Can You Buy Benjamin Moore Paint at Lowe’s?

Can You Buy Benjamin Moore Paint at Lowe’s

Finding the right paint can make or break a project. If you are looking to transform a room with a fresh coat of paint, finding the right brand is very important. Most will have their preferences and swear by a specific brand.

Benjamin Moore paint is one of the most recognized brands out there. Surely that means it would be available at stores like Lowes and the Home Depot, right? Wrong. Benjamin Moore is exclusively sold through their storefronts and online through their website.

Paint Brands Carried by Lowe’s

At the moment, the only brands of interior and exterior paints that Lowe’s carries are Valspar and the HTGV Home by Sherwin-Williams. Interior stains are from Minwax and exterior stain is provided by either Valspar, Thompson’s, or cabot.

As of now, there are no plans for Lowe’s to carry Benjamin Moore paint. This is off-putting to do-it-yourselfers given the wide selection of products that Lowe’s offers as a hardware superstore.

Is a Primer Needed for Benjamin Moore Paint?

To get the most out of your paint, it is a good idea to use a primer. This is especially true on walls that have surface stains that have to be covered up as well as walls that are porous in texture. While Benjamin Moore makes high-quality paints, it is never a bad idea to use a primer.

They have their own line of primers that are meant to provide excellent hide for just about any kind of surface. This is true even on projects where there is a substantial difference in the color of the surface being painted.

Is Benjamin Moore Paint Expensive?

Generally speaking, no it is not. Benjamin Moore is considered to be a cost-effective option so that DIYers can get the best bang for their buck. There is the Regal line from Benjamin Moore, however, which is their highest quality product.

A can of the luxury Regal paint can cost somewhere around $50 per can, but most who have used it will swear by it. It can cover a ceiling or wall in 2 coats at the most and will look great when it has had the chance to completely dry.

Where Can You Buy Benjamin Moore Paint?

Right now, the only place to buy Benjamin Moore paint is through their individual storefronts or through their website online. Outside of that, you will not find Benjamin Moore paints at any other retailer for the time being.

When purchasing online, the selection is far greater, and you can have it shipped to your door for maximum convenience. That may not make fans of Lowe’s or the Home Depot very happy, but that is how it remains to be.

Benjamin Moore maintains that they can provide the best availability and service of their paint and that is why they continue to sell it through their individual storefronts as well as online. While there may someday become a point where they are available in the major retail stores, that hasn’t been the case thus far. Given the ease of ordering things online, it shouldn’t impact convenience much when trying to  obtain Benjamin Moore paints.

Benjamin Moore Produces Different Grades of Paint

When purchasing Benjamin Moore paint, it is important to understand that there are four different grades of paint. This guide will cover each of the grades and give you a better understanding of when they are meant to be used.

Super Hide

Super Hide is the most cost-effective of the Benjamin Moore paint lines. It is considered to be builder’s grade and is meant for quick or touch-up jobs. Since it touches up very well and it is on the cheap side, builder’s everywhere turn to this type of paint.

The downside is that it takes several applications to take on bigger jobs and there are some questions about the durability of the paint. It is meant to paint newer builds that are expected to get a high-quality paint over top. For this reason, it generally comes in eggshell, flat, and semi-gloss and it can also be tinted to fit the color of choice.

Super Spec

Next up the ladder is the Super Spec option. Most who have used both Super Spec and Super Hide prefer the former to the latter. It was actually developed to be used commercially in instances where cost-reduction comes at a greater importance than quality.

Like Super Hide, it comes in the eggshell, flat, and semi-gloss options and it can also be tinted to match the color of choosing. This is one of the more common options for do-it-yourself types who are looking to get coverage without breaking the bank on their selection of paint.


Ben is the new mid-quality paint that is offered by Benjamin Moore. It is meant to be a middle ground between the Super Spec and Regal lines. What is different about the Ben line is that it is tinted using the Gennex color system; this is the same kind of waterborne colorant that is used in the Aura line (Benjamin Moore’s top of the line paint).

Better coverage and greater fade resistance can be expected out of the Ben line and could wind up becoming a favorite for do-it-yourself types out there. Provides much of the same quality that the Regal and Aura lines offer at a much more cost-effective price point.


Benjamin Moore’s most marketable premium line is the Regal line. For the longest time (before the introduction of Aura), it was also the best paint that they offered. It is because of the Regal line that Benjamin Moore is a trusted name for paints within the industry.

Over the years, Benjamin Moore has changed up the formula in order to keep improving their most successful line of paint. They cover very well and match up to just about any kind of premium paint that is out there on the market.

Benjamin Moore Regal line comes in matt, flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, high-gloss, and pearl and is available in just about any tint or color. The matt and eggshell versions are two of the most popular out there for interior finishes on walls. This is because they are washable, and the semi-gloss is a highly popular option for trim and doors.

In recent years, they have put a spin on the Regal line with Regal Select. It is of the same quality as Regal but it comes in different colorants and is also available in both exterior and interior. The thought is that Regal Select will ultimately replace the Regal line entirely.


Lastly is Benjamin Moore Aura. This is the finest paint that is available through Benjamin Moore and replaces Regal as the premium paint line of the company. This is because it doesn’t require primer, it is very durable, has little to no odor, is environmentally friendly, and will cover just about any other color with no more than two coats.

Those purchasing Aura can expect to get nothing but the highest-quality paint that Benjamin Moore has to offer and will love the way that it turns out. It will also save money in the long-run because it is so durable and stands up to wear and tear.

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