How Much Does It Cost to Install a Bathroom Fan?

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by Gary Evans

Many homeowners have learned to live with bathrooms that are perpetually coated with moisture. You should avoid following their example because excessively moist bathrooms become breeding grounds for mold and they also pose maintenance difficulties. Thankfully, you can effectively reduce the amount of moisture accumulating in your bathroom by installing an exhaust fan.

Bathroom fans are simple additions that can make a significant difference inside your home. You can even choose the more elaborate exhaust fans if you want to upgrade your bathroom. Consider the cost when you’re trying to select a new bathroom fan.

The average cost of a new bathroom fan is $150. The price will depend in large part on what type of bathroom fan you opted to purchase. You will also have to vent your bathroom fan to accommodate it properly. Venting the bathroom fan will tack on an additional $480 to the final bill for the project.

The prospect of installing a new bathroom may not be that exciting, but you’ll be glad you went through with it. Once installed, you’ll quickly notice how the fan improves that part of your home. Learn more about how much installing a new bathroom fan will cost by going through the rest of this article.

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Cost of Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom Fan TypeCost
Ceiling-Mounted Exhaust Fan$110
Exhaust Fan with Heaters$145
Exhaust Fan with Lights$90
Exhaust Fan with Lights and Heaters$170
Exhaust Fan with Motion Sensors$220
Exterior Exhaust Fan$180
Wall-Mounted Exhaust Fan$130

The selection of bathroom exhaust fans can be surprisingly broad. Some exhaust fans can do more than just pull moisture out of your bathroom. Depending on the accessories they have, they can improve that space in other ways.

Of course, variety matters beyond functionality for bathroom fans. Bathroom fans can also differ significantly when it comes to their price tags. You will understand the key differences between the top bathroom fans after going through the options detailed below.

Ceiling-Mounted Exhaust Fans

Ceiling-mounted exhaust fans cost an average of $110. They come off pretty basic compared to other exhaust fans, but they have their merits as well.

The fact that a ceiling-mounted fan is set high means it never gets in your way. You’ll be grateful for that if your bathroom is already cramped. They also aren’t as disruptive to your existing décor as some other bathroom fans.

Exhaust Fans with Heaters

Folks who live in cold areas may want to invest in an exhaust fan equipped with heaters. At $145 each, those fans are reasonably priced.

Exhaust fans equipped with heaters work exceptionally well inside small bathrooms. With only a small amount of space to fill, you’ll be able to feel the heat coming from the fan easily. Early morning trips to the bathroom will be better with that kind of fan installed.

Exhaust Fans with Lights

A new bathroom exhaust fan with lights included costs $90. It’s one of the cheapest options available if you’re looking for a new exhaust fan.

Installing an exhaust fan with lights makes a lot of sense if you have a large bathroom. You can add this new appliance instead of installing a new light fixture.

Exhaust Fans with Lights and Heaters

The next bathroom fan is a combo of the two previous options. In exchange for $170, you can purchase an exhaust fan that features both lights and heating implements. Given the average price point for this kind of appliance, it stands out as a good value purchase.

Exhaust Fans with Motion Sensors

You can also find exhaust fans equipped with motion sensors while perusing the available options. That type of exhaust fan costs $220.

Exhaust fans with motion sensors are great to have in the bathroom because they conserve energy well. They only turn on once they sense someone is in the bathroom. The fan will remain on until it has removed the excess moisture. It will turn off shortly after it does its job.

Exterior Exhaust Fans

The cost of an exterior exhaust fan may catch you off guard. A new exterior exhaust fan costs $180 so it’s one of the more expensive options available.

Still, an exterior exhaust can be a good value purchase even with its elevated price tag. Since exterior fans are easier to install, you can save a good amount of money on labor costs.

Wall-Mounted Exhaust Fans

The last option you need to know about is the wall-mounted exhaust fan. You can purchase this appliance for $130.

Wall-mounted fans are probably the most common. That should come as no surprise since they are the easiest to accommodate. A wall-mounted exhaust fan should fit into any type of bathroom no matter its size or layout.

Cost to Vent a Bathroom Fan

Venting PathwayCost
Venting Bathroom Fan Through the Wall$400
Venting Bathroom Fan Through the Roof$600

After choosing a bathroom exhaust fan, you can now turn your attention to installation. A key part of that process will be creating the necessary venting pathway for the bathroom. Your first option is to vent the bathroom fan through the wall and that will cost $400.

The cost of venting your bathroom fan through the wall will depend on how far the closest exterior wall is. You will need more ductwork if the exterior wall is a ways away from your bathroom.

Also, the workers may not be able to install the vents immediately if there are wires or pipes in the walls. Expect the cost of adding the new vents to increase because of that.

Venting the bathroom fan through the roof will cost $600. That kind of project is not simple to execute either.

The workers will need to take measures to ensure that no water will leak into the fan. The cost of adding the new vents may also increase depending on the type of roof you have.

You can also vent your bathroom fan through your soffit although that setup is less common. With that kind of setup, the vents must pass through the soffit and release the air outside. You do not want the exhaust air to be dumped into the soffit because that setup will damage your home.

Labor Cost to Install a Bathroom Fan

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$250
Mid-Range Estimate$600
High-End Estimate$850

Professionals will gladly handle the job of installing the new bathroom exhaust fan for you. The average labor cost of professionally installing that appliance is $600.

We want to point out here that the labor cost already includes the cost of installing the required venting. However, the labor cost doesn’t account for the cost of the materials.

Your labor expenses will also change if the workers have to reposition any wires or pipes. Getting the exhaust fan into position may turn out to be the simplest part of this project.

Do You Need an Exhaust Fan Installation Service?

Get free, zero-commitment quotes from pro contractors near you.

Related Questions

Do I Need an Electrician to Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Unless you already have existing ductwork, hiring an electrician will be necessary if you want to install a bathroom exhaust fan. Remember that this type of installation may involve repositioning the wires in your walls or ceilings. That kind of job should only be left up to licensed electricians.

Do Bathroom Exhaust Fans Need to Be Vented Outside?

Yes, bathroom exhaust fans must always be vented outside. If you vent them into your attic, crawlspace, or soffit, you could end up significantly damaging your home. All that moist air can cause wood to rot and mold to accumulate in those aforementioned spaces.Building codes also likely prohibit you from venting an exhaust fan indoors. Avoid a potential fine by routing the exhaust fan to the outside of your home.

Does a Bathroom Exhaust Fan Help with Smell?

It’s no secret that the bathroom is not always the most pleasant-smelling part of the home. Even so, it doesn’t have to stink all the time. Dealing with lingering odors will no longer be a part of your day after that exhaust fan is installed.

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