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Owning a beach house is a dream for many families. There’s something about spending a summer in a relaxed beachside home that makes all your worries float away. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to afford one of these properties unless you're very rich or your family bought one many generations ago. The good news is that while beach houses are expensive, you can make your current home feel more like a beach house without spending much money at all.

To help make your home look more like a beach house, try painting furniture or borders with a whitewashed look. Incorporate driftwood and sea shells into your decor, and look for artwork that features beaches or nautical themes. Sailing rope and wicker are great materials to give your home a shoreline aesthetic. Add buoys or other nautical items in your garden, or create a shell or coral pathway outside.

It’s important to remember that just because you can’t afford an oceanfront house ,it doesn’t mean you can’t give your home the same beachy look. If you love the beach and want to feel like you are near the shore even when you aren’t, then this article is for you. Below is a list of all the best ways to help turn any home into a beach house, regardless of how close or far you are from the shore.

11 Ways To Help Make Your Home Look Like A Beach House

1. Use Seashells To Give A Beachy Look

One of the best and easiest ways to make your home look more like a beach house is to add seashells. There are tons of ways you can add seashells to your decor. Some people like to fill glass jars or bowls with shells.

You can also choose your most beautiful shells to display on a countertop or shelf. Shells will immediately remind you of the beach, and they are a great and cheap way to make a home feel more beachy.

2. Incorporate Driftwood Into Your Decor

Another item that is commonly found on the beach that you can incorporate into your decor is driftwood. There are tons of DIY projects you can create using driftwood. You can make picture frames, macrame, or even a jewelry display. The options are endless, especially if you can find driftwood on your own for free.

You can also find furniture and other home furnishings made with driftwood or other weathered wood that is meant to look like driftwood. This washed-out wood look gives a very bohemian beach vibe and is a great way to make your home look like it’s near the coast.

3. Use Natural Colors And Materials For Your Floor

Another part of your home you should pay attention to when you want things to look more beachy is your floor. Your floor materials and colors can have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of your home.

Natural materials and colors are the best way to give your home a beachy feel. A straw or bamboo rug instead of a vibrant and synthetic rug is a good place to start. If you have wood floors, show them off and pair them with a sandy-colored throw rug. Avoid anything too colorful, or a print that will make things look less beachy.

4. Add Whitewashed And Distressed Wood Finishes

A very stylish and fun DIY way to make your home look more like a beach house is to do some whitewashed or distressed painting. Whitewashed and distressed painting is a method where you can see the exposed layer underneath in streaks.

You can create this weathered look by wiping away excess paint before it dries, or by applying a wet cloth and elbow grease once the paint is partially dry. Regardless of the method, white paint with some exposed natural wood is a very beachy look and can help bring together your beach house theme.

5. Hang Beach And Ocean Themed Artwork

If you have a lot of wall space, then consider buying some artwork that will help make the home feel as if it's closer to the ocean. Instead of leaving your wall space bare or filling it with something random, add a nautical painting or a beach scene.

You can also make a photo wall of you and your loved ones at the beach, or hang enlarged photos of some of your favorite beaches and ocean adventures. This is a great way to constantly remind you of the beach, even when you aren’t close to one.

6. Buy Colorful Outdoor Furniture

When you decorate your home to look more like a beach house, you must think not only of the inside but also of the outside. One way to make your outside feel more beachy is to add vibrant outdoor furniture. While beach houses are often soft and white on the inside, they are frequently bright on the outside.

You can paint existing outside furniture in different bright shades of red, blue, yellow, and white to give off a fun oceanfront vibe.

7. Add Buoys And Other Nautical Items To Your Garden

Another area outside your home that you can make look more beachy is your garden and outdoor landscaping. Garden gnomes and statues are common, but you might want to opt for something more aquatic.

Swap out garden gnomes and fairies for mermaids, sailboats, and buoys. You can often find vintage buoys to display near your favorite plants, or even use old sailing rope as a garden border.

8. Use Nautical Or Blue Theme For Pillows And Blankets

Blankets and pillows come in all sorts of colors and designs. Some of the more popular themes for pillow covers and blankets include beach and nautical designs. There are boats, flags, or even aquatic animals like seahorses and starfish that can adorn your pillows and blankets.

If you don’t like designs or prints, opt for various shades of blue and white. Seafoam, sky blue, and rich royal blue all help give an aquatic feel to the home.

9. Try Painting A Room With Blue And White Stripes

In addition to adding colorful pillows and blankets, you can also paint or wallpaper a room or two in your home. White and blue stripes can give a very beachy feel to a room. Tons of wallpapers can make your home feel beachy. You can opt for a beach-themed wallpaper, or go with one with the look and texture of a sandy beach.

10. Use Nautical Rope To Create Furniture Or A Hanging Light

If you have an ugly wire you want to hide, consider using a nautical rope to hide it. Rope has become a popular way to add an ocean aesthetic to a home. You can use rope to hang a light, or even use it to build a hanging bookshelf. Thick rope and sailing knots are great ways to make a home feel like a beach house.

11. Add A Shell Or Coral Walkway Outside Your Home

If you want your home to feel like a beach house and also need a walkway, consider using some shells or coral to achieve both goals. If you are building a walkway to your garden or one to your driveway, use bleached coral, oyster shells, or another type of local shell. This will give the feeling of a walk to the beach and set the tone for the rest of your beach-themed abode.

Final Notes On How To Make A Home Look Like A Beach House

A beach house is not in the cards for most homeowners, but that doesn't mean you can’t make your current home feel more beachy. There are tons of ways to help make your current home feel and look more like a beach house. Incorporate seashells and driftwood into your decor, and add photos or paintings of the beach or nautical themes. You can add a coral or seashell walkway, and even paint borders or furniture with a distressed or whitewashed look.

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