the room smell however you would like. There are several organic essential oils you can purchase that smell like a Christmas tree, including evergreen fragrances like Douglas Fir. This is a great natural way to help the house smell like a Christmas tree. It is also great for those with asthma and other breathing problems, as the smoke from candles or incense might not be an option.

6. Hang Fragrant Sachets From The Tree With Ornaments

You may not know what a sachet is, but the odds are you have seen (and probably even owned) at least one in your life. They are bags, usually made of a durable cloth, that hold highly fragrant herbs or other aromatic ingredients, that are meant to bring pleasant smells wherever they reside. Lavender sachets are popular in linen closets.

You can purchase or make pine, or evergreen scented sachets and place them throughout the home. One fun DIY idea is to make decorative sachets that you can hang on the tree as ornaments. This will give the tree and the surrounding area a genuine pine smell, even with a plastic tree.

7. Purchase Pine-Scented Potpourri

Another item you can often find in abundance in home goods stores and other places that sell Christmas decorations around the holiday season is holiday-scented potpourri. Potpourri is a cheap, easy, and decorative way to add holiday smells to your home.

Keep in mind that not all holiday potpourri will smell like pine or trees. Sometimes it smells like cinnamon, and it might even smell like a Christmas cookie. Make sure you give the bag a good whiff and ensure it is a smell that will fool your nose into thinking your artificial tree is real.

8. Incorporate Rosemary Into The Room

If you have a rosemary plant or access to this fresh herb, then you might want to think about incorporating it throughout your home during the holiday season. Rosemary is an herb that carries a strong smell, and this smell is similar to a pine tree.

The plant also looks similar to a miniature pine tree. You can incorporate rosemary into bouquets, including herb bouquets on the dining table. You can even put a rosemary plant on your windowsill throughout the holiday season.

9. Use Scented Pine Cones As A Decoration In The Home

Lastly, just because you can’t have a pine tree in your home, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some wonderfully fragrant pine cones. You can purchase pine cones that have a strong fragrance at many stores.

These make great natural holiday decorations and also make it smell like you have a real Christmas tree. You can even use pine cones you find in nature, and add essential oils to them. Just make sure you wash them well first and get rid of any bugs and dirt hiding inside.

Summing Up How To Make A Home Smell Like Pine This Holiday

If you have an artificial tree and are a bit let down that your home doesn’t smell like pine, don’t worry. There are tons of ways to infuse the refreshing and nostalgic evergreen smell into your home.

You can hang genuine pine wreaths and garlands, or use fragrant pine cones as decorations. There are sprays you can use on your tree to make it smell like a real tree. You can also take a more holistic approach and burn pine candles, incense, or even use evergreen-scented essential oils in a diffuser.

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